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    I have psi, psi clothes, promo, rares, deluxe monthly clothes, and more :)

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      Alpine, do you still have the Ameythest dress? I have been looking for one lately. PLMKSNOL what you’d like for it.

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      I have some bunny ears but they have some pink in them. Do you want them? I will send them to you if you do crissy135

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        what do you need for those?

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        Do you mean the white bunny ears from from 2006 that have a little bit of pink on the inside and white on the outside. I really need those!! Do you think you can send me a pair? Otherwise I will give anything for them, I need them SO much!! PLMK :D ♥

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          Lamb could you please wait till i get white ears until you try to trade with crissy thanks <3

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        Hi crissy, just to let you know, your bunny ears are considered priceless, worth 200,000-250,000 in KC. You really should only gift them to a very good friend, or one that would gift you an item close or of equal value. If you have just one pair, you should hang onto them. Take care, DF

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          i wasn’t planning on just taking them dogfish! i have licorice, promo furniture, and psi clothes to offer!

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      i have some I will give them to you for the green earth puppy psi

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