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    I gave my little niece a free account with a new pet so she could do everything a regular member can. Because she is young, her mother will not allow her to add friends yet. She is trying to build a stable (horse room) or her clydesdale. I have gotten her most of the wshop items, and the walls from Jumbleberry Fields. If anyone has any horse related items, please let me know. I will work out a trade for whatever. It will have to be sent to me so I can send it to her. PLMK and Thanks for any and all help. ~MORHB~

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      @ Mosaic – I’m pretty sure we are already friends. UN is the same as here. Thanks a lot. @ pony. That would be wonderful. I don’t think she even knows about the hamsters, so it will be something she hasn’t seen before. She will love it. Thanks so much for the offer. @DF – hopefully I will be able to check it out next time we are on at the same time. For some reason I only get a few minutes at a time in others houses. Unless they can invite again, I usually can only see a few rooms at a time. Thanks for the offers though.

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        Hi mom , me and the scooby gang are working on finding you some horse items. Cheekie should have sent the tub and fireplace. Designer has one hay wagon, I’ll request it. LOL I’ll ask around for the hay bale sofa. I have the mining carts in my room, very rustic. The apple chairs work also. TTYL DF

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          Apple chairs are a great idea. I appreciate your help. Cheekie did send a few things, thanks for looking out there too. She keeps mentioning a horse picture with 3 horses that is a psi. Pinto I think? If you find one, let me know. I have been trying the trading rooms, but that can get out of my league some times. lol.

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            Hey mom my bff didn’t have the hay wagon, she wanted it. LOL Those horse PSI are not super valuable, just old. I’ll look for the picture, just need to check my own, to see what it looks like. I try very hard to avoid the TR. DF

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      hi!! i thought maybe you would like something like the soft landing hay wagon bed from maz’in hamsters if your interested just tell me and i will try to get enough maz’in moolah for it. right now i have 2700 moolah and the bed costs 3550 moolah so it shouldn’t take long! there is also flower petal rug and that’s 600 moolah i think it’s kinzpost sendable but i’m not sure…. that’s ok if not i will just use it! =D

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      i have a Farm time kitchen clock ,. Camp Kinz Canoe Paddles, hay bale, …. idk if they are sendable, but ill try ;) whats your UN?

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      While I do not trade I do have some considerably good ideas for items you may want to use. I think for beds the hay and wagon beds would rocks. the look sorta like a wheel barrow full of hay, which would be perfect. I am not sure what they are from or their exact name but they would look amazing. Another thing would be some barn like windows I am not sure if you use or have access to the Ganz estore but the barn windows are on sale if you buy 2 untill the 9th, if that helps. I also think the lil’ kinz brown horses bathtub would look great in the room. Another item that I think you could use to function for the stable would be the baskets of apples from fall fest. I she does not have those I have a extra basket I could donate. Another option for beds if you can not find the other beds I mentioned or could not get would be the Barn beds (the signature PSI) I don’t think they are stable like as the other beds are……….The windows from jumbleberry fields would also work as good non e-store windows but I think that the first options would work better just LMK what you think!

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        Hey BFF, you forgot the hay bale sofa. The curio shop wagon wheel furniture works well also. I have some spread out over accounts and I have the jumble berry windows also. Mom come visit my horse room if you like, it’s super horsey. Do you need the barn floors? JLMK. Most of the horse PSI are old and may be HTF these days. The hay wagons come from Hamster world. LOL DF

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        Thanks for the ideas dg. I am deluxe and get the monthly points. They buy some estore points when they see items they like. I was looking for a psi or two of some sort I could send her. So far we have just gotten the curio shop wagon wheel furniture, jumbleberry walls and floor, the apple basket and a couple hay bales. I had a couple peaceful meadow windows I sent her. Her cousin will probably send her some estore items, or extra points. Again, thanks for the ideas. ~MORHB~

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      Mainly looking for one or two “special” items I can send her.

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