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    Hello my little sister Miss B, our best friend Mr M, And of course me Miss T will be working to help you redesign your rooms on a budget. I myself had only 700$ dollars to spend on furniture. Geuss what I got it done useing 500$ (not counting buying the room). It was very fun helping Miss B. Mr M then we started working with us. Awesome right~! Ok so now I will help you guys you tell me your username (I am Princesstori16) and I visit your room (sometime) and you tell me your budget and also here just fill this form. Username: Budget: what type of room do you want: (like living, Kitrchen, Bathroom, ect)

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      Hi! I would like a spa. My budget is 1000kc, but that is the VERY TOP. I would like to spend more like 800kc, but if we need to do more, just tell me. I want to place the furniture myself, but if you could just tell me what furniture to use, that would be great. It is a large room.

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        ok so we have a quiestoin would you like a hot tube its 750$ so you’ll have to raise your budget slightly. But if you didn’t

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          The budget can go up to 1,500kc. Sorry I haven’t responded for a while! Thanks for your help!

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      hi my buget is 200 and I would like the princess room theam and I am roseycheeks2002 on webkinz world

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        I am sorry sweety that is a little to less money I could maybe do it at 350. Thank you though.

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      mollyberger: ok I will start. One more question. Do you want one main room theme or random items?
      True2MyWord1: ok what would you like your nick name to be? (like Mr/Miss F I used my first letter of nickname. thanks~!

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      Can I help you guys out? Please? I just want to do something USEFUL!!!!!! Sorry if I sound hysterical. I’m just bored. :P

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        Miss B: Hey nice to meet you sure you can~! Miss T: Hmm interesting I like you. Mr M: Hi sure you can Mrs ah True.

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      hi there!! my username is mollyberger and I want have a living room. my budget is around 600$ help!!!

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        Miss T: get 4 bamboo study chairs Miss B: and don’t forget the 2 ballerina side tables ;) Mr M: also blue wall paint and blue flooring :D okie dokie all set.

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