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    hey guys I have some signature food for trade. My account is roseycheeks2002 if you have the dragon bed and willing to trade it let me know!!!!!!!!!!

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      I have some chocolate eggs if anyone wants those. Also, I got the ice fawn so if anyone wants that i can give you some food.

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      ok jesus I will get back to you today thanks bye

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      I’m interested in the Red panda one, thanks! In webkinz I’m JesusismyLord I don’t think we’re friends yet.

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      I have these signature pet foods for trade , maybe we can exchange signature foods, they are: Signature endangered Cape Mountain zebra, small signature golden retriever, signature small tuxedo cat, signature raccoon, small signature chimpanzee, signature endangered Asian elephant. Thanks, JesusismyLord :) :D ;) :P

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        Defenitly I have Signature endangerd red panda and west highland white terrier I nhave a lot to choose from and I would love to trade the zebra food

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      Like no offence, but your really shouldn’t demand so much just for some PSF. Even if it is a signature food. I have one and I give it away to people who want it really bad, if they still needed it ( like the people making a PSF collection, like Lamb Tyler or momofredheadboys ). Or you could trade for something not that high on the trading scale ( like other PSF you don’t have or clothing). But like I said before, NO OFFENCE.

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        none taken your right I guss I am asking for to much:)

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          Now that I’ve gotten that aside ( I thought my big mouth was going to get me in trouble ). I would like to trade but I’m not sure want you wan,t like other PSF or stuff? LMK ( and I’m sorry if I was a bit harsh to you ).

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            Its totally fine your good:D And what is your webkinz world name? mine is roseycheeks2002 like it is in my post! And I kinda want PSI what do you want? I will look out for friend request I check my posts offen thanks and bye

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              I’m icecooler88. What PSF do you have?

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              I have sig food mainly sorry response is late life got in the way you know:) lf you still want some I can get in touch in webkinz!!

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