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    I think Webkinz should re-release the signature series. They were the a very popular series of Webkinz pets. Haha!

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      Your opinion is your opinion I won’t be mad, you guys do have a points on the price of signature pets they are a little to much but with the price of the websites and to make the pets I do see your point.

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      I do see what you guys are saying you guys do have a good point. Thanks for replying!

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      I do agree with Snowflake Pup Queen, they are stiff. But I think they should keep signatures. The new pets are childish most webkinz collectors are preteens-teens. And signatures are more “adult”

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        I am thinking from the practical side. It would be like handing a baby a rock. I like the new webkinz cause the original idea ganz had was for kids but I think that its nice to have something to cuddle with. It is sorta like the stuffed animals from when you were little. Do’t we all still love our first “Stuffie” XD I ♥ my Mrs. Cow. And also Lumpy (got him when I was 4 love that movie)

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          I see your point as well, but there is some signatures that are pretty floppy like the cougar and african wild dog. But I see your point, when my little sister was born her first stuffie was a signature timber wolf, she cuddled with it and loved it almost more than me XD In my opinion I don’t like the newer webkinz, but I loved the original ones that were floppy like the peace puppy and other older ones. I love the signatures and I want them to come back though….. I also want them to make the webkinz like they used to but things do change

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      No, because I think that § should stay in business. Thinks about how much it cost to make, Webkinz, Webkinz jr., Nakamas, Amazingworld, Tail Towns friends. Then websites (which cost money) Webkinz, Webkinz jr., Webkinz Newz, Nakamas,Nakamas Newz, Amazing World, Amazing World Newz, Tail Towns Friends, Tail Towns Friends Newz, Ganz Parent Club. Signatures period are to expensive, not worth it, and are just TO STIFF. Please don’t be mad its my opinion

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      I totally agree! I have always wanted a signature pet! They are awesome! Clarissais93 (Cheese Head)

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