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    These were at the Curio Shop on Saturday. I missed them. Did anyone buy any extra? They were 745 KC. I need 3 and will give a 1000 KC coin for each. If you can help me out, please let me know. Thanks ~MORHB~

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      Hey there inki. I was wondering if you still wanted to trade. I now have an Aztec dining chair to go with the Calendar and dresser. LMK if you still want to trade. How many of the neo gothic dining chairs can I get for these? I am looking for 7 chairs, so how ever many I can get. Thanks. ~mom~

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      Since you got the chair from dogfish, if its still for trade, I could give either two chairs and a lamp or two lamps and a chair. If you want more than this, I will have to send some the next day. Plz lmk what you need for it! -Missy

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      hmm, now both posts showed up… oh well :/

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      Hey mom! thx for friending me. I am in need of an Aztec dining chair. Just tell me what you need for it :) -Missy

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        Hey there Missy. Sorry, but I have already traded the dining chair. I still have the calendar and dresser. How many of the neo gothic chairs can I get for those two? If I come across and dining chairs though, I will send them to you. LMK if we can work something out for more Neo chairs. Thanks ~mom~

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          Oops, forgot to say Neo chairs or lamps. Looking for both. ~mom~

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          Hi mom, I think I got one of those Aztec chairs in my deluxe box, I’ll send it to you. DF

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            Awesome, thanks DF! Hoping the trade is still going to happen. The forums have been crazy this week. ~mom~

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              You got that right mom. The forums are going crazy with all these comments going up, especially on Becky’s forum :P LMK if there is anything new you need so I can try to figure out a trade for that snow globe you have :) if you still have it :P LT

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      I tried to post this earlier, but it hasn’t shown up yet: First of all thx for friending me mom. Also I would love to trade sometime. Just tell me what you need me to send for the Aztec dining chair plz. I also need the calendar and dresser, but the dining chair the most. -Missy

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