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    do your webkinz pets have a background for thier name? example: my webkinz Shanzuer is named after one of the guys in the music group Celtic Thunder. OCarinaooftime, i hope you didn’t consider this coping your forum Usename History which is where i got this idea. ~Texas Girl And Thunderhead Forever!

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      Hey Angel! Favorite Narnia book or any book? :)

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      My cotton candy bunny is named ‘Cotton’, cause my BFF named his ‘Candy’. Also I named another one of pets ‘Piper’ from one of my favorite book series. -Missy <3

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      well here is another Lucy my Winter Fawn. named her after Lucy Pevensie in the Chronicles of Narnia Movies. i have all three movies and all seven books that i got in a pack whiched cost me……$40! yeah i know alot but worth it. telll me your fave book, movie and charecter.~John3:16

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        OK! My favorite books are: the Narnia Chronicles, the Viking Quest books and of course the Bible! And my favorite movies are: The Lorax, Secret of the Wings and all three Narnia movies but especially Prince Caspian! And angel, I also have all seven books and three movies for Narnia! Just finished reading the last book with my Mom a few months ago! Blessings! goldbybrittnicoll

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          i like your title, i looooooove brit nicoles songs : )

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        my faverourite books are the warrior series, and i obviosly love rusty AKA firepaw, fireheart, firestar!! (his 3 stages)!! May starclan be with and protect you!! :3

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        I haven’t been on in a while but my favorite movies are: prince of Egypt and Joseph (king of dreams) and I don’t like reading very much but my favorite book series is Viking Quest. :) readyornotbybrittnicole

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          i like your username, i love that song!

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        It would be so worth it. I love the movies & books

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      I named my webkinz canary Keely because it is the name of a girl in my favorite book series called : Viking Quest.

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      i will tell you about another webkinz pet. my newest webkinz Angel the black&whit cat my mom has a best friend and she has a cat named A ngel and this is the closest one to her. ~Texas Girl And Thunderhead Forever! God Bless Us Everyone!

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