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    I think it would be great if we could buy seasonal flooring/ground cover for our yards. For example in the spring when the yards have little flowers, the fall has leaves and the winter, snow. We make yards that are specifically for holidays or seasons, we should be able to keep the ground the same as the season or holiday and not have it changed. I think outdoor Christmas or winter yards look weird with grass, flowers or leaves. What do others thinks about this? If Ganz does decide this is a good idea, please make it available in the wshop and not estore only. Thanks! ~MORHB~

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      Clever idea, mom! :D: :D :D

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      I agree with all of you.

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      Yes I was thinking the same thing the other day! It is a super great idea

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      I like that Idea mom. but if they do make it for Wshop they also need to make it for all members and add more growing seeds at least 1-3 more to the selection (I like to garden). See y’all around W.W.

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      Great idea Mom, i support concept!!…jami912

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