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    On the Free Webkinz Accounts, how come on mine, I can’t buy ANYTHING, I can’t remove items from my room, or take clothing off of my pet…like glasses and face stickers?? My friend just got a free account also and they are able to do everything that I can’t!!!!! Does anyone know why??????

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      That’s because you are only allowed 50 (I’m pretty sure it’s 50) items in your dock at one time. Take out any extra clothes, food, use your coupons, sell extras or just store in a room and you will be able to get more items. If you don’t have 50 items and you still cannot do anything, contact Ganz. ~MORHB~

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      Hey everyone! Thanks for the info! I will definately try doing everything that you suggested. It’s just weird that I can’t do anything on there. Maybe because it’s a free account…they only let you do so much?? Anyway, thanks again for your help! And thank you…I love your guys usernames also!! :)

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        my sister has a free webkinz account and hers is the same as how yours is but for the clothes dilemma you can just drag the clothes up and replace the ones your wearing.

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      hey! it has to be a glitch! oh and i LOVE your user name!!!! ~ Horses, Dogs, And Dolphins!!!!!!!! Mr. ED, Rin-Tin-Tin, And Flipper!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Hello! I’m sorry, but I think that must be a glitch, try shutting down your computer, or running a different program (sometimes, mozilla firefox doesn’t work for me) or logging in and out several times, but if it doesn’t work, you can go on the main page in webkinz, and contact them. Hope you can find a way to get it to work! I love your user name! (: JesusismyLord

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      I have no idea. This must be a glitch, try to contact Ganz or check the FAQ to see if your answer is there. Hope you fix it!

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