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    If you were part of the GANZ company what kind Mazin’ Hamster would you create. I would create a music Mazin’ Hamster and it’s name would be Austin.

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      I have a ton: 1. Pop star. She is hot pink hamster with hot pink stars on both of her sides and a purple one on the front. her cheeks are purple with one hot pink and one purple heart on them. She has hot pink flowers on her hand. She also has a golden sparkly head. Her ball would be hot pink with golden sparkly circles on either side with a purple star in both. The design would be like walking in a pop star stage. 2. Candy. Candy is a yellow creamy hamster with lollipops, hard candies, and candy canes all over her. Her ball is light cream yellow with candy all over it and her design is like walking in a candy store. 3. Blossom. Blossom is a light pink hamster with pink flowers all over her with some golden hearts. Her ball is golden with pink hearts on either side and her design is like walking in a garden of pink flowers and the sky is golden and sparkly with heart shaped clouds and it’s raining pink petals. 4. Jumble. Jumble is a red hamster with Dark red spots all over. Her ball looks like a giant JumbleBerry, and the design looks like a field of JumbleBerries. 5. Sugar. Sugar would be a yellow hamster with light yellow spots on her. Her ball would look like a giant SugerBerry and her design would look like a field of SugerBerries. and yeah they should make one for Moonberry, PickleBerry, PolarBerry, and Goo-Goo-Berry. 6. Maple. She would be maple colored with maple leaves on her. Her ball would be maple colored with splats of syrup on each side and maple leaves on the syrup. The tube design would be maple colored with syrup splatted on the floor and the walls have maple leaves on them 7. Doughnut. Doughnut is a brown hamster with a white doughnut with on her chest with pink brown and white sprinkles on it. The ball is crystal clear with white doughnuts on each side with brown, pink, and white sprinkles on bot. The design would be brown with white frosting splats on the walls and white frosting on the floor and both would have pink, brown, and white sprinkles on it. 8. Strawberry. Strawberry is a red hamster with black dots all over her and a strawberry stem hat. The ball is a red ball with black dots all over it and the design is like a strawberry field. 9. Ladybug. Ladybug is a black hamster with a red head and red wings with black spots on it and a red back with black spots and it has antenna on it’s head. The ball is a giant ladybug and the design is a red walled design with ladybugs all over it. Those are my ideas and I have more coming up! Hope u like! Hope Ganz makes! Thanks! By!

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      I would also make 1 named Cotton Candy who is pink with a blue spot above her head, around her eye, and on her cheast, and purple spots everywhere else, and she’s as fluffy as spun sugar.

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