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    I think Webkinz should re-release the signature series. They were the a very popular series of Webkinz pets. Haha!

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      Frankly, I think Webkinz should strive to make all their plush as good as the Signatures! I didn’t start collecting Webkinz until I got my Signature Dama Gazelle because I’ve always felt like many of the normal ‘kinz aren’t very high quality. I love realistic or semi-realistic plush animals and the Signatures I want outnumber the normal Webkinz I want. If they don’t do that, then yes, they should bring back the Signatures alongside the normal ones anyway.

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      I don’t know…while I do like the Signatures, I actually prefer the regular pets to them. They aren’t as reserved as their more realistic counterparts, and their cartoony, child-like design makes them seem more welcoming to me. Even though the Signatures are pretty, their realistic design makes them black sheep in the whimsical Webkinz World. So, while I do understand why you’d miss them, I’d much rather see the main series of Webkinz being updated than the Signatures. Sorry to bump the thread; I just thought I’d put my two cents in.

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      i think ganz should re-release the signatures i absolutely love them! ;) ~meemersandboo~

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      thanks niberts most people would be mad because they don’t like the new ones they came out with. When it was designed it was meant for ages 6-13+ so a 6 year old is supposed to play with something as hard as a rock (in my mind) I mean really it’s a stuffed animal and with signatures to me it feels like in flushed away were the ——- says “No one to cuddle with” I don’t know if you’ve seen that movie. Niberts I appreciate that you not being mad *sigh* some people would be. But if I give an opinion it probably is best to say the point of veiw

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