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    Need a Name? Then tell me~ Type of pet, Gender, Personality.~~~ Need a Room? Then tell me~ Size of room, How many pets are in the room, What kind of room (bedroom, office, kitchen, ETC.), Favorite colors.~~~~ Need an Outfit? Then tell me~ What kind of pet, Gender, Style (cool, colorful, sparkly, ETC.), occasion, Favorite color.~~~~~ I hope I can help you!

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      names:webkinz rockerz fox,girl and sassy names please! clothing webkinz rockerz fox,girl sassy clothing, and flashy, electric colors ( im a deluxe member)!

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        Carly, Lexi, Jocelyn, Rylee, LMK if u want more! :)

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      Webkinz I awsered on Dogloves forum. Its probaly on pages 7 or 8 but Im not sure.

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      PLEASE HELP ME!!!! I really need help naming my Siamese cat! I tried asking other people but they won’t reply!! My siamese cat is a girl and is kind and sweet.Shes NEVER been mean to someone(you can say that she has a tender heart.) She also has a VERY,VERY BIG family. I hope you can me…..

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        OH I AM SO SORRY!! I TOTALLY DID NOT SEE THIS REQUEST!!!! I’m trying to hire someone to do names here but here are some i came up with. Si, Am, Sophie, Jules, Diana (or Dinah), Izzy, and Maya. Hope you liked these LMK if you want different ones!

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        here are some names. Felicity, Celia, Felicia if you want different ones, LMK

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      Thanks for the outfit and sure I’ll help!

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      Hello BTR! I have FINALLY gotten a hold of the new butterfly belt! The problem is all I have right now is the belt and a heart headband.Can you come up with the Shirt,pants and shoes? Oh and my buget is 1000 KC.My pet LOVES sparkles and her favorite colors are red pink and purple.Thanks!

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        sorry bout the wait! With the belt i Would use the Purple Pajama Top (weird I know), Jeans and Ruffled Sequin Sandles. BTW I just found Fashion Party (my old forum) and could use some help are you interested?

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