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    Hey y’all! If any of y’all have been on here for awhile, I need your help. About 3 years ago I had an account on here called MyWebkinzRok. Well, I LOVED when everyone chose a Webkinz pet to represent them. It had a photo of the pet and your username underneath by your response. I think it really helps show who you are. Please reply if you think Ganz should bring this feature back! ~God Bless

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      Hey guys they brought it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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        They should bring it back! I’ve only been on here for a little while, But I really want it to happen. Also, the about me profile thing sounds cool, too. That would be awesome if they brought that back! C’mon Ganz, make it happen!!!

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      I am kind of new and I didn’t know they had that on Webkinz Newz but bring it back anyway!!!

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      Yeah! I think they need to bring it back. It really showed your personality and all these what pet are you forums wouldn’t be here. I am an orangutan. :) ~HappyHerbivore :D

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        cool! :) I used to be a guinea pig, but now I’m an arctic fox. ;)

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      Yes, I would absolutely love it! It gave so much more dimension to the forum, as if you WERE the Webkinz…yeah, call me crazy. :P Still, I’ve been longing for this ever since they got rid of it!

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      @True2MyWord1, is your user the same on WW? ~I am God’s Disciple

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