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    Hi! :D I have farmfresh sushi,pink marshmallows, giant beans,lollipops,banana split, collie ossilily,and all the regular fruits and vegetables. I also have 29 different PSF to choose from( I will post the list when this comes out of moderation). I can send the produce and/or PSF for free ( I just have to buy the PSF, but that’s no big deal). If you’re a PSF trader, it’s up to you, whether you want to trade PSF or not. If you want anything on here, please post your username if I haven’t friended you, and I’ll send what you want ASAP. However, if you ask for produce and I don’t have any of the one/s you want in my dock, please be patient, because of harvesting. ;) My username is VBS123

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      Is it okay if I could get all of your PSF? I’ll send the ones that you don’t have back. Which are the cotton candy bunny, signature Dutch bunny, lamb, cotton candy sheep, and hopping bunny PSF’s. And I love to read to! I like supernatural fiction the best. You should check out C.J. Hill. And True2 MyWord1, I was going to give you a list of authors I like but it wouldn’t post. SC, my sister might want your PSF too. She’ll send you hopping bunny, lamb, and fantail goldfish PSF in return because they’re the ones you don’t have. Oh and I’m icecooler88 and my sister is whitehouse88. Thanks very much! ~Ice :-)

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        That’s okay! You can just post it randomly on one of my forums. I don’t mind if it’s for books!!!

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      I would like any of your PSF if you don’t mind! I can send you a Polarberry Punch too!

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      Does anyone else want food?

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      I need all PSF!! and 3 each of: pink marshmallow, giant bean, and the collie things,

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        Hi Angel22! I’ll send you ALL the PSF I have( please be patient, because it will take several days for you to get them all). I will send all the PSF first, because my marshmallows and stuff are still growing. When I get 3 of each, I’ll send them to you right away. Have a sweet day!~SC

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        Do you have an eBay account?

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          No…:( my family doesn’t shop on there, but we shop on Amazon. I get most of my webkinz from there, and it’s pretty reasonable depending on what pet you buy.

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      Hi! I’ll take some pink marshmallows. Thanks! My username is paperhead2013.

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        Hi readingrocks! Sure, I’ll add you and send the marshmallows right away. :) Have a sweet day!~SC PS: reading DOES rock! :D I <3 2 read!

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          Hey I <3 2 read 2! What’s your fav. book/series? Mine is The Heroes of Olympus :) .

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            Hi chillylily! I have lots of favorite books! Here’s just a brief list. My favorite book series are ”The Chronicles of Narnia” and ”The Adventures of Tintin”. If I get the webkinz fox terrier for Christmas, I’m naming it either Snowy or Milou( his French name ) after the dog since he’s a wire-coat fox terrier himself just like the webkinz. ;) I enjoy Shakespeare( in modern English only: I’ve tried to read the old English versions, and I can’t understand them at all. ), and poetry. My favorite genres of books are mystery( I love Agatha Christie mysteries) and adventure. I also enjoy books by Charles Dickens too. :) Have a sweet day!~SC PS: Are there any other PSF you want? Thanks for the choco bones cereal! I like it! :D

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            I love 2 read 2!!! My fave book series is either Alice Mckinley, Percy Jackson, The Kane Chronicles,Divergent, Legend, or hmmm… I don’t know! I LOVE all books! Comic book faves: Tintins, Archies, Betty and Veronicas, and any other comic books that I’ve read. @sweetcupcake16, have you seen the Tintin movie? I loved it, but my father fell asleep! How can you do that? Anyway, I’m SO excited to see all the Divergent books! Check out my forum: Book Talk if it comes out of moderation!

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              Hi T2MW1! Did you know that there also was a Tintin cartoon series? It’s on YT( YT also has two Tintin movies from the 1960s in French with English subtitles ) and Amazon sells the cartoons on DVD. Which book is your favorite? I don’t know which one I like the most yet. ;) Anyway, I watched the 2011 Tintin movie with my parents, and we really loved it. :D It’s one of my favorite movies, and I can’t wait for Tintin2 next year! My dad introduced me to Tintin, because when he was growing up, he subscribed to a magazine that featured one page from an adventure every week, and he enjoyed reading it. Also, your dad is not the only one that fell asleep. My older sister went to see it with her husband, and he fell asleep. :( I don’t get it. By the way, I think I just sent you three different PSF from my piano account. I sent you a FR from my VBS123 account because 90% of the PSF I have is on there, plus the piano account needs more KC. I will check out Book Talk when it’s out of moderation! Au Revoir!~SC

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              Yes!! I loved it! My dad borrowed them all from the library for me and I spent like 4 afternoons having Tintin marathons!! Snowy is sort of weird though… I mean, a talking dog?! Anyways, I’m not sure I have a favorite since I still need to read like 5 more to complete the series. I first read them when I still looked in the Kids’ Section of our local library, since it has a graphic novels section. I think I’ve read ALL the ones the library has because they are SO good! I can’t wait for Tintin 2 either!!! Thanks for the PSF and I’ll send back something! See you -T2MW1-

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