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    PSF’s I am still looking for:
    Algae alfajore (clown fish)
    Arctic cod cakes (narwhal)
    Chilled shrimp cocktail (chillin’ sea lion)
    Chinook salmon stew (orca whale)
    Chocolate chip seafood dip (spotted seal)
    Cosmic coral kabob (pisces fish)
    Crispy kelp salad (pink glitter fish)
    Daphnia dafina (fantail goldfish)
    Flounder quarter pounder (signature harp seal)
    Frosty sardine sandwich (chillaxin’ penguin)
    Stuffed caterpillar calamarata (chickadee)
    Hot fish soup (ice penguin)
    Jelly guppies (licorice fish)
    Luscious lip loaf (pucker fish)
    Mackerel macaroni (seaspray dolphin)
    Moon cake (cancer crab)
    Mosquito burrito (betta fish)
    Peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich (spotted turtle)
    Precious pearl cupcake (seafoam sparkle dolphin)
    Rainbow meringues (lollipop snail)
    Friendship fortune cookies (lovely panda)
    Whimsical wontons (luck dragon)
    Shamrock smoothie (lucky dino)
    Nighttime nibbles (midnight owl)
    Mistletoe cookie dough ice cream (minty moose)
    Jeweled eggs benedict (opal owl)
    Flying berry flan (oriole)
    Salt water slushy (baby penguin)
    Seaweed sauté (spotted sea monster)
    Seedy seaside smoothie (blossom fish)
    Skillfully skewered shrimp (swordfish)
    Spicy seaweed salsa (surfin’ turtle)
    Bubbly gumbo (bubblegumasaurus)
    Fantastic Jurassic smoothie (spotty dinosaur)
    Frosted fossil flakes (prehistoric mammoth)
    Giant jawbreaker (t-rex)
    Goofy grapefruit gelato (dodo bird)
    Prehistoric pizza (diggity dino)
    Pterodactyl Ptoast (pterodactyl)
    Candy clovers (shamrock dragon)
    Citrus sherbet sorbet (citrus dragon)
    Classy crème brulee (glitzy dragon)
    Crunchy bark bites (sleepy woodland dragon)
    Friendly dragonfruit soarbet (friendly dragon)
    Whimsical wontons (luck dragon)
    Zen dragonfruit soarbet (zen dragon)
    I will be adding more lists as I collect. Thanks for any and all help. I will make a list of PSF’s I have after Christmas. This way I get all the pets we will be getting on Christmas too.

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      :) Just left a tag in case my note did not clear

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      So are you done with dinosaurs? If not, can you send an updated list? I have two friends who have them all and said they would send for me to give to you and I was going to give them your list today- soooo if you are done I will ask for Puppy stuff but if not, I can get them to send what you have not already received from the first list so you can be done with that one. Let me know ok? Thanks! And TY for the Christmas gift- you are always so kind!!!!!!

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        Updated list: zen dragon, luck dragon, friendly dragon, glitzy dragon, diggity dino, t-rex, prehistoric mammoth, surfin’ turtle, swordfish, blossom fish, baby penguin, luck dragon, ice penguin, chillaxin’ penguin, spotted seal, orca, chillin sea lion and narwhal from the first list. ~MORHB~

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          Hi again, Did you get the T-Rex? I have that as well…let me know :) Shell

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      Puppy PSF’s I am looking for:
      After run bun (fox terrier)
      Alaskan baked salmon (signature Siberian husky)
      Amethyst twist (amethyst hound)
      Artsy appetizers (papillon dog)
      Backstage burger (rockerz puppy)
      Baked bean bratwurst (leonberger)
      Barkhalau (portuguese water dog)
      Berried bone bonbons (cheeky dog)
      Big game bacon nachos (bulldog puppy)
      Biscuit bruschetta (tawny puppy)
      Blueberry soda (blueberry cheeky dog)
      Bone pretzel (german shepard)
      Boston baked bones (boston terrier)
      Bow wow chow mein (shih tzu)
      Bulls eye biscuits (bull terrier)
      Canine carat cake (small signature golden retriever)
      Caramel ice pop (cocoa lab)
      Carob chip cookies (chocolate lab)
      Champion treats (boxer)
      Charred baseball steak (brown boston terrier)
      Chewy chapon con carne (Samoyed)
      Chewy spice spatzle (Rottweiler)
      Chocobones cereal (choco cheeky dog)
      Chocolate chip ice cream sandwich (spotted spaniel)
      Chowlow (afghan hound)
      Cinnamon strudel (signature german short haired pointer)
      Collie lolly (collie)
      Continental breakfast (signature border terrier)
      Cotton kibble candy (bichon fries)
      Cocktail cream of collieflower soup (border collie)
      Cream soda slushy (pink dalmation)
      Creamy cherry cheesecake (cherry soda pup)
      Creamy crème brulee (cream soda pup)
      Crispy bone scones (white terrier)
      Decadent doggie dish (chi chi Chihuahua)
      Disco ball cereal (rockerz poodle)
      Discus biscuits (irish setter)
      Donut sandwich (donut pup)
      Ewe stew (welsh corgi)
      Fine fudge truffles (chocolate pup)
      First dog doughnuts (signature Portuguese waterdog)
      Fresh farm frittata (green earth puppy)
      Fresh flower cocktail (tropical island pup)
      Frightening fritter (zombie bloodhound)
      Gemstone scones (peridot dog)
      Golden rib steak (signature golden retriever)
      Gourmet dog biscuits (small signature pug)
      Great puppy pound cake (signature English bulldog)
      Gummy bones (candy pup)
      Highland haggis (signature west highland terrier)
      Hot peppermint sticks (polka dot dalmation)
      Hunk a hunk of pb&j (hound dog)
      Jelly bean jam (jelly bean puppy)
      Labracadabra chow (signature labradoodle)
      LOL bicuits (texting puppy)
      Lucky pup cakes (clover puppy)
      Melon moons (aquarius retriever)
      Mini meatballs (signature black lab)
      Mosh pitatoes (rockerz bulldog)
      Noble nachos (king Charles spaniel)
      Off duty doughnuts (small signature german shepard)
      Orchestra pitted olives (musical dalmation)
      Peaceful pasta (peace puppy)
      Peking puppy food (shar pei)
      Polarberry pop (lollipop pup)
      Pop soda (rockerz papillon dog)
      Presto pesto pizza (magical retriever)
      Puffy pedigree pastry (chow chow)
      Punksicles (Mohawk puppy)
      Purple candy pieces (polka dot puppy)
      Ready set go gelato (pink greyhound)
      Red ruby sundae (ruby retriever)
      Royal feast (signature king Charles spaniel)
      Royal supper (signature Pomeranian)
      Savory sweet meat treats (brown dog)
      Scrumptious t-bone steak (labradoodle)
      Setter cereal (st. pats setter)
      Signature stir fry (signature chow chow)
      Snowflake frosted cookies (snowflake pup)
      Sour bone treats (sour watermelon hound)
      Sparkling pork chops (razzle dazzle dog)
      Sparkling sapphire steak (sapphire spaniel)
      Spicy chicken and rice (rockerz dog)
      Spring skewered sausage (springer spaniel)
      Super steak and eggs (signature bull terrier)
      Swanky sorbet (dazzle daschund)
      Sweet fluffy bon bons (poofy poodle)
      Sweetheart cereal (sweetheart pup)
      Swiss apple quiche (signature bernese mountain dog)
      Tally-ho hoagie (weimaraner)
      Tiny hotdog sliders (signature floppy shorthaired dachshund)
      Topaz truffles (topaz terrier)
      Twisted fruit slushy (patchy puppy)
      Winged wet food (airborne puppy)

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        Hi MORHB, It’s been a while!! How are you? Hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Years. I have a bunch of the puppy foods you are looking for. I will start sending them over. In case anyone else is looking to send you some off this list I have:Alaskan baked salmon (signature Siberian husky)
        Amethyst twist (amethyst hound)
        Bulls eye biscuits (bull terrier)
        Canine carat cake (small signature golden retriever)
        Collie lolly (collie)
        Crispy bone scones (white terrier)
        Gemstone scones (peridot dog)
        Gourmet dog biscuits (small signature pug)
        Hunk a hunk of pb&j (hound dog)
        Lucky pup cakes (clover puppy)
        Melon moons (aquarius retriever)
        Mini meatballs (signature black lab)
        Mosh pitatoes (rockerz bulldog)
        Pop soda (rockerz papillon dog)
        Red ruby sundae (ruby retriever)
        Royal feast (signature king Charles spaniel)
        Royal supper (signature Pomeranian)
        Sparkling sapphire steak (sapphire spaniel)
        Swiss apple quiche (signature bernese mountain dog)
        Topaz truffles (topaz terrier)
        Twisted fruit slushy (patchy puppy)
        I may have a few of the others also, but these I know for sure I have. One of these days I need to post my list of missing pet foods (and a few other random foods also, lol). Take care! Shell

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          Awesome. Thanks so much Shell. ~MORHB~

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          Excuse me shellzcuda do you think I could have some extras of your birthstone pets PSF. My sister and I are looking for them and no one’s answered my forum execpt for 4444polarbears. And sorry momofredheadboys for intruding your forum.

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            No problem icecooler, that is what I post them for. The more the merrier. ~MORHB~

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        I have received these from the Dog/Puppy List – Sig. Siberian Husky, Amethyst Hound, Blueberry Cheeky Dog, Bull Terrier, Small Sig. Golden Retriever, Sig. German Short Haired Pointer, Collie, Cream Soda Pup, White Terrier, Peridot Dog, Small Sig. Pug, Polka Dot Dalmation, Hound Dog, Clover Puppy, Sig. Black Lab, Rockerz Bulldog, Sweetheart Pup.

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        Updated Dog PSF List: After Run Bun – Fox Terrier
        Backstage Burger – Rockerz Puppy
        Baked Bean Bratwurst – Leonberger
        Big Game Bacon Nachos – Bulldog Puppy
        Bow Wow Chow Mein – Shih Tzu
        Champion Treats – Boxer
        Charred Baseball Steak – Brown Boston Terrier
        Chocobones Cereal – Choco Cheeky Dog
        Cotton Kibble Candy – Bichon Frise
        Decadent Doggie Dish – Chi Chi Chihuahua
        Donut Sandwich – Donut Pup
        Ewe Stew – Welsh Corgi
        Fine Fudge Truffles – Chocolate Pup
        Fresh Farm Frittata – Green Earth Puppy
        Frightening Fritter – Zombie Bloodhound
        Jelly Bean Jam – Jelly Bean Puppy
        Melon Moons – Aquarius Retriever
        Noble Nachos – King Charles Spaniel
        Orchestra Pitted Olives – Musical Dalmatian
        Polarberry Pop – Lollipop Pup
        Puffy Pedigree Pastry – Chow Chow
        Punksicles – Mohawk Puppy
        Purple Candy Pieces – Polka-Dot Puppy
        Ready, Set, Go Gelato – Pink Greyhound
        Sparkling Pork Chops – Razzle Dazzle Dog
        Spicy Chicken and Rice – Rockerz Dog
        Sweet Fluffy Bon Bons – Poofy Poodle
        Winged Wet Food – Airborne Puppy

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      If you mean you sent from WF, then yes I got them, thanks so much! We had a great time. Hope yours was just as fun. Hope you have a wonderful New Year. ~MORHB~ PS – yes you and DF have sent a couple duplicates, but that’s alright. I can just pass on to someone else. Thanks!

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      Hey MORHB! Merry Merry Christmas!!!!!!! I sent you a present today but it came from my friends page so let me know that you get it- I hope you and the boys have an awesome day! You are such a super special person and I hope you holiday is the same way! And DF, let’s talk about the food you have because I have been sending some over and that way we do not do the send the same things- Hugs to you both!!!!!!! crissy

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        Hey Crissy, I got mine and thank you very much. I hope you liked the High Class Christmas Tree I sent. It is my favorite tree and I think all my friends are High Class ;)

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          Oh I just saw this Becky! Thanks so much- I was going through my dock cleaning stuff up this week and found the tree- it is so pretty so thank you so so much! I miss you and hope you have the best New Year ever! Big hugs!

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