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    Hi, i just recently won one from the sodas. Post your trades. I would prefer promo, priceless, and signature psi. Also of you have cheeky cat and dog psi i would trade for one. My un is calitigertuxedo.

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      I am also one of the many people interested in your pumpkin coach bed. I have a lot of priceless super beds, other priceless exclusives, and many rares. I would be willing to trade two of these for only the bed. What would you want? I have a lot of each so I could just look and see if I have what you want if you are interested in trading with me. Thanks. -birdseye-

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      Hi! I really need the pumpkin bed. I have torn and melody! Let me know! VERY INTERESTED

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        I just sent it to DF. But I really want melody. I can give you cheeky psi. please let me know soon! P.S. I might be able to get the bed again.

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          Hi cali, I already gifted the bed to a nice person. If you want to send back the grill I can send you melody. NP. Just want everyone to be happy. DF

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            I will do that! Apparently someone got into my acount and got rid of all my friends. I will add and send.

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      Hello again!I I just wanted to let you know that I no longer need the pumpkin coach bed. I’m sure DF can offer you a much better trade anyways, lol. Good luck, and happy trading! –Maddie :)

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      Hey there! i’d love the bed! here’s what i have to offer (sorry it’s not too much)
      Doggie Diving Pool (Signature German Shorthaired Pointer PSI)
      Enchanted Loch (Signature Westie PSI)
      Endangered Island Getaway (Signature Endangered Red Wolf PSI)
      Wild Game Gourmet BBQ (Signature Endangered Bengal Tiger PSI)
      Sly Slide (Signature Fox PSI) (On hold for Madukayil at the moment)
      Banana Split Sundae Station (Small Signature Chimpanzee PSI)
      Rainforest Retreat (Signature Endangered Gorilla PSI)
      Sunny Savannah Oasis (Signature Endangered Cheetah PSI)


      Maple Syrup Fountain (Promo)
      Dog Bone Sofa (Promo)
      So anyway, JLMK if you’re interested! Thanks, ~AQUA

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        Aqua, I actually do not need the slide anymore, but I really appreciate that you kept it on hold for me for such a long time. I’m so sorry if this was any inconvenience to you, but I will make sure to keep that peppermint swirl slide on hold for you. Thanks! –Maddie :)

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      Hello CTT! I’m very interested in your pumpkin coach bed. If you wouldn’t mind, could you take another look at my trade lists to see what would interest you for the bed? Thanks very much! Oh yes, and I wanted to know if my den dress would be an alright trade for your donut costume pieces? Let me know. Thanks! –Maddie :)

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        Hi, I can give either cheeky for it, JLMK I have some beds, but can always use one more. add me pricelessvault. DF

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          Hi DF! If you are referring to the cheeky cat/dog psi, i would love to trade for one of them! I could kinzpost the bed to you if you would like or you could. Or we could arrange a time in the trading room. Thanks, calitigertuxedo.

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            Hi I accepted your request. Would you mind sending first? This is the only way I trade and tons of people know me here. Nothing personal, it’s just that I recently sent my items and the person I was trading with sent me a worthless coupon. I would send first if the item wasn’t a level ten. JLMK if you still want to trade. DF

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              Sure, I will send it right over. I will be looking forward to getting the psi.

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