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    Trade list

    Pumpkin Pie Platter (hold for guest)
    Letter to Santakinz
    High Note Lamp
    Golden Dragon Statue (Adventure Park)
    Experiment Station 1
    Unlimited Experiment Station
    Wand Sparkle Tree
    Nafarie Poster
    Doug Signed Picture
    Gingerbread house (Christmas 2011)
    Christmas Tapestry (Christmas 2011)
    Victorian End paths (2)
    Sally Cat Bobble head
    Fish King Bobble Head
    Icicle Chime (2)
    Cat Chair
    Cat Tube (Decoration)
    Bundle of Moonberries
    Enchanted Dreams Bed

    Swan Boat Car (2)
    Amazing Ant Farm
    Clown Car
    Gas Pump

    Phantom Mask (2010 Halloween Deluxe) (HOLD FOR FROGGY)
    2 Goblins Mask (2011 Halloween Deluxe)
    Friendship Headband
    Elephant Shirt (NVVGO)
    Mummy Mask (NVVGO)
    Charmed Dress (HOLD FOR GOLDSTAR)
    Venetian Mask (Hold for chocolate)
    Panda Shirts
    White Bunny Ears (might not trade NVVVVGO)

    Nafarie Plush

    FASTCAR Race Car (American Cocker Spaniel) (NVGO)
    Cat’s Meow Garden (Sig. Calico Cat) (NVVVGO) (might hold)
    Swell Shelter Bed (Sig Turtle) (NVGO) (HOLD FOR GOLDSTAR)
    Trailblazen Terrier Scooter (White Terrier)
    Blue Moon Lagoon (NVVVVVGO)
    Icy Fishinghole Fridge (NVGO) (Penguin?)
    Ancient Egg Fridge (Spotted Dino) (NGO)
    Jungle Gym Chair (NGO) (Chimp)
    Charming Cherry Bumper Car (NVGO) (Cherry Soda Pup)
    Northern Nights Bed (Husky)
    Whale Sized Wardrobe (Blue Whale)
    Royal Guard Station (Welsh Corgi) (HOLD FOR GOLDSTAR)
    Lucky Horseshoe Fireplace (Clydesdale)
    Far North Sleigh (Reindeer) (NVGO)
    Garnet Chair (Garnet Rover) (NVGO)
    Pizza Party Perch (Bedtime Puppy) (NVVGO)
    Rock Star Vanity (Rockerz Cat) (NGO)

    Popular PSF’s
    Cheeky Cat (1)
    Love Puppy (Unlimted)


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      Daily want list:
      Chocolate Tux
      Christmas Tree Hat
      Clown Costume
      Country Party Dress And Bonnet
      Court Jester Costume
      Crimson Red Robe
      Cupcake T Shirt
      Cute Blouse

      By: KC
      If you have any of these please contact me at traders, the one with more posts, but before you post, please look at my list on page 1108. Thank you, it just saves time

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      Chelsea315 wrote on 2012-09-01 at 01:17 PM

      meandwebkinz wrote on 2012-09-01 at 10:37 AM

      AguariaKee wrote on 2012-09-01 at 10:17 AM

      meandwebkinz wrote on 2012-09-01 at 09:01 AM
      does anyone have the ragdoll cat psi, the designer catwalk? I’ve been looking for it for a while now. My username is nicole0513

      I do. I’m looking for priceless(sail particularly), Estore, promo and new sig. Also New psi.

      I really don’t have priceless sail stuff, so i’ll just make a list of what i have for the catwalk.
      rockerz cat shoes and skirt
      neo gothic dress
      pink studio headphones (VIP)
      full vintage
      royal blue crown
      swan princess dress
      full green santa
      amanda panda’s dress
      paint can cap (deluxe)
      Rock boots
      dapper casual hat
      wirless headset
      red rock
      safari pith helmet
      Trading card chair
      hamster habitat lamp
      persian palace wallpaper
      blue, orange yellow party balloons
      fancy fox kitchen counter and cabinet
      frozen treat frige
      strawberry jammin’ jukebox
      playful pond
      hidden hot spring
      building kits
      daring high dive
      wacky clay sculpure
      thanks and plmk if you like any of these!

      I like ur neo gothic dress(REALLY WANT!!!!!),ur rockerz clothing (Does the pink studio headphones go with it???)
      Anyway…………….. what are u lookig for???????

      if you are not able to trade with her, i also have neo gothic dress, just lettingyou know.
      looking for points,
      retired kinz style,
      webkin crown of wonder,
      i have the rest of my wants on,
      clothing i need.

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      fanofthefrog7 wrote on 2012-09-01 at 01:12 AM

      I looked at your list and i couldn’t find anything i need :( Have anything else?

      well, i think the only other thing i have up for trade is a manic magic audience chair…….

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      fanofthefrog7 wrote on 2012-08-30 at 10:56 PM

      I have many different PSI’s, a lot of random items and objects, and clothes. After i get some responses i will post my list. Please let me know what you need and i’ll let you know if i have it.

      I have all of the same stuff as you, cool lolz xD

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