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    These were at the Curio Shop on Saturday. I missed them. Did anyone buy any extra? They were 745 KC. I need 3 and will give a 1000 KC coin for each. If you can help me out, please let me know. Thanks ~MORHB~

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      I think I actually have exactly seven chairs. I will have to send them over a few days though, unless you have another account to send some to. I have three lamps too. Just name your price for all three Aztec :) I hope this is enough for all three. It’s okay if not though. -Missy

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      Okay I’ll send right away too. Did you want the lamps too, or just the chairs? -Missy

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        Two lamps too if possible. Are there any other pieces you are looking for, or other rares you need? ~MORHB~

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      Oops sorry. I was getting my friend some moneyz on her account. Kittyprincess was me lol. -Missy

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      Hey there Missy. I forgot to write down your UN. Can you please remind me, so I know who to send the aztec items to. Thanks

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      Hi I thought I had posted this earlier, but it hasn’t shown up yet. I have seven chairs, and three lamps for trade. I would like all three of the Aztec. Please tell me what all you need for it. I will have to send it over a few days, unless you have another account I can send to. Thx! -Missy

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        Hey there Missy. I will send either tonight (Monday) or first thing in the morning. Thanks for trading. No, I do not have another account to send to. ~mom~

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