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    These were at the Curio Shop on Saturday. I missed them. Did anyone buy any extra? They were 745 KC. I need 3 and will give a 1000 KC coin for each. If you can help me out, please let me know. Thanks ~MORHB~

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      @DF – No problem, I will just pass it along to someone else. I did find a bookshelf, but that is all the extra neo stuff I had. The wardrobe is coming up today at 8 for deluxe. @Lamb – sorry for any misunderstanding in my trading forum. I was not talking about you at all. Don’t want you to think that I was. Sorry! ~mom~

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        Oh its fine but that kind of was what happened to me! But now from you all I really need is the 2011 snow globe and of course the chairs. So make sure you keep an eye on my trade list ;) ~LT~

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          Hey there Lamb. I sent you three chairs to your bub UN, and sent the other chair and lamp to you bob UN. I still have the snow globe. You were the only one who showed interest. So I will hold onto it and see if there is something you have that I need. If you don’t need all four chairs, please send whatever you don’t need back. Thanks. ~mom~

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            Yes I only needed three chairs and I don’t know if I sent the fourth back. Can you tell me if I did? And yay about the snow globe lol. I will probably make an updated trade list soon and I have plenty of new psi! Thanks, LT

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      I missed them to MORHB! So sad :( LOL. I hope they come again soon. Do you have the dining table or bed? LT

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        No I don’t have any extra neo gothic. If I work something out with Missy, do you need chairs? LMK and if I get enough I can send you some. ~MORHB~

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          OK Mom, too late I sent the lamp. I have the bed for Lamb, just moved it to another account. I don’t have extra dining table. I don’t mind one bit if you pass on any extras to other players. DF

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            Thanks in advance dogfish! (I guess if the will be sent by the time this posts but not yet lol :P) And yes MORHB I would greatly appreciate some chairs. I was so angry when I missed them :P LT

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      I have a TON of chairs. Also, bookshelves, clocks, side tables, coffee tables, and lamps. Plz lmk whoever wants them. I am looking for Aztec and am open to other offers. Thx!! -Missy

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        Hi Missy. I already got the chairs I needed. I am still interested in trading for more chairs and some lamps. I know of some others who are looking. Let me know if you are interested in trading. My UN is the same here as in WW. I have the following aztec items: Pillar
        Fire pit
        Dining chair
        Side table

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        Hey i came across your comment and saw that you said you have a ton of chairs and lamps, are they part of the neo gothic theme? If so im interested in 2 chairs and a lamp. I have some aztec pieces i believe, which items were you needed from that theme?

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          Hey there cheekie. I sent you my extra lamp and chair I got from trading with Missy. I think I wiped her out of chairs, sorry. I got them for others, but one person already got a lamp and chair, so I had extra. If I come across another chair I will let you know and send to you if you still need it. Have a good one. ~MORHB~

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            Hi Cheekie. I sent you the last chair, hope you got it. ~MORHB~

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      I have 2 and i am willing to give you one. i am also looking for Neo Gothic stuff but i need the kinzcash for building my rooms. i will send it to you right away. ~Texas Girl

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        LOL mom, OK, I’ll send you two chairs? Hope that’s right, if not and you need more JLMK. Thanks, DF

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      TY Angel. I only need two more now. ~mom~

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        Hi mom, did you by any chance catch the neo lamps a few days before the chairs. I would like to trade chairs for lamps. I missed the lamps, PLMK DF

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          Yes actually I did. I was only able to get one though. I will send it. I only need 2 chairs now. Thanks. ~mom~ Tagged just in case this isn’t up tonight, lol

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            Oh and I will still send the coins :) it’s the least I could do for everything you have helped me out with, thanks ~mom~

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            Hi mom, I can’t take your one lamp. I want the items to store, my rooms are done. What other neo do you need, I have some extra, lots of side tables. I would have eight extra lamps if I hadn’t got distracted, I knew they were in the shop that day. Please keep your coins, I have a crazy amount of KC. PLMK, I’ll pull some today. DF

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              That’s alright DF. The lamp was either getting sent to someone or going on my trade list. I only needed the 3 chairs to complete my room, so I don’t need anything else. If you haven’t sent back already, just pass them on to someone you know could use them. I have crazy amounts of KC too. You scan the forums more than I do, so you would probably know who could use them better than I do. I only needed 2 chairs and you sent me 3, so I passed one on to Artisticat. Hopefully I can work something out with Missy, then I will send Arti the rest she needs and if Lamb still needs some, send to her too. I know Arti is still looking for a lamp too. TTYL ~mom~

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