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    Do you have problems??? Webkinz glitches, arguing parents, a tough life Talk to me, i can help!!! Iknow tons, there will b no answers with IDK on them! My username is S and M

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      Hello, I have a question. I have a 250 kinzcash coin, and I don’t know what to do with it. Do I sell it like the 1000 kinzcash coin to the W-Shop? PLMK. Thanks, and have a sweet day!~SC

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      I have these kinzcash coins, and I don’t know what to do with them. Any suggestions?

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      Oh, and if any other members have any suggestions or help for problems, please submit it!!!

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      It is not that bad. I was worried before I started too. You will make friends, trust me! Just be yourself, that makes all of the difference. And you can take it from me because I am one! People are all good at different things, SPQ that’s what makes us unique. What’s your user? I would like to add you! -Atom

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        EmiliaGG and thanks friend me whats your user thanks Atom just looked sorry this is late but maybe its time to see where my ‘accent’ that im trying to work on will get me

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          Snowflake Pup Queen, no worries. I have many friends with an accent. I really don’t care about that. Having an accent makes you unique, as we all have something different. Life can be hard if you have an accent/disabillity because people make fun of you. However this can happen anywhere. I am a bit more understanding because I live with a hardship. Have a nice day, and don’t worry about your accent.-Atom

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            just trying to sound more british but people at school when i went to a building always wanted me to say bathroom i am expecting it next year aka freshman year thanks Atomton then whats funny is how my really good friends (I know from things that happend) are on my side but their boys so they can’t stand drama they make up fast I know i’ve seen it with me own eyes not speaking the begining of the day then science they make up like it was great

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      I am only worried about freshman year when that comes up pretty soon its i don’t know people will judge me and i am super shy right now im home schooled i do have friends that will go there but

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        Cool! I’m home schooled too! I know how it is about Social Events, it doesn’t matter that you’re shy, that’s your attitude type, don’t let people change that! If your friends are there, hang out with them, and talk with their new friends, and that could get you new friends!!!!! I hope you have a great Freshman year!! -All words Given

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      Snowflake Pup Queen, you’re not alone. I’m extremely shy as well and feel the same way you feel about high school, even though in my situation, it’s where I’m homeschooled doing high school( I’m in my junior year), and I’m going to college in two years like how you’re transitioning from middle school( homeschool) to high school. I do recommend taking allwordstaken and Atomton’s advice to heart, and talking to your parents about how you feel.  Also, I wish you the very best!!! :D ~SC

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      thanks knowing that alot of people care i mean i’m not necessarily doing high school (mystery) but thanks and also do you think that ratting someone out really is like everyone needs me to say bathroom worthy and i am actually having alot more coffidence when i go out in public i feel now i can be more like myself and bullies (some that i know) ready to have my nose in the air thanks everyone i will be helping out on this forum for all the people are sweet

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