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      Ok so I know this topic is all but dead but can we talk about the new Chocolate Milk Cow because it is the best thing ever 8D It’s so perfect and precious!! Look at its little droopy eyes, the big honkin’ nose, the droopy floppy puppy ears, the cartoony eyebrows 8D And the display photo even has a cute little head-tilt!! It’s just so cartoony and adorable and I love it!! Some people say that it looks too generic but I think this cow has a lot of personality shining through that tends to be overlooked. In conclusion the Chocolate Milk Cow is the best pet of 2k16 and must be protected #ChocolateMilkDefenseSquad2k16 (the cool kids still do hashtags right? or are hashbrowns the new thing)

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        I’m probably joining the conversation far too late, but…. yes, the chocolate milk cow is truly amazing! XD It’s so cute and adorable and awesome and I want one so badly… my brother is really lucky, he ended up buying one last month…. it’s easy for me to become jealous of it, heh :P I definitely don’t think it looks generic, either; I think it’s a really cool webkinz, if you ask me, but that is just my opinion (I also agree with you on the lovely fox, I think that one is really cute as well, I don’t really get why so many people were hating on it last year, but ah, everyone has their own opinions, and it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea) Hahahah, that last part is too funny XD :,D I don’t really do hashtags often, but I do like myself some hashbrowns XD

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        Alrighty, here’s the official roleplay thread for Taffmoonemi! All of our roleplay replies will go down below! (Note: this is not the same thing as the discussion thread, which will be posted below; this is solely for the roleplay itself)

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          (Oh, snap. I just realized that I said “Taffmoonemi”, instead of “Taffoomemi”… I thought I made a typo somewhere! So uh, yeah, just ignore the title I put, haha… I didn’t mean to put the extra ‘m’)

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            (Hi guys! Thanks for letting me take the first turn! :) I can’t wait to see your guys’s replies! ^-^ )
            ~1~ Jiko, Shawn, and Jessie were strolling down the sidewalk, the bright sun shining down on them, illuminating the colors of their fur. It sure was a beautiful day in Kinzville, and what better way to spend it than going to the town-wide Summer Fest?
            “I wonder what this ‘Summer Fest’ will be like… I’ve never been to it before”, said Jessie.
            “I might’ve been to it once, but I hardly remember it”, replied Shawn with a shrug.
            “I recall what it’s like, but I haven’t attended for a couple years. I love seasonal festivals as much as the next animal, though they’re usually far too crowded for my liking…”, stated Jiko as he adjusted his chef’s hat.
            Shawn watched as he did this, with his thumb and index finger on his chin, and asked half-jokingly, “You know, I just realized how fine your hat is, Jiko. Mind if I borrow it sometime?”
            Borrow it?! Not likely! I think I’m done with lending you anything of mine”, exclaimed Jiko…

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              … “How come? I’d bring it back right away, or at least, as soon as possible.”
              “Oh, really?”, started the gorilla sarcastically, “Just like the time you borrowed my cookbook? Or my napkin set? Or my good silverware? Or my red throw pillows?! Where in the world did you put my throw pillows?!?
              “Hey, hey, hey… no need to get feisty, my friend. I’m aware that I haven’t returned those back to you yet, and once I find them, I promise I’ll give them to you immediately! Besides, I wasn’t exactly being serious about the hat… it’s very nice, but since I’m not a chef, I honestly don’t have much of a use for it.”
              Jiko didn’t say anything audible in response, but rather mumbled something and rolled his eyes.
              Jessie, on the other hand, began to laugh a little. “Hehe, you’re pretty funny, Shawn!”
              “Really? Well, thank you very much! It’s not often when someone says that to me. Usually people say that I’m a very dry, boring, and humorless individual”, responded Shawn, (jokingly, of course)…

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              … Jessie continued to giggle, and Jiko just shook his head. “I just hope you don’t pull any shenanigans once we get there…”, muttered the gorilla.
              “What makes you think that I would do that?” “Oh, I don’t know… maybe because you do that stuff all the time??!”
              “Since when? Maybe memory is out of whack, but I don’t-”
              “-WAIT…. do you hear that noise?”, suddenly interrupted Jiko, “It sounds… almost like music.”
              “Yeah, it does”, insisted Jessie, “It’s coming up from up ahead.” The lop bunny skipped down the street, and stopped once she reached Eric’s house. There, she saw both Eve, and Eric, sitting beneath a tree, with the signature white tiger holding his acoustic guitar.
              Once they saw her, Eve looked down at the ground in an embarrassed manner, while Eric sheepishly grinned, and put his guitar on the grass.
              “Oh, uh… hi, Jessie. And Jiko and Shawn”, said Eric, gesturing towards the gorilla and wild dog who now stood behind the rabbit, “Nice to see you guys here. Uh, what would you like?”…

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              … “Oh, well, we just heard some music as we were walking, so we thought we’d go check out the source…”, admitted Jiko.
              “-OH, that! Yeah, I was uh, playing my guitar. Nothing out of the ordinary, heheh. Anyways, where are you guys heading?”
              “Us? We’re going to the Summer Fest. Would you like to come?”, asked Jessie.
              Eric looked at Eve, and eventually replied with, “Sure, we can tag along with you guys, as long as you don’t mind!”
              “Why would we mind? You guys are definitely welcome to join us any time!”, exclaimed Jiko.
              Eric smiled. “Well thanks!”
              Eve nodded, and said a soft, “Thank you”.
              The tiger stood up and strapped his guitar to his back, and then looked at his front door, where (unbeknownst to everyone) he saw his brother, Bucky, peeking out through a crack, probably interested in what was going on. “Oh, hey Bucky! Eve, Jiko, Shawn, Jessie, and I are going to the Summer Fest… would you like to come with us?”
              Bucky opened the door a bit wider, and gazed at the four other animals, and then his brother…

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              … After a moment of silence, he said, “No.”
              “How come?”
              “I don’t wanna talk about it…”, muttered Bucky, who then went back inside and shut the door.
              “That was weird…”, remarked Jiko, “He’s your brother, right?”
              “Oh, okay. He’s not nearly as nice as you, it would seem”
              “It’s a uh… long story”, started Eric, “He used to be very outgoing and friendly when we were younger. But, let’s just say something happened that changed him.”
              Jiko nodded, though he was somewhat confused by Eric’s answer, and began to walk again at a rather fast pace.
              “Hey, where are you going, Mr. Speedy?”, called out Shawn, “Don’t leave us behind. I’m not a terribly good navigator, and the last thing I want is to be left out on the cold, hard sidewalk.”
              At this, both Eve and Jessie began to laugh a bit.
              “First off, please, just, please… keep your silly little nicknames to yourself! Second, mind you, but I’m trying to get to the Summer Fest before it gets too crowded”, shouted Jiko, “And third… you know what? I’m not even going to waste my time replying to your ‘sidewalk’ comment.”..

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              ~6~ … Eric leaned over by Jessie and whispered, “Does this happen often?”
              “Yep. They did this the whole time we’ve been walking, actually.”
              Jiko heard the other animals talking about him, but he didn’t care. All he wanted to do was get to the Summer Fest as quickly as possible.
              (I hope my reply was alright! I’ll make my characters arrive at the festival during my next turn, and I won’t have them interact with your guys’s Webkinz until yours are acquainted)

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              (1) Tanner hopped out of bed. Today was gonna be a great day! He was going to the Summer Festival with Violet, which was going to be a ton of fun. But what made it even better was that Taylor was watching Kate and Chase. Meaning.. he’d get to be with Violet without the distractions of children or even other friends. He couldn’t wait to be with his favorite friend! He quickly showered, brushed his teeth, and even brushed his fur to make sure he was looking extra nice. He quickly shoveled some cereal into his mouth, slipped on his backpack, and headed outside.
              “Have a nice day, honey!” called his mom.
              “Hey, be sure to tell me how it went with Violet when you get back,” his sister winked.
              Tanner rolled his eyes at his sister, ignoring her comment. “Bye, mom!”
              He closed the door and walked outside. It was already getting to be a wonderful sunny, warm day. He decided to just walk across the field for a short cut instead of biking around to Violet’s. When he reached her house, he quickly walked up to the door and knocked. …

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              (2) … “Hellooo?”
              A muffled voice said, “Coming!”
              Violet opened the door and smiled at Tanner. “Good morning, Tanner!” She peeked her head out the door. “It’s a beautiful day, isn’t?”
              Tanner agreed. “Yep.. but I must say you look beautiful today too!”
              “Of course you would say that, Tanner,” She shook her head and smiled, “but thank you.”
              Tanner simply continued to smile.
              “Well, are you ready to go?” she asked.
              “Yep! I’m ready whenever you are. Is there anything you need help carrying?” He glanced around her house for stuff she might be bringing.
              “No, that’s alright. I’m ready. We’d better head out before the crowd comes at noon.” She slipped on a small backpack.
              He nodded. “Right.”
              The duo decided to drive to the fest, since they knew it was pretty far to walk. They listened to music and chatted about what they were excited to do or eat as Tanner drove. About 15 minutes after they’d left, it began…
              “Are we almost there, Vi? I kinda thought it was closer than this..” …

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              (3) … Violet checked the GPS and then replied, “Yeah, actually, we are almost there.. just a few minutes, according t— Oh look! There’s your answer.”
              Tanner looked where Violet was pointing and saw a large Ferris wheel.
              “Sweet! Ya know, I love Ferris wheels. I can’t wait to see that view!”
              “Yeah, it is pretty nice! And peaceful, too,” Violet said. She continued more slowly, “I like how calm, and quiet it feels, to just sit, and look at the area around you from that far in the air.” She sat paused in thought for a moment with a slight smile on her face. “Definitely one of my favorite things at the Summer Fest,” she finished.
              Tanner smiled with his focus on the road. “Yeah, same here.”
              “Finally!” Tanner said as he opened the car door to get out.
              Violet scolded him, “Oh come now, it wasn’t that long!”
              “It sure felt like forever.”
              “Well! Was I that bad of company?” she said, pretending to be upset with him.
              “No, not too bad. You were the only thing that made it kinda less boring,” he said with a grin.
              “Gee, what a compliment.” …

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              (4) … They both chuckled at their joking and started walking. Music was playing and children were squealing with delight, and some with fury, but they were both ecstatic to hear the sounds of the Festival as they made their way toward the entrance. (I hope this reply is alright! I’m sorry it’s a bit late. =P By the way, I really liked your characters there, Taffy! Jiko and Shawn are so funny, Jessie is so cute, and Eric and Eve seem fun too! ^-^ I look forward to seeing more of them!)

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              (Hey, Taffy and emi! Ah, I am so sorry for the late reply! XP I meant to reply sooner, but, as per usual, I’ve been pretty lazy with roleplay replies… :/ Anyway, I loved both of your replies! :D Taffy, I loved the interactions between your characters…Shawn is especially hilarious! XD The, “Usually people say that that I’m a very dry, boring, and humorless individual”, part really made me laugh XD And emi, I loved seeing Tanner and Violet together! They’re so cute together, heheh, and I liked their interactions! I can’t wait to see more of both of you guys’ characters! ^-^)
              ~1~ It was a beautiful, sunny day outside, the bright sun making things rather warm, and in the sunlight a small butterfly paused to rest on a flower. It was forced to flee, however, when a short, chubby dachshund bounded towards it crying, “OHSES, IT A BUTTERFLY!”, and chased it away.
              “Sadie!” cried an English spot bunny–Nestor Carbonell, a magician. “That’s the fourth butterfly you’ve startled so far on our journey…could you not possibly let them be, my friend?” The rabbit, noticing another butterfly flitting past…

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              ~2~ ….held out his paw, and the small insect landed on it. Sadie seemed to be in awe.
              “Wowses…that never happen to me before! How you do it?”
              “Well, I take a more…silent approach.”
              “What you talking about? I’s silent! Silent as a mouse!” Sadie protested. She turned around to find a butterfly of her own, but when she faced Nestor again she was surprised to find that the butterfly was now gone.
              “Hey! Where’s it go?”
              “Magic,” Nestor replied with a nod and a wink. He adjusted his black top hat that he always wore, and then, nodding toward the path they walked on, he announced, “Well, I suppose we should be on our way. Don’t want to be late for the Summer Festival, no!”
              “Noses!” Sadie exclaimed. “Or else all the food might be gone!”
              The duo continued on toward their destination–the town-wide Summer Fest that was held every year–and as they did so they chatted about what they were most looking forward to.
              “I’s just wish Owaf could come with us,” Sadie sighed. “But he busy. Since when Owaf ever busy?!”
              “Don’t let that get you down, my friend,” Nestor replied. …

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              ~3~ … “Olaf’s presence will be missed at the festival, but at least the two of us are able to attend it!”
              “Yeses, that true. But it kinda wonely with just the two of us, don’t you think?”
              “I suppose you are right, but–” Nestor was cut off as someone suddenly ran into him.
              “Oh! My apologies,” the rabbit quickly apologized, without even looking to see who had run into him. “Are you all right?”
              “What?” came the reply.
              Meanwhile, not too far away from Nestor and Sadie, Bucky and Stan were taking advantage of the nice day by taking a walk. Due to a mix of personality and bad events in his past, Bucky was quite unsocial, and for a long time his only friend had been the border terrier, Steve Dogers. But over time he had become friends with a few more animals, including Stan, and he enjoyed spending time with him.
              “Anyway, so Steve was all scared because Sebastian had seen a spider in the kitchen, and then he started listing off all these crazy ways that he could get the spider…” Bucky was saying as the two walked along. …

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              ~4~ …”Oh, typical Steve,” Stan replied, laughing a bit. “So afraid of spiders.”
              Stan paused from walking and gazed up at the sky. “It’s such a nice day out,” he stated, and Bucky nodded.
              “Yeah…nice and quiet.”
              The quiet was soon shattered, however, as in the distance there were four animals heading towards them. As they got closer, both Bucky and Stan recognized them.
              “Hey, isn’t that Sadie? And Nestor? And…I think that’s Jeremy and Kyle, isn’t it?” Stan asked, turning to face Bucky.
              “I think so…” the lynx sighed. “Great. Why do we always have to encounter someone we know everywhere we go?”
              Stan shrugged. “Well, the world’s pretty small.”
              “No, it’s not.”
              “That’s what Disney says.”
              Bucky just stared at Stan, who looked back at him, before looking down at the ground. Suddenly, Sadie, who had caught sight of Bucky, raced towards him, crying, “OHSES, BUCKY! HEWOSES!”
              “Hey, there, friends!” Nestor greeted, coming up beside the dachshund. “Lovely day out, isn’t it?”
              “Hello, Nestor,” Stan said. “Yes, it is.”
              “What are you two up to today?”
              “Just taking a walk. You?”
              “Well, Sadie and I were…

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              ~5~ …heading over to that Summer Festival that’s going on. You know the one?”
              Stan nodded. “Oh, yes. And uh…what about them?” he asked, nodding towards the lab and retriever that stood behind Nestor.
              “Oh, yeah, we ran into them on our way and invited them to come along.”
              Kyle waved. “Hello, Stan and Bucky. Yeah, uh, Jeremy ran into Nestor…no surprise there.”
              The lab looked up. “What?”
              “Well, uh, if you guys have a festival to get to, I guess we’ll be on our way…” Bucky started, backing away a bit, but Nestor stopped him.
              “Oh, no, why don’t you come with us? The more the merrier, right?”
              “Yeses! Yeses, pwease come with us!” Sadie pleaded.
              “I’d really rather not…festivals are…not my thing.”
              Nestor nodded. “Well, I understand. We’ll miss having you, but festivals are not for everyone, I suppose… Anyway, we should probably be on our way. Have a nice day, pals!” He turned to leave, but Sadie hung back, looking rather shocked.
              “Youses…youses not coming with us?”
              “No,” Bucky replied.
              Sadie looked rather upset, and as Stan and Bucky…

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              ~6~ …stood there watching her, she started to cry.
              “Noses, noses! But youses my bestest buddy, Bucky, and I’s never even get to see you! I’s starting to think that…that you don’t like me!” Sadie continued crying and sobbing, and the five other animals stood there watching her.
              “Good job,” Kyle said sarcastically. “You made her cry.”
              Stan turned to Bucky.
              “Perhaps we should…”
              “I was gonna say go with them…”
              “No, you know I hate things like that…there’s always so many people. I do not belong at a festival, Stan.”
              “Yeah, but…Sadie…” The two glanced over at the dachshund, who was still crying, and Bucky sighed.
              “All right…we’ll come with you. But not for long. And you’d better not hug me or I’m through.”
              Almost instantly, Sadie jumped up, grinning from ear to ear. “YAYSES! LET’S GO!” The dachshund dashed off, and Nestor said to Bucky and Stan, before turning and following her,
              “It’ll be good to have you with us, friends!”
              A little while later, the six animals had arrived at the festival. They could hear music playing and people talking, and if they looked up…

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              ~7~ …they could see the Ferris wheel towering above everything else.
              “Yayses! Yayses! We’re here!” Sadie cried. “I’s has to get some of the food before it all gone!” Sadie was about ready to burst with excitement, and to stop her from dashing into the festival and getting lost, Nestor said,
              “Whoa, calm down, now! I don’t think they’re going to run out of food, Sadie. Anyway, I don’t think you going in there unattended is a good idea, so we should try to stick together.”
              “Ohses kay,” Sadie reluctantly agreed.
              Nestor and Sadie, along with Kyle and Jeremy, headed towards the entrance, but Bucky and Stan hung back for a moment.
              “Yeah, this is definitely the place I want to be at…” Bucky muttered sarcastically, and Stan replied reassuringly,
              “It’ll be okay. We don’t have to do much. Maybe Sadie will get lost and we can leave early or something. Come on.” Stan started walking towards the entrance, and Bucky, reluctantly, followed. ~~~ (I hope this reply was okay! Sorry if it wasn’t that great…and sorry it was so long, too! XP …

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              … They should hopefully be shorter in the future. Also, I hope it’s okay that I didn’t have my characters run into yours or anything yet, emi…if you want you can make yours meet mine on your next turn, or I can do it on mine, or whatever, really! :) )

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              (Hey, emi and ilovemoonie! Ah, thanks guys! ;) I’m glad you liked my response! ^-^ (Haha, and I’m happy that you found that one part funny, moonie XD ) Your guys’s replies were great, as well! :)
              Emi, Tanner and Violet are absolutely adorable together!
              ilovemoonie, Sadie was just hilarious, and I couldn’t help but laugh when Stan made a reference to “It’s a Small World” XD
              I can’t wait to see more of your guys’ responses!)
              “I think we should’ve just taken the bus, or something. This fest is taking forever to get to”, complained Jiko. It had been 20 minutes since he met up with Eric, and the group still hadn’t reached the Summer Festival.
              Jessie shrugged. “Maybe we went the wrong way?”
              “Wrong way? Nonsense! I know this is the right route, but it just seems a lot longer than I remembered it.”
              “Perhaps it’s because you’re not chatting with us? Time goes by a lot slower when you’re not doing anything”, suggested Shawn.
              He rolled his eyes. “Yeah, and the whole reason I stopped talking in the first place is because of you!“…

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              … “How come? What did I say?”
              “You know very well what you did”, muttered Jiko.
              “Listen, when I said ‘Who wants banana pudding?’, I meant that as a joke. I don’t have any banana pudding on me, and to be quite frank, I don’t even like it all that much myself, though I doubt I have as a big of an aversion to it compared to you.”
              “You know better than to joke around with me about banana pudding! Next time, remind me to bring a can of shrimp with me…”, grumbled the gorilla.
              “Shrimp?”, asked Eve.
              “Yes. Haven’t you ever heard of the ‘shrimp incident’? Perhaps I should tell that one to you.” He turned his head around, and smirked at Shawn.
              “Ahh, no. We are not discussing that”, piped the wild dog.
              “Why not? Does it embarrass you?”
              “No. It didn’t even happen to me… it happened to my identical twin brother, Ron, for your information. I just don’t care to talk about it, that’s all.
              “You don’t even have a brother!”
              “You do not know that.”… .

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              … “-Hey guys, look! There’s the Ferris wheel!”, interrupted Eric. The tiger pointed up ahead, and sure enough, the festival (and the Ferris wheel), was in full view.
              “Great!”, exclaimed Jiko. He ran right into the entrance, eager to get away from the wild dog, even if it was just for a minute or two.
              “Sheesh, I wonder what his issue is? I’ve never seen him run like that”, said Shawn, “I guess he doesn’t like hearing my factual stories and true statements. What a pity.”
              Jessie began to laugh again. “You’re so silly!”
              Eric, meanwhile, turned to look at Eve. The two smiled, and followed Jiko into the festival, with Jessie and Shawn following them not too far behind.
              A couple of moments later, the friends reunited again, and they all looked around in awe of the things surrounding them.
              “Wow, this place is incredible!”, exclaimed Jessie, “Even better than I thought!”
              Shawn nodded. “It’s quite extravagant, eh?”
              “What should we do first?”, asked Eve.
              Jiko shrugged. “Well, why don’t we get some food, or something? It’s probably not a great idea for us to wander around on an empty stomach.”…

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              … “True. In that case, how about we head over to that cotton candy place over there?”, asked Jessie, as she gestured to a little stand nearby.
              “Ooh, I love cotton candy!”, exclaimed Eric, “How about you, Eve?”
              His penguin friend smiled, and nodded in response.
              “The people have spoken. Cotton candy, it is!”, yelled Shawn.
              “Geez, do you have to be so loud?!”, said Jiko, with his hands placed over his ears.
              “Well, this is a festival. It’s going to be loud here.”
              “Yes, but it doesn’t mean that you have to contribute to the noisiness of this place! You know what? Just- ah, forget it! Let’s go ahead and get the cotton candy before a line forms”, he grumbled. The gorilla walked up to the stand, with his other friends following behind.
              “Excuse me?”, he asked to a deer working behind the counter, “May I please get a cone of cotton candy?”
              The deer smiled. “Sure thing! What flavor?”, she asked.
              “Um… cherry, I guess. How about you guys?”
              “I’ll have a cone of blue raspberry”, chimed Eric…

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              … “I will, too”, replied Eve softly.
              “Do you have watermelon?”, inquired Jessie.
              “Sure do!”
              “In that case, I’ll take that one!”
              “And what about you, sir?”, asked the deer, as she blinked curiously at Shawn.
              “Me? Oh, well, what’s your favorite flavor? I like hearing the input of others.”
              “In my opinion, the lime is pretty swell… I think it’s one of our most popular ones, actually”, she smiled.
              “I’ll have the lime, then.”
              “Great choice!”
              The deer quickly spun the cotton candy for the five pals, and handed each of the cones to them once she was done.
              “It’s been a long time since I’ve had something like this,” commented Jiko, as he gazed at his cherry-flavored treat, “I hope it’s good.”
              “Well, prepare to be disappointed. I just had some of this here lime, and it’s honestly pretty disgusting”, said Shawn.
              Jiko gasped. “Really?!”
              “Ah, I was just pulling your leg there. It’s actually pretty good, in my opinion.”… .

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              … The gorilla frowned, and shook his head. He knew better than to listen to food advice from Shawn.
              “What is up with you today? You are being extremely annoying!”
              The wild dog shrugged. “I dunno. Guess I’m just in the mood to joke around. Aren’t I always like that?”
              “I suppose that’s a valid point…”
              (It’s fine, ilovemoonie! :) No need to apologize! I really enjoyed reading your response… I liked your character interactions a lot, heheh XD Also, I’m sorry that my reply was kinda long, guys, and I hope it wasn’t too boring or anything, ahah :P )

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              (Ah, I’m so sorry for replying to this late! >.< (Also, Taffy, I know emi told you, but just in case you didn't see it, I just wanted to explain that, the reason I'm replying before her is because we were talking about how our characters might end up meeting, and decided on something that would require me to go before her. So, we decided to switch the order just this once, but on the next round it will be back to normal, and emi will go before me again. I hope that's okay, and hopefully this makes sense!) Anyway, you're welcome! (And heheh, yes, it was really funny! I also loved the part in your most recent response when Shawn is joking about the snow cones and Jiko believes him, and when he says that he has an identical twin brother named "Ron." He's just so funny! :'D ) And thank you! I'm glad you liked my response! Haha, thanks XD I just couldn't resist having him say that, heheh. ;) Thanks, and same to you!) …

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              ~1~~~ “So…what should we do first?” Nestor asked, gazing around at all the colorful rides, games, and delicious-looking food stands scattered throughout the festival.
              “We’s get foodses!” Sadie responded impatiently. “What else we do?”
              “Well, you heard the dachshund; she wants food. What do you guys think?” Nestor asked the others.
              “Food is fine with me,” Kyle said, and Stan nodded.
              “Sorry, what was the question?” Jeremy asked.
              “What do you think about food?”
              The lab looked a bit confused, but nevertheless, he shrugged and answered the question.
              “Food is great. I love food. I mean, that’s not to say I’m super attached to it and find great pleasure in it, but I mean…I can’t live without food. Literally.” Jeremy paused. “Hey! Why don’t we get some food right now! What do you guys think about that?”
              The others just stared.
              “Great idea, Jeremy,” Kyle said sarcastically. “If only we had thought of a wonderful idea like that…”
              “Aw, it’s okay,” Jeremy said, not seeming aware of his brother’s sarcasm. “We all have our moments.”
              “What do you think about getting food, my friend? You haven’t given any input,” Nestor said, nodding towards Bucky…

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              ~2~ … who responded,
              “Yayses! Wet’s go! What we getting, what we getting?” Sadie asked enthusiastically.
              “I’m not sure…maybe we should walk around a bit and see what there is?”
              “Walk around a bit?” Sadie didn’t much seem to like the idea of wandering around the festival on an empty stomach. “But…but there ice cream right over there!”
              “Ah, you can get ice cream any day,” Kyle reasoned. “Let’s find something else.”
              Everyone seemed to agree to this, and they began walking away to see what other food stands were around. Sadie sighed, but reluctantly followed them, glancing back at the ice cream as she did so.
              ~~~ As the six animals walked along, Bucky stayed near the back of the group, staring at the ground as if it were more interesting than everything else around him. Suddenly, however, something caught his eye; it was a giant stuffed teddy bear on display, which could be won for playing a certain game. Bucky paused for a moment, his eyes fixed upon it.
              “Youses like teddy bear?”
              The lynx quickly looked away from the bear and over at Sadie, who had spoken to him. …

            • #1383404


              ~3~ … “What? No, no I don’t.”
              “Yeses. You’s stare at teddy bear, because you’s want teddy bear.”
              “No, I…I wasn’t staring at it, I was just…nothing. And I don’t like teddy bears, okay?”
              “Yeses you do.”
              “NO,” Bucky firmly responded, “I don’t! What makes you think that, anyway?”
              “Sebastian told me,” Sadie said with a smile, and she skipped off after the others. Bucky shook his head.
              “Sebastian…” he muttered, and he slowly walked away.
              ~~~ A few minutes later, the group had probably seen every single food stand in the whole festival, and they now stood, trying to decide what they should get.
              “What do you think, Jeremy?” Kyle asked, turning toward his brother, as no one could seem to agree on anything.
              The golden retriever sighed.
              “What food?”
              “Oh…um…how about…pancakes!”
              “Yeah! With bacon, and eggs…”
              “Where do you think we are, IHOP?” Nestor questioned.
              “Well, you asked me ‘what food’, and I didn’t really know what that meant…”
              “Well, then, let us catch you up on what’s been happening since you were last paying attention,” the rabbit said. “We were going to get some food…

            • #1383406


              ~4~ …but can’t seem to agree on anything.”
              “Wait…ketchup?” Jeremy asked.
              “No, I said, ‘catch you up’.”
              “Well, whatever, but ketchup sounds good. Maybe we can get a hotdog or something.”
              As the five animals continued discussing this, (well, four, as Bucky wasn’t taking any part in it), Sadie, who was getting bored, noticed another ice cream stand in the distance, and her tail began to wag.
              “Wet’s go get ice cream!” she exclaimed, pulling on Nestor’s paw.
              “In a minute, Sadie…”
              The dachshund frowned; if they weren’t getting ice cream, she’d get it herself! Sadie ran off after the ice cream, disappearing into the crowd in only a matter of seconds. None of the others saw her run off; none of them, that is, except for Bucky.
              “Uh, guys…” he said, but no one answered. “Guys? Hey!”
              “What?” Kyle asked.
              “I don’t know if you guys care or not, but…Sadie ran away.”
              ~~~ Sadie, eager to get herself some ice cream, was running along, probably faster than she should have been, for, just as she was getting close, she tripped over a loose rock and fell onto the ground, scraping her leg…

            • #1383408


              ~5~ …on the rock. It was not that bad of a cut, but the dachshund was acting as if it were far worse than it actually was, and she began to cry like a young child who had lost their mother.
              “Ohses noses,” she sobbed, “I’s got hurt!” She looked around, hoping to find Nestor or Bucky or someone from her group nearby, but she only saw strangers, and they didn’t even seem to notice her, much less go out of their way to help her. As she sat there on the ground, tears streaming down her face, one thought occupied the dachshund’s mind: Now I’s NEVER get ice cream! ~~~
              (I hope this was okay! We did decide that Sadie was going to fall and hurt herself or something, right, emi? I almost forgot what we decided on, oops :P And thanks, Taffy! Aw, thank you…I’m glad that you liked my response! It’s totally fine! Your response certainly wasn’t boring…I really loved your interactions, and your characters always make me laugh! XD ) (Also, hopefully none of this gets cut off…my word counter has been acting strange today :/ )

            • #1384026

              (Yep, you’re right, moonie. No worries! Poor Sadie though. And poor Jeremy, too. XD) “So, where do you wanna go first?” Tanner asked.
              “Hmm,” Violet stopped and thought for a moment. “Well.. how about we head toward the snow cone and ice cream place? It’s getting pretty warm out here,” she pointed out.
              Tanner nodded in agreement. It was getting to be a hot day. “Sounds great! Let’s go before the line gets too long.”
              They turned and started toward the frozen treats stand, thinking about what they’d get.
              “I think I’ll get a snow cone. It sounds really refreshing!” Violet mused out loud.
              “That does sound refreshing, but I think I’ll have to get some crazy ice cream flavor,” he replied with a grin.
              “Oh right! If you get maple, you’ll have to let me try it. I’ve always wanted to try that, but never— oh my, what’s that?”
              Violet’s face turned into a concerned frown when she suddenly heard someone start crying. …

            • #1384028

              … “I’m not sure..”
              “Let’s look around,” she said urgently as she already began searching for some lost child or animal in pain. Tanner followed her as she weaved through the crowd, until they found a distraught dachshund sitting on the ground.
              Violet immediately rushed up to her, kneeling beside the crying pup and putting her paw on her shoulder.
              “Oh, honey, are you okay? What happened?” She quickly looked her over and realized her leg was scraped up. “You poor dear!” She put her arm around and squeezed her in a side hug. Tanner walked up and stood in front of them. He was surprised by how few of the passing animals even looked at the poor dachshund. His brow furrowed in annoyance at these animals’ oblivious behavior.
              He dipped into a crouch and asked, “Are you alright?”

            • #1384876


              Jiko, Jessie, Shawn, Eric, and Eve sat together at a bench, each one finishing up their cotton candy
              “So, what should we do after this?”, asked Jessie, as she licked the last scraps of bright pink fuzz off her lips.
              “There are some games… maybe we could play a few of those?”, suggested Eve in a soft voice.
              “That sounds fun to me. Or, perhaps we could try the Ferris Wheel, if you guys wanted”, said Jiko.
              “Speaking of which, do you ever wonder why it’s called a ‘Ferris Wheel’? Think about it. Ferris is a guy’s name. In that case, they could’ve just as easily named it something like a ‘Joe Wheel’ or a ‘Bob Wheel’… or a ‘Fred Wheel…’”, chimed Shawn.
              Jiko frowned, and interrupted. “-You know, it’s probably named after the person who invented it. Ever thought of that, hm?
              “I actually was just going to mention that before you so abruptly interrupted, but thanks for pointing it out.”
              Jessie began to laugh again, and even Eve and Eric giggled a bit.
              The gorilla shook his head, starting to have second thoughts about coming to the Summer Fest…

            • #1384878


              ~2~ … when something caught his eye. There, right where any self-respecting, pillow-loving chef gorilla could see, was a game stand… and underneath the ‘prizes’ sign was an aqua blue throw pillow.
              “Oh my gosh! I have to get that”, he whispered.
              Shawn turned to face him. “Have to get what?”
              “Uh, nothing. I just um… we should go try that donut stand over there later on”, lied Jiko, as he gestured to a nearby stand, “I bet those donuts are pretty good. We have to try them. Anyway, maybe we should forget about the Ferris Wheel and do that later. I was thinking… perhaps there we should split up for awhile and go do our own thing? Or at least, you guys could stay together if you’d like. I just want to go check out some of the venues here by myself, if that’s alright.”
              Jessie shrugged in response. “If that’s what you’d like to, go ahead. I have no problem with it.”
              Eve nodded in agreement.
              “I certainly wouldn’t mind. Maybe the four of us could play some games, or something, like Eve mentioned earlier….

            • #1384880


              ~3~ … I’m sure that ought to be fun!”, exclaimed Eric.
              “Sounds like a plan to me”, replied Shawn.
              “Well, in that case, I’ll catch up with you guys later. Goodbye!”, said Jiko, as he quickly scrambled off the bench and proceeded to walk among the crowd. Good, now I can get myself that pillow! That would make an excellent addition to my collection, he thought, with a smile.
              “Is it just me, or did Jiko seem to be in a big hurry to leave us?”, asked Eve.
              “Eh, you never know with him. Maybe he just really wanted to go solo for a while, or perhaps I annoyed him too much with my absolutely horrible sense of humor”, said Shawn, “Anyways, since we’re all done, do you want to go head off and see what there is to do?”
              “Sure! Some of those games look pretty neat… I’d like to try a couple of those”, replied Eric.
              “Well, let’s hop to it!”, exclaimed Jessie.
              Shawn nodded. “The rabbit is right. The carnival isn’t going to explore itself. Of course, unless it happened to be a living thing, which would…

            • #1384882


              ~4~ … be utterly terrifying, in my opinion.”
              Everyone laughed a bit, and the four friends for up from their seats, all looking curiously at the surrounding environment.
              “Wow, this place sure has a lot of stuff…”, remarked Eve, obviously in awe.
              “Yes, indeed it does”, said Shawn, as he strolled with his hands behind his back. He enjoyed gazing at the carnival fare, until something caught his attention. His quickly ears perked up. “Do any of you hear that noise? Almost sounds like someone crying.”
              Jessie tilted her head. “I don’t hear anything.”
              The wild dog shrugged. “I guess it’s just the wind, then, or perhaps ol’ man Dave forgot to tighten the screws on the Tilt-A-Whirl.”
              (Hey, @ilovemoonie! Thanks for explaining it to me! :) I’m glad you and emi found a good way to have your characters meet! ^-^ (No worries, it made sense!) Haha, thank you again, moonie! I’m glad ya liked those parts XD Shawn’s a pretty fun guy to use, I gotta say ;) Also, you’re welcome! Hey, there’s never a bad time to make a Disney joke, right? XD Pfff, I also love the thing with Bucky and the…

            • #1384884


              … teddy bear that you did this time :,D Poor guy, Sebastian just can’t stop spreading his secret, eh?)

            • #1386838


              (Okay, thanks, emi! :) Aw, yeah, poor Sadie…and heheh, yep, the poor “What Dog” is always so confused XD Also, I hope it’s okay with you that I don’t make my other characters find Sadie in this turn! I didn’t want to rush things too much, so I figured I’d do it in my next turn, either that or maybe Violet and Tanner could help Sadie find them, if you would want to do that/think that would be a good idea?)
              ~1~ Upon finding out that Sadie had run off, the four other animals appeared rather concerned, especially Nestor.
              “Where did Sadie go, my friend?” the rabbit asked Bucky.
              “I don’t know. She just ran off in…that direction…” Bucky pointed somewhere, but then paused. “No…that direction…or maybe it was…that direction.”
              Kyle sighed. “You really should pay more attention, you know.”
              “Excuse me? I’m the only one who was paying attention! At least I saw her run away…you guys were all too busy talking about food.”
              “Well, food is a very important subject!” Nestor insisted.
              “Is it though?”
              “Yes. Anyway, if you remember not in which direction Sadie ran…

            • #1386842


              ~2~ …then you don’t remember; nothing we can do about that. We’ll simply have to search the festival for her. I suspect she shouldn’t have gone too far, but with Sadie, you never can be too sure.”
              “Well, if we’re looking for her,” Jeremy, who had apparently been paying attention for once, spoke up, “then maybe we should split up. It’d be a lot easier to find her if we were looking in five different places at once instead of just one, right?”
              “Uh, yeah, that’s some good reasoning, Jeremy, but there is absolutely no way we’re letting you go through the festival by yourself; you’d get lost, and then we’d be looking for you, too,” Kyle said, and Jeremy frowned.
              “Probably right…”
              “Personally, I think it’d be best if we all stayed together,” Nestor spoke. “It may take us a little longer to find her, but at least we won’t have to look for each other afterwards, right?”
              “Sure, that works! Come on, let’s go! I’ll lead the way,” Kyle volunteered, and the five animals began walking away.
              “I knew this would happen,” Bucky muttered to Stan as they followed the others. …

            • #1386846


              ~3~ … “Now we’ll be here all day looking for her.”
              “Eh, I don’t think it will be all day…” Stan replied. “Just…just a good part of it.”
              ~~~ Meanwhile, Sadie continued crying over her scrape, when suddenly she saw an ocelot and a snow leopard approach her, and the ocelot raced up to her and knelt beside her. At the ocelot’s question, Sadie shook her head.
              “I’s…I’s fell and I’s got hurt…” she said between sniffles. “And I’s got lost from my friends…I’s just wanted ice cream!” With the kind ocelot next to her, Sadie felt a bit better, but she was still upset because of her cut, which, though definitely a cut, was not nearly as bad as she thought it to be. The dachshund wiped her eyes. “What I do now?” she asked, looking at the ocelot with big eyes, and then she turned to the snow leopard as he spoke to her. “I’s guesses so,” she responded, “but my leg hurt!” ~~~
              (Hey, TaffyKitty! You’re welcome! Yes, I’m glad we could! :) (Thanks!) And you’re welcome! Shawn is just so hilarious XD I think he could quite possibly be one of my favorite characters…

            • #1386848


              ~4~ …of yours…(of course, I love all of them though, heheh) I also loved the part with Jiko and the throw pillow XD Haha, nope! Never a bad time for a Disney joke XD I don’t think Bucky found it to be funny, though. Aw, and thanks! I just had to put that in there! ;) Aw, yep, poor Bucky…It seems like Sebastian has told everyone about his secret!)

            • #1386862


              (OOPS, I was posting this so quickly that I forgot to change the tags! :P Don’t mind this comment…)

            • #1389090


              ~1~~ Eric happily strolled alongside his friends, feeling the smooth, wooden guitar bounce up and down his back with every step. He enjoyed being at the festival with all of them, especially Eve. The tiger smiled at his penguin friend, but his gaze quickly drifted to something behind her head. Right across from the group was a balloon darts stand, with a giant stuffed dolphin as the grand prize. That dolphin… I think that’s the one Eve pointed out to me in the store one time! I’m not half-bad at darts, so perhaps I could win it for her? I’m sure she’d love that!
              “Uh, hey guys?”, piped Eric.
              Shawn and Jessie turned to face him, and so did Eve.
              “What is it?”, asked Shawn.
              “Well, um… I was wondering… could me and me Eve go play some games together– just us– for awhile? We’ll certainly catch up with both of you later, though!”
              Eve nodded her head. “I like that idea. It’d be fun to play some games with you.”
              “I hope no problem with that”, began the rabbit, “What about you, Shawn?”
              “Nah, I don’t, either. Hope you guys…

            • #1389092


              ~2~ … have some fun! Maybe we can meet at the Ferris wheel later on, or something?”, suggested the wild dog.
              Eric grinned. “Sounds good!”
              The tiger– penguin duo waved at Shawn and Jessie, and strolled over to the row of game stands.
              Jessie looked up at Shawn. “Well, I guess it’s just you and me now. What do ya think we should do?”
              “Me? Hmm…” Shawn paused and gazed around. “There’s one of those inflatable bounce houses over there. I think that would be quite fun, don’t you?”
              Jessie cringed a bit. “Do you think they’ll allow us in? They might say that we’re too old for that.”
              “Don’t be ridiculous– of course they will! And if not, I’ll find a way”, replied Shawn, with a smirk.
              “What game should we play first, Eric?”, asked Eve, as she held on to his hand.
              “I was thinking that we should go play balloon darts, since I’m pretty good at that one….

            • #1389094


              ~3~ … Would you be okay with that?”
              Eve smiled. “Of course! While you play, I think I might do the ring toss”, she said, gesturing towards the stand next to the ballon pop. “I’m not terribly good at throwing darts.”
              “That’s fine with me! May the best animal win!”, exclaimed Eric.
              The two laughed, and then went to their separate games.
              This is good. Since Eve will be busy playing something else, I can surprise her with that dolphin plush when I win it. She’ll be so happy!, thought the tiger, as he picked up his first dart.
              Jessie and Shawn ambled up to the bounce house, staring at it in awe.
              “Ooh… I haven’t been in one of these forever!”, exclaimed Jessie.
              “Nor have I. Come on, let’s go inside.”
              However, before they could enter the giant inflatable, a voice stopped them.
              “Aren’t you both a little too old for this?”, asked a polar bear. He was dressed in striped clothing and wore a top hat– he looked like some of worker at the festival.
              “Excuse me, sir, but it is very rude for you to assume…

            • #1389096


              ~4~ … that both of us are too old for a bounce house. Me and my young daughter“, began Shawn, who elbowed Jessie, “who recently turned 8, mind you– she’s very tall for her age– just wanted to check it out. She’s afraid to go in there all alone. Can’t you just allow this poor father to take his young child to the bounce house, please?”
              Jessie (now aware of Shawn’s prank) opened her eyes wide to make herself look extra childlike and innocent. In a high-pitched voice, she squealed, “Yes, pwease let me and my daddy go in the bounce house, mwister. It’s my favowite part of the festival!”
              The polar bear sighed. “Oh, all right. I’ll make an exception for you two, but just this once.”
              “Thank you, good man”, said Shawn, who then grasped on to Jessie’s paw. “Come on, honey, this bounce house isn’t going to be here all day, you know.”
              Jessie bit her lip to keep herself from laughing, and the two quickly emerged into the inflatable bounce house, surrounded by a bunch of joyous youngsters…. .

            • #1389200


              ~5~ … “I can’t believe that actually worked”, whispered the rabbit.
              “I told you I’d find a way to get in”, replied Shawn, as he gazed at his fingertips, “Anyway, let’s bounce! We didn’t come in here for nothing, right?”
              Jessie nodded. “Yep!”
              The two friends started to jump up and down, shaking the whole inflatable in the process (though the kids in there didn’t seem to mind).
              Jiko quickly walked through the crowd, clutching the aqua blue throw pillow with both hands, holding it close to his chest. He had one it after several tries at the ring toss, and was overjoyed.
              Now, just to find the others. Strange, I didn’t think they’d make it very far. I guess I was wrong , thought the gorilla as he passed by the benches they sat on earlier. Where could they be? However, the inquiries that lingered in his wandering mind were soon answered once he approached a giant inflatable bounce house… and saw Jessie and Shawn standing right outside the entrance, talking. Before he could put the pillow behind his back, the wild dog spotted Jiko, and began to walk towards him, with…

            • #1389202


              ~6~ … Jessie following behind.
              “Back from your adventure so soon?”, asked Shawn, “What did you do… and what’s up with the pillow?”
              “The pillow? W-What pillow?”, stammered the gorilla.
              “The one you’re holding”, stated Jessie.
              “Oh, that! Yes, that’s just a uh, prize… that I won. Yeah. I um, definitely don’t want it, so I’m hanging onto it… for a friend.”
              Jessie tilted her head. “Are you sure? It seems like you’re getting quite worked up over a throw pillow.”
              “Enough about the pillow!”, he snapped, “Anyway, what were you guys doing? Were you– did you guys bounce in that inflatable thing? I’d think you’re both too old for that.”
              “Ha! Of course we didn’t. Like you said, we’re told mature for such frivolousness”, lied Shawn, as he winked at Jessie. “Besides, Mr. Grumpy Polar Bear over there didn’t seem like he was in the mood to accept anyone taller than a three-year-old.”
              (Hiya, ilovemoonie! Yup, I am, too :) Haha, well thank you! XD I try to make him pretty funny– I think he’s good for comic relief. (Thanks; I really like all of yours, too! Sadie and Jeremy are especially…

            • #1389204


              … hilarious in this one :,D ) I’m glad you liked that part! Jiko sure likes his throw pillows, heheh. No problem! I love Disney jokes, so I definitely found that funny XD Does Bucky ever laugh at anything? (Ah yeah, poor guy :P I don’t think anyone will ever let him forget that))

            • #1390900

              (Taffy, your replies always crack me up.. XD Eric and Eve are too cute too!) Violet frowned with the upset dachshund.
              “I’m sorry you fell and got hurt.. How about we fix you up?”
              She repositioned to sit down and, ever prepared, she took a med kit out of her backpack. Tanner watched on. Violet was pretty much an expert at scrapes due to Chase always hurting himself, so he wasn’t worried. But he still felt bad for the poor girl.
              He smiled and reassured her, “Don’t worry, we’ll help you find your friends after you’re all better.”
              Violet dabbed a white cloth in some alcohol and held it in her paw.
              “Now this might hurt a little, but it helps make the cut all better.” She smiled and added, “But as soon as we’re all done, we’ll go find your friends and you can get ice cream.”
              She quickly and gently cleaned the scrape, then smoothed a band-aid on top.
              “There you are! All done!” she beamed.
              Tanner smiled, “Now we can find those friends.” He glanced around, wondering where they may be or what they looked like.
              As Violet put away her med kit and zipped her backpack

            • #1391166

              … up again, she suddenly paused with her brows raised in surprise.
              “I just realized.. we never asked you your name! What’s your name, dear?”

            • #1392542


              “Thankses you,” Sadie replied to the kind ocelot. At what she said next, however, the dachshund’s eyes grew wide. “Fix me up? What that mean?” She watched nervously as the ocelot pulled a medical kit out of her backpack. Sadie looked past her and over at the snow leopard. “Really? You’s help me find my friends?” When the ocelot confirmed this by saying it again, Sadie wagged her tail a bit. “You’s help me find my friends and get me ice cream? Oh, yayses!” Sadie gave a small cry and covered her eyes with her paw when the ocelot cleaned her scrape, but before she knew it, it was all over, and a band aid had been placed on her cut. Sadie managed a smile and carefully stood up. “Yayses, did you’s fix me? Thankses you, oh, thankses you!” Wagging her tail faster now, Sadie hugged the ocelot, and then looked over at the snow leopard as he spoke. “Yes, let’s find my friends! But wait…how’s we find them?” She looked around at all the animals and stands that filled the festival. “They’s could be anywhere!” Sadie was surveying the crowd for any sign…

            • #1392544


              ~2~ …of her friends when the ocelot asked her her name. “Ohses, I’s Sadie!” she said with a smile. “What your name? And yours?” she quickly added, nodding at first the ocelot, and then the leopard.
              Meanwhile, Nestor, Kyle, Jeremy, Bucky, and Stan were still looking around for Sadie. Nestor looked around frantically in every direction as they made their way through the festival, but there was no sign of the chubby dachshund.
              “Oh, where could she be?” he said with a frown and a shake of his head. “If anything happened to her, I don’t know what I would do!”
              “No worries, we’ll find her,” Kyle assured the rabbit. “We’ve just got to keep looking!” As they continued along, they passed by a bounce house, and Nestor paused.
              “Aha, it’s one of those bouncy houses! I’m sure Sadie would love something like that…d’you think she may have gone inside it?”
              “I think,” Kyle responded, “that if she were inside it, we would hear her laughing with glee.”
              “Good point, my friend.”
              “Yeah, besides, I doubt they’d even let her in…bounce houses are for little kids,” Bucky reasoned. Not five seconds after…

            • #1392546


              ~3~ …he’d said this, however, he noticed an African wild dog and lop bunny come out of it, and they definitely didn’t look like little kids. Bucky just stared. “Okay…never mind.”
              “Hey, look!” Jeremy cried suddenly, and everyone seemed to think that he had found Sadie. Thus, they were quite disappointed when he continued, “It’s a hot dog stand!”
              “So?” Kyle asked.
              “Well, I like hot dogs, and, I’m kinda hungry…”
              “Jeremy, we don’t have time for food…Sadie could be hurt, or something,” Kyle reminded him.
              “Yeah, I know, but I just thought…well…it would be easier to search for Sadie if…we got something to eat first, don’t you think?”
              “Sorry, pal, but your brother’s right,” Nestor said. “Finding Sadie is our number one priority right now and–wait…did you say…food?”
              Jeremy nodded.
              “Ah, well, in that case, you can’t go wrong with a small something to eat, can you? Anyhow, the line’s not very long, so I say, why don’t we–” Before Nestor could even finish, he realized that Kyle, Stan, and Bucky were already walking away. The rabbit frowned, and then continued, “Er, I say…why don’t…

            • #1392548


              ~4~ …we find Sadie first, and then get something to eat? Come come, we don’t have all day!” Nestor ushered Jeremy along towards the others, and, after one last glance at the stand, the lab followed them. ~~~
              (Hey, TaffyKitty! You’re welcome! Well, you succeed XD You always manage to make him so funny! I especially loved the thing with the bounce house in your last reply :,D (I hope you don’t mind that I mentioned it in my reply, by the way!!) (You’re welcome, and aw, thanks! :D ) Haha, yep, good ol’ Jiko and his throw pillows XD And hmm…that’s a very good question, actually…come to think of it, I can’t think of a single time I’ve made Bucky laugh at anything in any of my stories, but then again, I can’t really trust my memory, eheh :P (Ah, yep…I’m sure Sebastian will personally see to it that he never forgets that all his life))

            • #1397306


              (Thanks, emi! XD I try to make my replies as funny (and cute) as I can, haha
              Yours are wonderful, too! Gosh, I really love Tanner and Violet together :,D )
              “Well, it is true. If we were all in a movie, I think I’d be that one character…”, articulated Shawn as he stroked his chin, “… you know, the really annoying, irritating person that no one likes and wishes would go away. Yet, ironically enough, I also happen to be the only one that lasts until the end of the movie, because I’m apparently harder to get rid of than a cockroach.”
              “I don’t think you’re annoying!”, cried Jessie, “Quite the opposite, actually. I think you’d be the hilarious character that always cracks people up.”
              Jiko rolled his eyes. Shawn’s constant jokes were annoying, in his mind. Sometimes, I wonder why I even remain acquaintances with him, considering he never returned my cookbook, among many other things. However, instead of getting worked up, he let his frustration melt into the new throw pillow he clutched to his chest. He could think about that stuff later. All that mattered was that…

            • #1397308


              ~2~ … he had a new addition to his collection.
              ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
              The last dart flew past the antelope working the booth, just barely missing his antlers, and landed right on a golden balloon, which instantaneously popped.
              “Congratulations, sir– it looks like you won the grand prize!”, exclaimed the man.
              “Thanks! I was really hoping to win that prize for a friend”, Eric replied sheepishly.
              The antelope nodded in acknowledgment, and quickly unhooked the giant stuffed animal from its post. He forked it over to Eric, who gladly accepted it and bid him a farewell.
              “Eve!”, he called out, as he scanned the surrounding booths.
              “Eric?” A soft voice sounded from behind him, and the tiger turned around, pleased to see his penguin friend standing a short distance away.
              “Here, I got this for you.” He carefully handed the stuffed dolphin over to Eve, who received it with a small smile.
              “Thank you. That was very kind of you to do”, said Eve, “I’ve wanted one of these do a long time… I appreciate it!”
              “You’re welcome!”
              The two pals grinned at each other, and then started heading towards…

            • #1397388


              ~3~ … the food stands up ahead, when a sudden flash of movement caught Eric’s eye. Not too far in the distance was a lynx with a metal arm… who looked oddly familiar.
              Eve noticed the shift in Eric’s gaze and asked, “What are you looking at?”
              “That guy over there. I think I met him before… no, wait– I have met him before! That’s the other Bucky!”
              “Bucky? Isn’t that the guy Clint always talks about? The one who secretly likes teddy bears?”
              “Er… yeah. He is.” Eric frowned slightly. Clint still hasn’t learned to let that go– in fact, he brings it up almost every time they get together.
              Eve nodded. “I thought so. Do you want to go over and talk to him?”
              “Oh no, not right now. He looks busy. Maybe it’s better if we approach him a little later. Besides, I’m sure the others are probably out looking for us. Let’s find them first.”
              ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
              (Ah, I hope you guys don’t mind that I kept my response so short this time around, ahah :P It’s still gonna be several turns until I have them meet yours, and..

            • #1397392


              …therefore, I guess I just want to ‘draw things out’, so to speak. I don’t wanna rush stuff, otherwise I’ll run out of ideas for things hahah)
              (Well thanks, moonie! ^-^ Haha, I’m glad you liked that part! XD I don’t know how I thought of that, but I couldn’t resist using it >:D (Nope, I don’t mind at all! I hope you’re okay with me mentioning your Bucky in my response above, ahah) (No problemo! :) ) Yup! Jiko the secretly avid throw pillow collector XD Oh wow, really?! :o Maybe Bucky needs lessons on developing a sense of humor? (Poor guy :P Between Clint and Sebastian, there’s no way the ‘teddy bear’ thing will ever drift off into distant memory))

            • #1407526

              (Oh gosh, haha! Moonie, Nestor reminds me of the hares from Redwall books! XD I love it! ALSO ERIC AND EVE, EEE! X3 I like how you mentioned Eric seeing Bucky, too, Taffy. Good idea! That’ll help when we want them to meet.)
              Violet smiled at Tanner as she hugged the dog back. She pulled herself back and returned her gaze to the dachshund. “You’re welcome, dear.”
              Tanner smiled at Sadie when she said her name. “That’s a nice name!” He then shoved a thumb to his chest. “My name’s Tanner.”
              Violet slipped her pack on again. “And my name is Violet.”
              Tanner stood up straight, looking around with his height. “Now, about finding your friends… maybe we should start walking around? You can let us know when you see them.”
              “Sounds good to me.. We’ll start looking right away, okay?”
              They meandered though the festival, looking around, hoping Sadie would see her friends.
              “Hmm…” Violet soon asked, “Sadie, what do your friends look like?”

      • #1293510


        Okay, so here’s the Official Discussion Thread for our new Taffmoonemi roleplay! We can chat about our ideas down below until we’re ready to start (and can use it just for general discussion regarding the roleplay once we begin, if ya know what I mean) So uh, yep… I’ll be posting some stuff below this shortly, and hopefully it’ll all moderate on Monday, haha

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        • #1293514


          Okay… so, I don’t remember everything we chatted about at the park earlier (by the way, it was really fun seeing you both there! XD ), but here are just some of the things that I think we talked about? •)) I’m pretty sure I mentioned that it would probably be best if one of you guys start of the roleplay, so your guy’s characters would have a better shot at interacting more, if that makes sense. I feel bad, it’s like my characters are “interaction hogs”, ahah… Pikachu and friends need to learn how to share XD •)) Also, I know we didn’t chat too much about who we’d use, and I haven’t fully figured out who I’ll be using myself, but… I think I might do a “mixture” of newer and older ones, if that’s okay with you guys. Additionally, how many characters do you guys think we can each use? I was thinking maybe using five of six… but, if that’s too much, I can definitely lower it! And, should we all use a similar amount, or just as many as we want? It honestly doesn’t matter to me, heheh…

          You must be logged in to reply to this topic.
          • #1293516


            … Anywho, once we figure that out, I’ll go ahead and let you guys know who I’ll be using! •)) As far as ideas go, I don’t believe we came up with any at the park, hm… well, if you both want, I can come up with a list and post it down below, and you two can pick whichever one sounds best? If any of you guys have an idea, though, definitely post it below! I’ll be good with most anything, haha XD •)) And actually, I think that’s about it… well, I look forward to talking more about our roleplay with you both down below! ;) I’m really excited about it, heheh… it should be lots of fun! ^-^

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            • #1293552


              (Gah, sorry I’m adding more to this ahah :P Just wanted to say that I have come up with some possible characters that I think I might use, but only if it was OK with you guys. As I sorta mentioned, I was thinking it would be kinda fun to use some of my “newer” guys and gals, and in particular, I’ve been thinking about Jessie (sig lop bunny), Jiko (sig gorilla), and Shawn, since those three haven’t been in any roleplays yet, and I just think they’d have funny interactions with each other, haha XD I’m also kinda considering maybe Eve and Eric (sig white bengal tiger)… but if I added them, they’d have to be together since I plan on making them friends. (Also, if I do settle on Eve, I’ll try to post her bio shortly before or shortly after our roleplay starts) So, what do you guys think? I still haven’t officially decided who I’ll use yet, but would these ones be okay with ya guys, if I decided to go with them? Oh, and I still plan on using at least one older character, too, maybe like a Pikachu)

            • #1298474


              (Ay… I’m sorry for putting *yet another* thing under here! XP Hopefully I’m not making things too hard for ya guys once you’re able to reply to this, ahah. Well, just wanted to say that I have come up with a plot idea, but I dunno how good it is… we definitely don’t have to sue it by any means, but I thought I’d post it under here, just in case! So anyways, the only idea that’s really come to me so far is that our characters start off by being at the park, and one of your guy’s pets notices mine and the other person’s, and then goes to approach them (or vice versa). They can get to talk and meet each other, and afterwards, maybe one of your guy’s pets can invite everyone else to their house or something? (maybe someone had a birthday party (like in “Party Animals/The Meeting”, if ya remember that one, emi)) and wanted more guests, or said pet just wanted to invite everyone to his/her house because… I don’t know :P …

            • #1298476


              … Maybe they just like company?)) Ah, I know it’s not really that great of an idea, ahah, but… hopefully it’ll kick off some discussion about what the plot will be! Anyways, sorry for posting that, and I look forward to further discussing our roleplay! :) )

          • #1298910

            Hey, Taffy! I don’t really care who ya use, really! I personally don’t think I’ll use anymore than like four characters, since I dislike juggling around conversations when they’re all together, but you can use as many character as you’d like. But Shawn, Jessie, and Jiko sound fun! ^-^ Jessie is sort of shy, right? I remember I think she has an allergy to carrots. XD I wish I made my Signature lop bunny into a character so I could use her here with Jessie, but eh.. I don’t know what I’d do for her personality. XP Anyway, I think that idea sounds pretty good! I also considered having our pets all go to some sort of event.. like I think Fracktail/Poke did with a Spring Festival thingy. Perhaps we could have a summer festival? I dunno, eheh. =P And yeah, me or Moonie could have one of our characters invite people over or host something if we decide to do that! I don’t really care what we do, though, so we’ll have to see moonie’s opinion/ideas as well.

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            • #1300564


              Hiya emi (I’m sorry for the late response, by the way; I’ve been meaning to get to this, but last week was such a crazy week, ahah… I’ve been spending most of my time doing stuff to take my mind off of things, and whenever I’m not doing something, I feel kinda depressed and don’t feel like doing much at all :/ I really gotta get back on a Webkinz newz routine, eheheh) Anywho, thanks, and that’s alright! :) It can be hard using a lot of characters… to be honest, heheh. Usually, I begin to have trouble balancing them all around the four or five mark, but… since I can’t resist, I might end up using more than that XD (I don’t think I’ll use any more than 6, though, otherwise things might get pretty rough, heheh) Thank you! I haven’t used them before in any roleplays, so I thought now would probably be a good time, and I feel like they’d be a fun group ;) Oh, and yep! Jessie is kinda shy, and is allergic to carrots XD Aw, well that’s alright! It can be hard…

            • #1300566


              … coming up with a good personality for a pet, sometimes, you know? If you ever need any trait suggestions or anything like that, though, let me know! Thanks! Actually, that’s a really good idea, emi… maybe there could be some sort of festival being held and all of our Webkinz could go there? (I think a summer fest sounds pretty swell, in my opinion! ^-^ ) Okay, that’s fine with me! If you guys would like to do that, great, and if not, that’s fine, too :) In that case, we’ll wait to see what moonie thinks, and then we can continue discussing more of our ideas

            • #1305990


              (I hope you guys don’t mind me posting this here! I wasn’t exactly sure what comment to have it go under. :P ) Hello, Taffy and emi! Gosh, it’s about time I reply to this, eh? I’m so, so sorry for the late response!! XP I know I’ve probably been holding it up…well anyway, where do I start? I’m fine with either me or emi starting the roleplay, if you want one of us to start it. (Haha, it’s fine, your characters aren’t “interaction hogs” XD) I’d be fine starting it, (though I’ve never started a roleplay before, eheheh…), or you could start it if you want, emi. Also, I like both the plot ideas that you guys came up with! :D If I had to pick one, though, I do think a summer festival thing sounds pretty neat, and I don’t think we’ve really done anything like that before (except that one Spring Festival thing that I think Fracktail did one time) Or, if we wanted to have one of our characters invite someone over, like you said, Taffy, that sounds good, too! I really don’t care what they’re doing, I’m sure it’ll be fun…

            • #1305996


              … either way XD I don’t really have any additional ideas right now, (I know, I’m so helpful), but I’ll let you guys know if I come up with any, even though I think these ideas are good, so I probably don’t need to come up with anything. Anyway, as far as characters go, I saw that you posted below who you’ll be using, Taffy, and I think that sounds great!! :D I’m so excited to see Shawn, Jessie, Jiko, and especially Eve and Eric! XD Oh, and it’s all right that you’re not using any of your more “main” characters…I get what you’re saying about how mine and emi’s characters haven’t interacted that much and stuff. I mean, I’d still be fine with you using Pikachu or Dash, haha, but it’s all right that you’re not. :) But yeah, I’m totally fine with your selection! Also, emi, it’s all right that you don’t want to use that many characters. I definitely agree that it can be tough keeping up with lots of characters, but like Taffy said, sometimes I just can’t resist XD As far as who I’ll be using…

            • #1306000


              … I’ve thought about it some, but I still probably have like, ten characters that I’m deciding between, eheheh…I’ll probably use either five or six, if that’s okay, and since I can’t decide I was thinking that maybe I could list all the ones I’m deciding between, and maybe you guys could give me your opinions? I don’t know, I just think that might help me to decide. And uh, yeah, I guess that’s about it…let me know if I forgot to mention something! I look forward to discussing things further with you guys, and I can’t wait until we start our roleplay! :D

            • #1306450

              (No problem, I totally understand, Taffy and moonie! My reply’s pretty late too.. XD Sorry about that!) Yeah, it’s hard to juggle five character or not efor me. I prefer to stick to three, really. =P But for my characters, I think I’ll probably use Violet, Tanner, anddd.. someone else? Hm. I’ll have to think about that a bit more. I might just do those two, though. That could make some interesting happenings between the two. XD Taffy, I think those characters sound good! It’ll be fun seeing those characters together! =] Oh okay, good, haha! Yeah, I understand why you’re not gonna be using your main characters. That’s fine, I gotcha, heheh. I just wanna make sure I’ve got a good idea of the personalities of each one you’re using, which I do now. I can think of at least one main trait from each of them, so that’ll work. XD Oh and thank you, Taffy! That’s kind of you. ^-^ Maybe I will ask about personality stuff sometime, heheh. ;P …

            • #1306452

              … Oh yeah, and moonie, I’m okay with whoever you use for your characters! But if you want help deciding, feel free to do as you said and list the characters you’re thinking about and me and Taffy could give our opinions then. Okay! Thanks for your input about the plot, moonie and Taffy! =] I think if we did the summer festival thing, that it should more like a carnival sort of thing, cause that has lots of stuff to do (that comes to my mind anyway). There could be like food stands, game stand things with prizes, a ferris wheel, ya know. That’s just what I was thinking anyway.

            • #1306948


              (Oh, hey emi and ilovemoonie! I read both of your guys’ replies, and I’ll try to respond back to them soon! I’ve been meaning to, but I’ve honestly been so busy, it’s been hard for me to find the time to come on, ahah XP (I’m also so backlogged with replying to everything, gasp))

            • #1307404


              (Oh gosh, I’m so sorry for replying to this so late, guys!! XP It’s been kinda hard for me to keep up with everything lately, ahah…) @ilovemoonie, it’s okay; no worries! ;) (ah, thanks! I just feel like that a lot, since they seem to get a lot of attention, you know? I really should leave more room for everyone else’s characters to interact with one another…) Okay! It doesn’t matter to me… I’ll be fine with you or emi going first :) (aw, don’t worry… I’m sure you’d do a good job if you were to start off the roleplay!) But, if you guys would prefer not to, I could always do it… but I wouldn’t have any of my characters interact with yours; they’d only interact with each other (I won’t have my characters join in with the other interaction until your guys’ characters met, if that makes sense) Yeah, emi’s festival idea is really cool! ^-^ I’m glad she suggested it, heheh ;) A summer fest sounds pretty sweet to me XD…

            • #1307420


              … And okay! If ya guys want to do that at some point, that would be cool, but if not, that’s fine, too :) At this point, im pretty much good with anything, haha! XD (That’s okay!) Ah, thanks, moonie! :D I’m really excited to use them all, heheh XD (Actually, I’m already typing up my response for when it’s my turn… it’s really fun having Jiko and Shawn interact with each other, since Jiko’s easily bugged by his habits) Thank you! I’m very excited to use Eric and Eve together! ^-^ And thanks! I thought about it, but ah… I think it would be for the best if I don’t (besides, I haven’t really worked out how Pikachu and pals will interact with my newest characters, anyways) Alrighty, thanks for letting us know! I’ll be fine with whoever you use (since I love all your characters!), but if you feel like listing off the ones that you’re deciding between, I’ll be sure to help! (Oh, and I just wanted to ask you, if you use a character who’s going to meet Eric in our Avengekinz roleplay (like Steve, Loki, etc.), would it be okay….

            • #1307662


              … if they already knew each other in this roleplay? (Since our Avengekinz roleplay was created (and probably took place) a lot earlier) If that’s the case, though, maybe I can make Eric not recognize them at first, so they can get the chance to talk to emi’s characters for awhile, if that makes sense? (Ah, sorrry if that was confusing XP Let me know if I need to clarify!) I am, too! I can’t wait for this roleplay to start! :D @_emiemiemiemiemi_, (Ah, thanks for understanding! Oh no, it’s totally fine; I don’t mind! :) I’m sorry that my reply was late, as well! XP ) That’s okay! It can be hard using multiple characters, especially when there’s a lot of interaction going on, you know? (Although, I still tend to use a lot of character despite that, heheh… in me and moonie’s private roleplay, I’ll be be using nearly 16 characters at some point XD (we both add a new character every couple rounds)…

            • #1307666


              … Ah, cool! If love to see Violet and Tanner together! ^-^ You can do whatever you’d like, heheh… it doesn’t matter to me if you use a third character or not. I’m still excited to see whomever you use regardless! XD (Ooh, interesting… I wonder what Violet and Tanner would do if you only use them?) Well thanks! I’m certainly excited to use them all, heheh… they’ll be a fun group XD (I’ve already starting typing up my first response, and there’s already been a lot of character interaction) Yeah, I mean, I was considering it at first, but ah… I think it would be better for you and ilovemoonie if I don’t (plus, like I mentioned to moonie, I haven’t figured out how guys like Pikachu and Dash would even interact with these new characters, anyways) Ah, okay! If you ever want me to give ya a brief little synopsis of any of them at some point, lemme know! (I know it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted Eric and Jessie’s bios)…

            • #1307670


              … No problem, emi! If you ever need ideas, I’d be happy to help! ;) (I have an early endless source of character ideas, hahah XD ) Ooh, cool! Games, food stands, a Ferris wheel… that all sound good to me! :D I really look forward to starting this roleplay with you both; I know it’ll be a blast! ^-^ If we come up with enough stuff, perhaps we could start it in a couple weeks, maybe? (It would be awesome if I could take my first turn before I leave for vacation (May 12th) ;) If not, though, that’s fine! I should still be able to come on WKN plenty while I’m gone, hahah)

            • #1344478


              (Yayyy, I’m replying late again! XP I’m sorry about that, guys! Also, I hope it’s okay if I don’t reply to this whole thing, since I feel like some of it’s kinda outdated now and would therefore be useless to reply to…(like the thing about trying to decide what characters I’m using)) That’s fine, emi, I understand! It can be pretty hard trying to juggle so many characters. I can’t wait to see Tanner and Violet in the roleplay, though! I really like them both, so it will be fun to see more interaction between them. :) And thanks! As I’m sure you’ve seen, I posted the list of characters I’ll be using below. I hope they’re all okay! And you’re welcome! Okay, a carnival sounds great! Games, food, and a ferris wheel sounds pretty good to me! It makes me wonder why Bucky would want to go there, though, but oh well…I’ll come up with some reason XD And Taffy, you’re welcome! It’s fine! I’ve probably contributed to that some, too…there have been times when I could have made my characters talk to someone else’s, but instead made them go up to yours. …

            • #1344480


              … And all right, thanks! (Aw, thank you!) I’m fine with whoever wants to start first, but now that I think about it…maybe it would be better if you or emi started first? I just feel like you guys might do a better job at it, you know? But, if you wanted me to, I probably could. (And no worries, it makes sense to me!) And yeah, I agree! I think a summer festival sound awesome! :D And all right! Like you, I’m pretty much fine with whatever, heheh. We can probably figure that out later on, though, since they’ll probably be at the festival first, right? And you’re welcome! I’m excited to see them! :D (Really? That’s cool! And haha, that sounds pretty funny! I can’t wait to see their interactions! XD ) No problem! I can’t wait to see the two of them together! ^-^ You’re welcome! That’s fine! I was considering using one of my main ones, too, like Lightning or James, but eh…I decided against it. You’re welcome! (Oh, and thanks for bringing that up! I am using Bucky and Stan, so I’d be fine with them already knowing Eric! …

            • #1344482


              … It’s okay if you make him not recognize them at first, though, so they could interact with emi’s characters some. I’m really fine with whatever, haha XD (And no worries, it made sense!!)) And same here! :D I’m sure it’s going to be great! (All right, hopefully it was okay that I replied to this, guys! I know we were talking about starting the roleplay soon and were going to discuss who’s starting it and stuff, but I guess I just thought I should still reply to this whole thing. I hope you both don’t mind!)

          • #1305962


            Alrighty, well, I think I know who I’ll be using for our roleplay! As of currently, I’m pretty sure that I’ll use Shawn (male african wild dog), Jessie (female signature lop bunny), Jiko (male signature endangered western lowland gorilla (boy that was a mouthful XD)), Eve (female signature penguin), and Eric (male signature while bengal tiger) :) I really wanted to use Eric and Eve together, hahah, and I haven’t used the other guys in a roleplay before, so I thought “why not?” ;) I hope these ones would be okay with you guys! If I happen to make any changes before we start, I’ll surely let you both know! (Oh, and I hope you guys are okay with me not using any of my more “major” characters like Tall Shadow, and pals, ahah… I was considering using either Pikachu or Dash, but ah… I know your guys’ characters haven’t interacted too much, and I feel like having one of my more “well known” characters in the roleplay would hinder that :P ….

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            • #1305966


              … If I used Dash, for example, and emi was using Kate and/or Chase, he’d probably go up to talk to them (since he’s friends with both of them) and then moonie’s characters wouldn’t get as much of a chance to interact with him and/or her, if you know what I mean? At least if I’m using ones that you’re guys’ characters will most likely not be familiar with, it’ll make things easier in that sense) Anyways, I hope you both are okay with my selection, and I’m really excited for this roleplay! :D

            • #1316898

              Hey, moonie and Taffy! I just thought I’d post this here to make the characters I’ve chosen official.. I’m gonna use just two characters, I’m pretty sure, and they will be Violet my Signature Ocelot and Tanner my Signature Snow Leopard. =]

            • #1316980


              Hi, emi! Thanks for letting us know! ^-^ I can’t wait to see Tanner and Violet in our roleplay! ;) They’re both such awesome characters of yours XD

            • #1319588


              Thanks for letting us know, emi! All right, that’s awesome! I can’t wait to see Tanner and Violet in our Taffoonemi roleplay!! :D (Also, Taffy and emi, I’m sorry for still not replying to our discussion thread!! XP I promise I’ll try my best to do that over the weekend, and I might post my list of characters that I’m using later today, but if not I’ll be sure to do that over the weekend, too!)

            • #1341876


              Hey, Taffy and emi! Well, since I think I’ve figured it out, I thought I’d post a list of the characters I’ll be using in our Taffoonemi roleplay! Sorry for the delay! XP I know I already mentioned all of them at the park, but I figured I would post them here and say a bit about their personalities, if that’s okay…(Also, I hope it’s all right if I use six!) Anyway, I’ll be using Nestor Carbonell, (male Signature English Spot Bunny), a magician who is pretty outgoing and acts nice to pretty much everyone, whether he likes them/agrees with them or not, Sadie, (female Signature Dachshund), who is very silly, childish, outgoing, not very smart and pretty weird, and using very strange speech and bad grammar, Jeremy, (male Signature Yellow Lab), the “What” dog XD, Kyle, (male Signature Small Golden Retriever), Jeremy’s brother, the observant one…I’m assuming you guys remember what Jeremy and Kyle are like XD, Stan, (male Signature White Bengal Tiger), a pretty nice guy, but generally more quiet and reserved, and not the most talkative, and, lastly, Bucky (male Signature Lynx), you guys know Bucky. :P …

            • #1341878


              … Anyway, just let me know if you guys have any problems with any of these! I was considering using Olaf, too, but eh, I use him in a lot of roleplays I feel like, and I didn’t want to use too many characters…also, I hope it’s all right that I’m using Bucky, considering I know he’s not the most friendly guy…I just thought it would be fun to use him and Stan together, because they’re friends but haven’t really gotten to interact much yet. (Also, because no one would be forcing Bucky to go to some thing that he didn’t want to attend, like in Pikachu’s Backyard Barbecue, he probably wouldn’t be so grumpy in this roleplay, and might even act somewhat nice at times…) Anyway, I just thought I should post that list, and I look forward to starting our roleplay! :) (Also, I promise I’ll try to respond to the rest of the discussion thread very soon!)

            • #1342404


              Heya, @ilovemoonie! I’m sorry for replying to this kinda late, by the way! XP ) Alrighty, thanks a ton for letting us know! ^-* I can’t wait to see Bucky, Stan, Nestor, Sadie, and Jeremy, and Kyle in the roleplay! :D (Thanks for giving little descriptions of them, too! I knew about most of them, but I didn’t know a whole lot about Stan or Nestor, so it really helped! :) ) Hahah, yeah… I do know your Bucky… maybe a little too much XD Such as the fact that he wanted a *~ Care Bear ~*… I’m sorry, I know it’s the third time I brought it up on here but I find it hysterical and I can’t stop thinking about about XD Oh, by the way, since you’re using your Bucky, I wanted to ask you… in my response so far (since I already have a good portion of it typed out), my Bucky made a quick appearance when Jiko, Jessie, Shawn, and Eve were in Eric’s yard (it was just a cameo of course; I don’t plan on using him anymore in it)…

            • #1342406


              … Would you be okay with me keeping it in there? If not, I can totally get rid of that part! (It’s not that important, anyways, heheh… all Eric does is ask my bucky if he wants to go the festival, and Bucky says “no” (and upon being asked why, he said “I don’t wanna talk about it”)) Anyways, I really look forward to seeing you characters! ^-^ I don’t want my characters to hog a lot of attention, but it would be cool if some of mine could interact with some of yours, at some point ;) Aw, well it’s okay! I totally wouldn’t have minded if you had used Olaf (since he’s one of my favorite characters of yours XD) but I understand! It would be cool, though, to have him and Eve together in another roleplay sometime… the idea of “penguin buddies” sounds really cute to me, heheh! ^-^ Also, it’s fine! I’m glad that you decided to use your Bucky, actually! :D So he might act a bit nice, eh? That’d be cool! (And thanks for letting us know, too! I’ll keep watch for your reply! :) )

        • #1298938


          (Oh gosh, I’m so sorry for not replying to this yet! >.< I keep meaning to, but have never gotten around to it. :/ It's too late for me to do it tonight (Thursday), but I'll try to do it tomorrow, if I can, and if not I'll be sure to get to it over the weekend! Sorry for the delay! XP )

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          • #1300562


            (Hi ilovemoonie (sorry for the late repsonse, by the way) That’s alright! I know you’ve had a lot of stuff to reply to lately, so I understand :) (And I know what it’s like to be behind, ahah; I have a ton of things to reply to that I haven’t responded to yet ;P I still haven’t gotten back into my normal WKN routine, ahah) Let us know when you can reply, though… I look forward to seeing your repsonse ^-^ Hopefully we can start the roleplay in a couple weeks or so… I’m very excited for it! ;) )

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            • #1306004


              ((It’s fine, TaffyKitty!) Thanks so much for understanding! I *finally* replied to our discussion thread above, as I’m sure you’ll see…I’m so sorry for taking so long!! XP (And it’s all right! I know you’ve been busy lately, and sometimes it can be hard getting back into a routine when you haven’t been the most active lately) Anyway, thanks again for understanding, and I can’t wait to discuss more ideas with you and emi! This roleplay should be really fun! :) )

        • #1367160

          Hey, you two! ^-^ Well, I decided to look up some carnival/festival activities and things to give us some ideas as to what could be at the Summer Festival. Like I said, these are just some ideas, so please let me know what you think of them or if you have anything else to add.
          - Chocolate covered bacon
          - Cotton candy (which Taffy already mentioned)
          - Fried ice cream, fried cookie dough, fried Twinkie, fried Oreo
          - Funnel cake, could have chocolate syrup or icing or fruit syrups
          - Ice cream (could have weird flavors!)
          - Banana splits?
          - Donuts, cream filled donuts
          - Fries, pizza, hot dogs, fried chicken/chicken tenders, burgers, typical fried lunch food (it just occurred to me that our animals may be eating chicken and beef.. o_O Good thing we don’t have any chicken or cow characters with us! XD)
          - Pulled pork barbecue sandwiches
          - Big pickles? lol
          - Chocolate, caramel covered apples
          - Chocolate, kettle, caramel, butter popcorn
          - Cupcakes with colorful icing or creams in the middle
          - Slushees/Icees
          ACTIVITIES & MORE:
          - Showcase of giant home-grown vegetables (it would be a contest, but I don’t think any of

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          • #1367162

            - Miscellaneous stuffed animals, especially giant-sized ones. ( [Colorful!] Alligators, frogs, teddy bears, pandas, Pokémon, Hello Kitty, donuts, fish, Winnie the Pooh, big snakes, monkeys, unicorns, puppies, ducks, turtles, lions, penguins, wolves, giraffes.. literally almost any animal you can think of can be a prize!)
            - Small, soft colorful blankets or throw pillows
            - Small toys (fidget spinners, Chinese finger traps, silly masks or hats, small plastic football or soccer ball, little rubber duckies, bags of candy, hacky-sacks)
            - Balloon animals or inflated animals (kinda like pool toys, but maybe smaller)

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          • #1367172

            (Whoops! The activities got cut way short.) … of our characters would be entering, heheh)
            - Inflatable bounce house
            - Apple bobbing for prizes or just for fun
            - Sand art table, create your own sand art with glue and such
            - Face painting table
            - Balloon pop with darts for prizes
            - Ring toss for prizes
            - Spin a wheel for a chance at a prize
            - Disc drop for prizes (like Plinko, if you know what that is)
            - Guess the amount of candy in the jar game (whoever is closest to the actual amount wins the jar of candy)
            - A ballon animal stand or just wandering person
            - Ferris wheel (which has already been established)
            - Ring the bell/high striker.. like the one in the Wacky Log Out Carnival on Webkinz
            - Other rides…?

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          • #1368038


            Hiya, emi! :) Ah, I’m sorry for replying to this late! XP I saw it the day you posted it and meant to reply back sooner, but uh…I guess it just didn’t happen. :/ Anyway, thanks a ton for posting all of these ideas!! :D It was very nice of you to take the time to do that, and I’m sure they’ll be very helpful in our roleplay! (Since, up until now I really didn’t know what exactly was at the festival, aside from the Ferris wheel and the cotton candy :P ) But yeah, all of these sound great to me! I don’t have any problems with any of them or anything. Mmm, all that food sounds really good, I must say…but wait, chocolate covered bacon is a thing?! I had no idea, haha. And the big pickles made me laugh XD I guess it’s a good thing Taffy isn’t using Clint in this roleplay, haha! Ohh yeah, it’s kinda odd to think about animals eating chickens and cows and pigs, eheh…that’s always the problem I’ve never been able to get around, because many of my characters like those types of food… :P …

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            • #1368040


              … Oh well, since we’re not using any cows, chickens, or pigs, it shouldn’t be a problem. Anyway, the only other food I can think of to add is maybe snow cones? I think that can be a fair/festival food, right? Also, all of the activities sound great, as well! This is a gonna be a really fun festival XD I really can’t think of anything else to add as far as the activities go, except that maybe there could be a few more rides, like you mentioned? I can’t really think of too many popular rides, but maybe like a carousel or something? And, lastly, all the prizes are pretty neat, too! (Hmm, so there could be teddy bears, eh? Some Bucky is going to be happy about that XD ) But yeah, in all, I think all of these ideas are great! Aside from the two things I mentioned, I really can’t think of anything else to add…you did an excellent job coming up with lots of food, activities, and prizes! However, I’ll be sure to let you know if anything else comes to mind! Thanks again for taking the time…

            • #1368042


              …to post these, emi, and uh, sorry if my comment wasn’t really any help. :P Hopefully I did a good enough job giving my feedback on them…? I can’t wait to continue the roleplay with you and Taffy! ^-^

          • #1368376


            Heya, emi! (My apologies for replying to this kinda late, by the way!) Ah, thanks a ton for posting this list of ideas! ^-^ This’ll sure come in handy during our roleplay! ;) (Huh, that is true… I guess it’s a good thing we don’t have any cow, pig, or chicken characters on us, eh? XD Although, in all honesty, it seems like almost all of my characters eat those things on a regular basis, whoops :P Usually, I just imagine the meat-based foods to come from some sort of nonanthropomorphic, somewhat animal-esque creatures, since that way, it’s still considered ‘meat’, but it doesn’t come from a pig or a cow, ya know?) I have to agree with moonie; a lot of that food sure sounds delicious! XD I could really go for some of that ice cream right now, heheh. Hm, I don’t think there’s a whole lot I could suggest for the “food” category, since you listed a lot of typical carnival/festival delicacies, however, maybe there could be a kebab stand, or something? (Since that’s a summer-ish food?) A lemonade and/or popsicle stand might be cool, too!…

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            • #1368378


              … Additionally, I like all of the activities you listed, as well! :D It’s funny, because I actually kinda pictured there being a face-painting stand, haha XD I like how our characters can earn prizes from playing a lot of the games, too! ^-^ Really, the only other activity I thought of is some sort of eating contest… like maybe a pie eating competition, or something? I dunno, just a random thing that came to mind, heheh :P Hm, as for other rides, I’ll have to think about that one. Maybe I could look up some more typical carnival attractions a little later? Finally, thanks for posting off the prizes! ;) Those stuffed toys sure sound cute! XD Ooh, and there’ll be throw pillows, too? Interesting… I wonder what Jiko will think, since he has a random obsession of sorts with throw pillows, heheh. To be honest, I can’t really think of any suggestions for that category, but if I think of any, I’ll be sure to let ya guys know! Thanks again for posting all these, emi…

            • #1368380


              … and I can’t wait to continue our roleplay! ;D (Also, @ilovemoonie, I really liked the ideas that you came up with, too! :) A snow cone stand and a carousel sound pretty cool to me! Also, you’re right; it’s a very good thing that Clint isn’t in this roleplay, because if he saw all those giant pickles… let’s just say that things wouldn’t turn out so well, haha XD )

    2. #980778


      I would really like to see you guys make a Regular Plush Crow. Maybe for this coming fall? It would be a perfect fall pet. And, uh, possibly a Fisher in the near future? (You saw it coming.) “Silence helps them maintain stealth” That would be a perfect plush. It’s unique, cute, (so people would actually buy it), and I’m not even mentioning radical. Since they are, marvelous mustelids.

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      • #980917


        YESYESYESYES TAKE ALL MY YES. Crows are so awesome, they’re one of my FAVORITE BIRDDS!! They are SO smart, did you know that they can use traffic lights?? So say they want to crack open a nut they want to eat but OH GEE it’s too hard, so they go to the nearest traffic light and wait for the stop light to come on. All the cars stop, so the crow swoops down and puts the nut on the road, then gets out of the way in time for the go light to turn on. So then the cars run over the nut, breaking it open, and when the stop light turns on then the crow comes down to pick it up! OH and they also can recognize human faces??!! A group of scientists wanted to test this, so they captured some crows wearing specific human masks. Then later, they wore different masks when they brought them their food. The crows recognized the “capture masks” as threatening, while they were less wary of the “food masks”. But get this – when they turned the masks upside down, the crows TURNED THEIR HEADS UPSIDE DOWN TO SEE THE MASK AND RECOGNIZED IT. GOOD. GRAVY. And THAT is why crows are my favorite birds in the world.

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    3. #975450


      Just a Thought: You know what really torques me off is seeing people with not one or two, (Or maybe three.) Of the same signature, is seeing them with literally seven Signature Marble Cats, or Siamese Cats (Or any other Signature actually :P ) I find that to be pretty crazy. I have two Signature Lions, but I’m not gonna go out and buy five more just for the heck of it. I’m sorry but that’s just absurd. Really, people should count themselves lucky they even have one Signature Husky, or any other (super) rare Signature. It’s like they are literally made of money. I dunno, that just kinda makes me upset when people brag or show off all of their multiple rare Signatures. (Like, 3-4 Australian Shepherds, or 3-4 Huskies.) Yeah, maybe they did pay for them “with their own money” but still, it probably makes people feel pretty bad that they can’t get one of these “Dream” Signatures. I find it to just be a bit irritating. If they actually earn their money and buy some multiple rares then I guess that’s alright instead of asking their parents.; I guess what gets me kinda mad is when kids are just down right spoiled, having their parents buy all the Signatures they could ever want. (I have never meet anyone like this, but suspect it’s probably happening.) :P Myself, I have bought all my more rarer Signatures with my own money I’ve gotten for Christmas, Holidays, Birthdays, (etc.) I just don’t flat out go to my parent and say “Hey! I want to get a Signature Aussie for $275! Can you get me it?!” No. Just, no. -Yeah, I’d love to have a couple of Golden Retrievers but I’m not about to go buy 4 at $300 a whack. But hey, that’s just me. I dunno how I feel about this exactly, It’s just kinda a bunch of mixed emotions, I understand why people like having more then one of the same (rare) Signature, but yet don’t go along with it sometimes. -What do you guys think about having more than one of the same Signature? Heh, I just thought about this at, oh lets see, 3:00 in the morning… Wow. I should get to bed :P Crazy early morning rant I guess. I can just go on and on and on about this. (o︣﹏O᷅)

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      • #975607


        Well, I actually don’t have multiples of any pets right now, but I’d like to have two Signature German Shepherds, Logan and Timber. I also might want to have multiple Siberian Huskies, because they’re so awesome. :P But of course, I don’t have the money for any one of these, and anyway they’re overpriced. :P

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        • #975641


          I kinda want two Goldens… I was actually thinking of having the potential newest be Todi’s older sister or brother. And kinda have them always be proving Todi wrong? I don’t know. Either that or he could have an idiotic younger sister. I just find it annoying when people have like 4 or 5 of the same pet… I like “twin” pets though.

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          • #975695


            Weeeeell, most of the time it’s the girls who prove the guys wrong, which kinda of annoys me (even though I’m a girl. I just kinda get sick of it :P). So, I’d probably prefer a ditzy character, but hey. Or maybe she could be bossy? Since she’s older? Apparently oldest siblings tend to be bossier. Unless they’re an only child. But she wouldn’t be. So yeah.

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      • #1075880


        I know this is a (very) late reply but I 100% agree with you lavadragon!~kittymade

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    4. #972180


      UNPOPULAR OPINION TIME: Why is everyone hating on the new Lovely Fox? I think it’s adorable! It’s like Thumper fused with a fluffy pink fox, and it has perky ears and a poofy tail and basically nails everything that makes a design “cute”, so to speak. Plus, I think it handles the Valentine’s motif really well; its chest fur is in the shape of a heart, so you can see that it’s meant to be Valentinesy without it dominating the whole design. It’s a subtle thing, and I like it. I’ll admit the eye markings look a little strange, but the plush pulls it off better than the virtual version because it makes it look more like natural facial markings. It’s a really well-made Webkinz, but everyone hates it! D:

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      • #972283


        Well, I can’t say I hate it (actually, no, I could, but I’d be lying), but I don’t like it very much. It’s not so much the pink-ness that bothers me, I do like the FrooFroo Fox, after all, but it’s mainly cuz… I dunno, I feel like they just aren’t Webkinz-y anymore. The pose looks stiff to me, and most of the newer Webkinz are pretty stiff, which bothers me, because I like floppy toys so much (or partially floppy toys). I guess I feel like Webkinz has a style, and that this is kinda straying from it. So, I guess that’s my beef with it, weird beef though it may be. I mean, I’m pretty sure nobody else dislikes it for that reason. :P

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        • #972305


          I can see where you’re coming from, but looking at the pictures I feel like the pose is pretty dynamic, even while sitting still; there’s a line of motion going from its tail to its ears that makes it look all perked-up. But I see what you’re saying about the style, the older Webkinz had a distinct “Webkinz” style. But while I do miss the old models I also kinda like that they’re straying from them in a way because there seems to be more variety in the character models, like if you saw the silhouette of the Onyx Monkey then it would be immediately identifiable as the Onyx Monkey among the other monkey pets. I like that kind of variety. But that’s just me, and I can totally see where you’re coming from with the style change. (To be honest I feel like a lot of people did hate it because it was pink like you said, which I dooon’t think is a valid reason at all. Like, okay, so there’s a lot of pink stuff but surely people can look past that? I dunno, it really gets on my nerves when people dismiss stuff just because it’s girly. Like, it’s one thing to dislike a girly thing because it’s badly made, but when people hate something just because “boo it’s for GIIRRRLS” it’s like “but you are one??” It’s just…gah. I don’t like it.)

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          • #972371


            Yeah, it’s really just my opinion, and I tend to have weird opinions anyway. I just remember seeing the Color Block Kitty, and I thought it looked weird, and my sister said “that doesn’t look like a Webkinz”. And I think the Harvest Owl looks a lot like a Beanie Boo. I like Beanie Boos and all, but I also like my Webkinz to look like Webkinz. Also I don’t like that the Magic “W” Signs aren’t usually on the paws anymore. That bothers me for some reason. :P Oh, and it also doesn’t look all that fluffy to me. I feel like it should be fluffier. I’d just rather have a Froo Froo Fox, heh.

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            • #972401


              Haha, I know what you’re talking about. I love the Colorblock Kitty but it definitely stands out from some of the classic Webkinz (something I kinda like, but again that’s just personal preference). And I think the Lovely Fox is similar to the Froo Froo Fox, but they also have different characters. Like, the Lovely Fox is all Valentinesy and cutesy-like, like a baby animal, and the Froo Froo Fox is a less juvenile fox that is also pink. So I think the Lovely Fox is different enough in its own right, even though they are pretty similar (but I guess it doesn’t hurt to have two marketable fox plushies :P)

            • #972492


              Yeah, I guess I’m sort of a fuddy-duddy when it comes to Webkinz (not just with the plushes, either). :P I don’t think I’ve found anyone outside my family who minds this stuff (about the plushes, I mean. A lot of people mind things like Webkinz X), but yeah. I’m sure people will buy it, because it certainly isn’t ugly, and it’s well made (and yeah, you’re right, the Lovely Fox and the Froo Froo Fox are a good deal different). I just wish they would do some “throwback” styled Webkinz, not necessarily with the original fur (though that might be kinda cool), but floppier, mainly. And maybe fluffier. And a less cartoonish look (which I don’t generally like in my plush toys). And now I’m rambling about the good ol’ plushes, so I think I’ll stop. :P

            • #972573


              Haha no I totally get it, I think a throwback Webkinz would be pretty awesome. I’m thinking that they’ve been changing because of the changing staff, like I’m sure there have been many new staff members and members that have left, so the new ideas and styles are a reflection of that. But yeah, I do love floppy Webkinz :P

            • #972672


              Ahh, yeah, I thought that might be contributing factor. Meh, I like the older ideas and styles. ‘Course, I am an old fuddy-duddy. :P

    5. #962182


      What do you guys think about the new upcoming Pink Fawn/Deer? Myself, I really don’t care for it… Not that I dislike deer, they are gorgeous, but it’s pink… No offense, but nothing says Merry Christmas like a pink deer. I am not really into the “girly” Webkinz, like the Fro-Fro Fox, Pink Pony, the Cheer Puppy, or the Glamour Gecko. I don’t know, I guess I just don’t find those to be ‘cute.’ I haven’t really thought much of the newer ‘Kinz GANZ has released, for this year. :l Well, some of them, the French Bulldog was a little plain, Onyx Monkey, I highly disliked. The Plum Porcupine was a bit too purple, and the Morkie Puppy looked a little odd to me. Some of them for this year, were great though, the African Rhino, American Black Bear, Harvest Owl, Jolly Holiday Puppy, and 10 Year Puppy were all very nice, but I am getting a little sick of all the Puppies and dogs, and different remakes of the Signatures. The American Black bear, for example. There is a Signature exactly like it. Siberian Husky? Oh yes, there is the older version that looks almost just like it. I really want Ganz to make some more dragons, or a fisher! Or maybe a Tortoise… I-like-tortoises. Ever since Ganz retired the Signatures, the pets have just seemed to be remakes of older regulars, or Signatures. ~lavadragon ☃

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      • #962222


        Well, actually, I do hope that they keep up with making Signatures into normal Webkinz. I mean, I really want there to be a normal African Wild Dog. *Coughcough*-Quennel-*Cough* I mean, think about it…. A normal Red Wolf! Timber Wolf! NEW WOLVES!! :D And a normal Marble Cat, Ocelot, just- just so many awesome animals. ʕ ✪㉨✪ʔ~♡ But, I do agree with you about the Blushing Fawn. I’m just not very girly, I guess…. BUT. I do actually want the FrooFroo Fox, cuz I do think it’s cute, besides the large amount of pink-sparkliness. XD Also, I have a bit of a personality worked out. But what we really need is a White Wolf Webkinz. :P

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        • #962235


          That, would be fantastic, The Wintermint Husky kinda reminded me of a wolf. Speaking of past pets have you seen how much the Gingerbread Puppy is on Ebay? Gosh. Around $60-up Gee, I guess it’s rare or something. Man, that’s crazy. I mean, I can understand an older Signature, but a pet from last year! Hmmmm, yeah, some of the more unique Signatures, would make a good remake, (normal red wolf… mwahahaha.) But the French Bulldog, and ones like that I don’t believe deserve remakes. A deer that wasn’t so, (In your face pink!) would have been nice, like a Gingerbread Fawn, to match last years, or a green and red one, or even a mistletoe deer. Oh cool, what is she starting to be like? –I is curious today.–

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          • #962295


            Lessee… Well, first of all, she’s insanely girly. Because… She’s a Froo Froo Fox…. Yeah. She’s also not particularly bright (or knowledgeable, since she prefers to focus on things like grooming, make-up, mani-pedis, and fashion). I don’t have a lot worked out, heh. Oh, and I wanted to name her Keke. And yeah… There are soooo many expensive Webkinz. But apparently people are willing to pay that much, cuz they’re still selling. :/ Oh, and iy was a normal Westie…. I totally called that. Yup.

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      • #983022


        yes lava! I find myself liking the real-looking webkinz far better then those pink-ish purple-ish ones. yeah. XP And yeah, i wish webkinz would start making— you know– other pets. Yeah, like a fisher! and a new type of fish that LOOKS like a real fish type. Like a silver dollar fish. or, they could make a brown fox! those things are soooo cute. Or, of course, they could make some more dragons. Like a peanut butter and jelly dragon (lol just kidding). but really, they could make some really awesome dragons! like a… er… umm… Smoke Cloud dragon. or an eight winged dragon. pfft i doubt they would ever make that XD and Webkinz needs more WOLVES. i cant take it anymore. what happened to all the wolves? i mean, they are leavingggggg. well, not really. I just want to see more around. like a dark brown wolf, that would be cool. I hope webkinz decides to make a dark brown wolf. Yup. that would be so awesome. ~FennecFox

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        • #983158


          FISHER. YES. Oh, a brown fox would be pretty cool Fennec, and I just looked up what a ‘silver dollar fish’ is and it is very cool. It looks like an actual Silver Dollar! I’d like to see a fan art drawing of a ‘Peanut Butter Jelly Dragon.’ XD Heyyyyy a ‘Smoke Cloud Dragon’ sounds pretty rad. I knoooow. I don’t get why GANZ hasn’t made another Wolf lately. It’s not like If GANZ makes a new wolf plush nobody will buy it, because I would imagine it would be pretty popular.

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