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    Where do we enter the secret code to adopt a pet? I can’t find it anywhere on this site. Thank you.

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      Go to and log into your account. Open the “Things To Do” menu. Click on the Adoption Center. Ms. Birdy will take you through it from there. Just make sure to have your Secret Code ready!

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      Go to, log in to your account. Or if you are new, it will ask you automatically when you are a new member. But I am guessing you aren’t. So go on and either go to your Map of Kinzville, or go to the “Things to Do” tab and go to the adoption center. Good luck! ~SS

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      You can’t adopt on this site you have to go to to do the adoptions.

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      ok click on things to do and then click bottom left corner and it will be under use a code and it should be the first one hope I helped OH and it is on your map too

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      Adoption Center. Hey check out the forum below this asking where is adoption center. I posted help there.-Atom

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