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    If you have questions, well, I have answers! Ask me a question about anything on Webkinz. I have experienced glitches and other things and I would be happy to help! Even if it’s a simple question like, “What is PSI?” I will answer you quickly. Keep asking!

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      Hey! How come there isn’t a multiplayer network option for skunk sweeper?

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        I honestly do not know. There never was and there never will be an option, but it would seem cool. Sorry about the late reply. :(

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      Hi,Icetealover! I have a question for you! I have a cocker spaniel and I don’t know what I want it to wear.Please help! It is a girl and it’s name is Isabelle.We like bright,happy,colors.

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      Oh ok. thank u so much!!!! that is a big help.

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      1 MORE THING: what is the Henrietta hippo theater? I saw something about it, but I cant find it. is it old and not around anymore? thank u so much! I love iced tea too lol

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        It is in Webkinz Friends, on Facebook, so you can’t find it in Webkinz World.

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      hi! so I was wondering if u know why webkinz has recently been retiring a lot of pets. I noticed that every other day, a pet seems to retire. do they have too many, or something? if u could answer, I would really appreciate it. 1 more question, kinda ramdom, when did u join webkinz? thank you so much.

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        1. I actually do not know why Webkinz has been retiring a lot of pets, as I am not a part of the Ganz Team. However, my guess has always been that Webkinz was starting to lose business, so they wanted to start retiring old pets and make cool new ones. Another possibility is that the old pets were soooo popular, so if they retire them a lot of people will buy them. 2. I joined when I was six Webkinz because someone gave me a Webkinz for my birthday.

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