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    Willing to trade my pugs Puggy bark-o-lounger for a Afghan Hound’s Stylish Salon Seating, mail it to me and I’ll send you the Puggy bark-o-lounger it to you my username is “jesuslovesmeandyou2″ tell me your username I’ll friend you for a little while.

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      I have pet food up for trade for any type of clothes, any type. I’ll even friend you (A little while or forever.) marzipan bone Dog
      root deer float Red Wolf
      frosted kibby chunks Husky
      pink poodle parfait Pink Poodle
      wrinkled pug cake Pug
      alfalafel horse
      sunflower seed soup Bird
      beef and black bean stew Black Wolf
      tropical tapioca Bugdie
      Note I have more pet foods just they aren’t for trade yet

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      It is lilmonkeydan and I might friend you ok

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      I don’t have what you are looking for, but I just got an Arctic Polar Bear. Do you want a PSF or something?

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      sorry no longer up for trade

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        Friend me!

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          AND PLEASE FRIEND ME and my username is lilmonkeydan SO PLEASE FRIEND ME I am all ready friends with what I think would be your friend I am friends with jesusismylord

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