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    Hello everyone! Need an ah-mazing outfit? Just tell me the following: What pet it is, pet’s name, gender, outfit type (ex. fancy), style, price range, if there’s a certain item you want me to work into it, and if you’re deluxe. I look forward to designing for you. ~crazy011~

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      I’ts a girl pinto, and the outfit type is casual. I want it sport/nerdy, and my budget range is 2,000 KC. I’m not deluxe, and I’m leaving it up to you. Thanks!

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        (Sorry, I forgot to add her name! It’s Hermione.)

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      Small signature fox, girl, Sage. I really want a cute, fancy outfit under 500 Kc, and I am not deluxe. thanks!

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      I stumbled upon this topic a little bit ago and after reading all the outfits you’ve come up with, I ust have to say that these really are ah-mazing outfits! Lol. I love them.

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      I need an outfit for my pug, Keko. She needs a casual outfit that is sorta tomboy-ish. I would like it as cheap as possible to like, all together equaling 5,050 KinzCash. I’m not deluxe. Thanks, and good luck here! (P.S., can you put where to get them?)

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        I’ve got to tell you Rainbow so many of the people I have helped out asked for girly outfits, so thank you for letting me change it up a bit. This is a great fall outfit: baby blue beanie, blue and yellow fleece sweater, distressed skinny jeans, trendy sneakers, and a black belt. It’s 595. Thanks again so much! ~crazy011~

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      I have a girl Cocker Spaniel named Lucy and I would like a girls reporter outfit. My price range is about 100-150 kinz cash. thanks a lot.

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        Hi ClarySage! I tried really hard to find an outfit that matches that description within your price range and it just didn’t work. If you could please raise your price range I already have an amazing idea for Lucy.PLMK ~crazy011~

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