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    Hello my little sister Miss B, our best friend Mr M, And of course me Miss T will be working to help you redesign your rooms on a budget. I myself had only 700$ dollars to spend on furniture. Geuss what I got it done useing 500$ (not counting buying the room). It was very fun helping Miss B. Mr M then we started working with us. Awesome right~! Ok so now I will help you guys you tell me your username (I am Princesstori16) and I visit your room (sometime) and you tell me your budget and also here just fill this form. Username: Budget: what type of room do you want: (like living, Kitrchen, Bathroom, ect)

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      Username: raindrop2009 Budget: 1,289 Style of room: Bedroom. P.S can u keep it a muddy/brown room cause its for my new mud hippo. thx

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      Username: puffypenguin54 Budget: 1,000 KC. Style of room: Bedroom, and can you keep it in a someone nerdy/sporty theme?

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      Your rooms can be much better looking if you try to stick to a certain color, (blue, pink, etc.) Things can get expensive, so try to sell unstylish food items, old furniture, anything ugly, really. Then begin to buy things… and you can STILL save Kinz cash! like if you already have a ballerina side table, get the pink wallpaper, to go with it, for only 90KC. Then buy a pink floor, in a slightly different shade (90KC and preferably darker). do you have a pink or white bed around your Webkinz House somewhere? use it. put it in that same room. you have spent… 180KC! hoorah! SORRY TO INVADE YOUR POSTS! D:

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      i would like a living room, a cozy one with lots of couches and a coffe table and a TV. my buget is 1000 kinz$cash and my username is popy380. and warm, normal colors like brown or dark red. >~pop~<

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      1 Funky Girl chair for your pets to get there nails done, funky girl kitchen sink, Porcelain sink, simply chic towel rack. not doing paint this time.

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