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    Hi! :D I have farmfresh sushi,pink marshmallows, giant beans,lollipops,banana split, collie ossilily,and all the regular fruits and vegetables. I also have 29 different PSF to choose from( I will post the list when this comes out of moderation). I can send the produce and/or PSF for free ( I just have to buy the PSF, but that’s no big deal). If you’re a PSF trader, it’s up to you, whether you want to trade PSF or not. If you want anything on here, please post your username if I haven’t friended you, and I’ll send what you want ASAP. However, if you ask for produce and I don’t have any of the one/s you want in my dock, please be patient, because of harvesting. ;) My username is VBS123

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      Hey sweetcupcake! :) I would love some psf for my museum. Could you send me Catnip chips and dip, Collie lolly, Doggie bone burger, Googles noodles, Grilled krill thrill, Junglicious banana shake, Sparkliglitter, Succulent tureen of sardine, Sweetheart tart, Tranquil tenderloin, and Twisted fruit slushy? Thank you so much! You’re so nice! If you ever need some of my pets psf(Painted pinto bean salad(pinto), Beef and black bean stew(black wolf), Gemstone sugar cone(sapphire pegasus), Chocobones cereal(choco cheeky dog)) then just let me know! I’d be happy to share :D ! My un is friend2day

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        Hi chillylily! I’ll send you 2-3 PSF everyday until I sent you all the ones you need. By the way, I’d like some chocobones cereal. :) That sounds yummy. Could you send me some, please? Have a sweet day!~SC

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      Farm fresh sushi sounds cool……I wonder what what it looks like.. (; ………………LOLZ

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        Hi Misty! I’ll send sushi and random PSF to you. Have a sweet day!~SC

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      Hi I would love any of your PSF! I love food haha I have a pug tht loves pizza My user name is hklover628 sam here

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        Hi hklover628! Ok, I’ll send random PSF. Have a sweet day!~SC PS: I love hello kitty and cinnamoroll. Not sure if that’s what the initials in your username means, but I’m guessing. ;)

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          Thanks- I’ll send you Pug, and blonde Cockapoo psf. And yes I’m a Hello Kitty lover. I think someone though it meant husky well I love huskies too but they stand for Hello Kitty. :)

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            Hi hk! Thank you so much! I like the pug PSF, and I have a webkinz husky named Esther. :) Have a sweet day!~SC

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              Lucky you! Have a wonderful day!!! I also have a cute big Hello Kitty with a pink and purple outfit! LOL did you know costco now sells big HUGE pandas and polar bears lol :D

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            I have a big HK doll on my bed that my parents me bought from Costco last year. It has a blue and pink outfit, and it’s so cute. :)

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              Yes, I saw the HUGE polar bears. LOL!!! The Costco my family goes to has the big Hello kitty dolls again this year, except it has a pink hearts type of outfit or bow. There are two different ones. I don’t if your Costco has them, but they’re cute. ;)

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      Here’s my list of PSF I can buy: bamboo cannelloni( panda), bangers and mash( bulldog), beef flavored gumdrops( cocker spaniel), braised bannock bites( clydesdale), buggy jelly( frog), carrot cake supreme( rabbit), catnip chips and dip( black and white cat), collie lolly( collie), doggie bone burger( american cocker spaniel), frosty kibbly chunks( husky), frozen iceberg chili(polar bear), garlicky gazelle tenderloin( leopard),googles noodles( googles),grilled krill thrill( blue whale), junglicious banana shake( cheeky monkey),lobster kibble bisque( white poodle), marzipan bone( golden retriever), pink poodle parfait( pink poodle), roasted mousemallows( charcoal cat), sparkliglitter( pink and white dog), spiky sedge soup( reindeer), succulent tureen of sardine( siamese cat), sweetheart tart( love puppy), tranquil tenderloin ( harmony puppy), twisted fruit slushy( patchy puppy), and gemstone sugar cone( sapphire pegasus).

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      any psf ya have please *puppy dog eyes* XD

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        My PSF list is still in moderation right now, so I’ll just send random PSF. :D

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