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    Ask me! I know over 25 clothing machine recipes and over 200 food recipes!

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      thank you!!!

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      I can’t post all the recipes I know, as you’re not supposed to write exteremely long posts. However, I am posting the superchef recipes per Valcam:
      Afinnyumfaroo: Aquarius Jelly/ Twistifish Fondue/ Deep Sea Barnacle Bagel
      Cogogumbo: Fixichini/ Megachinewich/ Slotto Fruit
      Entomosficky: Bluchetta Grillon/ Spinneretti/ Chuda Bugs
      Ghoulosh: Trickle Treacle/ Scary Berry Crunch/ Halloweenog
      Hydromoscone: Aquarus Jelly/ Ocean Bubbly Gub/ S.S. Blueberry Bounty
      Miximarch pie: Freaky Fran/ Cheeroony Puff/ Ophidian Callaloo
      Nebulumyum: Galactic Gumball/ Syzyglorbit/ UFO (Unidentified Flying Omelet)
      Obzorbolo: Hole-in-one/ Soccer Float/ Banattle Dome
      Prismamunch: Ainbouray Canapé/ Chortletorte/ Mizzleberry Jacks
      Sorcusorbef: Abracoldo Dabra/ Epochiquox Glimmer/ Wishful Whirlawhip
      Sturcarrunch: Bluffles Waffle Shack/ Turrentangotuist/ Sapparaki Scones
      Tempesturosa: Astormishing Sandwich/ Dried Callistorm/ Webkinz Cookie Tornado

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        This is great! Thank-You, thank-you, Webkinzlover! Been trying to post since Dec., but unable, for some reason. Can you give us the recipes for some of these ingredients, also? Trickle Treacle; Soccer Float; and all 3 for Miximarch Pie? Been trying to figure out Cherooney Puff for ages!

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          Cherooney Puff is: Cherry, Honey, & Peas. Does anyone know the recipes for Chudga Bugs, Fizzletwist pop, Freaky Flan, Ophidian Callaloo, Sloppy Jalopy, Slotto Fruit, or Stuffed Leafy Melon?

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      Please post the clothing recipes!!

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      i would like to know the superchef recipes please!

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      Can you please post all the clothing recipes you know?

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        glass slipper’s are: red ruby slipper’s, princess hat, pink funky girl glasses! the toga is: white jeans, kinzville academy skirt, and flip flops. sweet dreams bathrobe is: fuzzy slipper’s, thick nit sweater, and yoga pants. that is all I memorized!

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      Can the clothes worn by Tabby and Amanda Panda be made? If so, do you know how? I love their clothes, esp. Tabby’s scarf and A.P.’s dress.

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      Only recipes can be made. :)

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      But how do we KNOW if it is a recipe food? I received a Flanneur Vasserfeezen from the wheel, (can’t remember which it was) yesterday, or today. It was under the Recipe Food heading on the wheel, so I assume that one can be made. Do you know the recipe? Also, received a Wurstinfurst, a while back. Does anyone know that one?

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      Wurstinfirst is unsolved, but it’s made on the Mega Stove!

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      Flanneur Vasserfreezen is made on the stove with BREAD + POPSICLE + BOTTLED WATER!!! It costs a total of 15 KC & gives your pet 9 hunger boost, 6 health boost, & 5 happiness boost! Hope this helps ~hannahsox~

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