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    do your webkinz pets have a background for thier name? example: my webkinz Shanzuer is named after one of the guys in the music group Celtic Thunder. OCarinaooftime, i hope you didn’t consider this coping your forum Usename History which is where i got this idea. ~Texas Girl And Thunderhead Forever!

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      neat!!!! i have a webkinz siamese named Sassy after Sassy on Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. ~ Horses, Dogs, And Dolphins!!!

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      OH, and I have a American Golden named Sassy after a dog my mom had. :)

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      I forgot about my lil kinz b&w cheeky dog named Oreo. Obviously named after Oreos, and my Tye Dye puppy named Bethany after Bethany Hamilton.

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      thanks for posting Atomton! well i named my pinto Bonnie and clydsdale Clyde well, Bonnie and Clyde!!!!!~ Narnia Lover

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      I named my silversoft Surge after the Christian movie that played across the country. I have 31 other pets and will talk about them when I have more time. Peace be with you.-Atom

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