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    Hi, I need someone who has a great fashion sense to help me pick out an outfit for my pet. Let me give you some details: He is a boy, likes green/blue/red/yellow, prefer a cool but casual outfit to lounge in, budget is 4500 KC. Thanks for the help! ~ True2MyWord1

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      Thanks so much for the advice! I need someone very fashionable to give me some ideas, so thanks! I love your ideas. Right now I’m just wearing one outfit at the time which is a maroon hoody, red cap, red sneakers, and black jeans. Does that sound fashionable enough to you? BTW, you got it right-I’m not deluxe or full, so I’m restricted to a lot of things. :( ~T2MW1

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        Hi T2MW1! I’m not deluxe either. However, that doesn’t mean your pet can’t look stylish. ;) There are lots of combinations of nice outfits that can be made with non-deluxe clothes and clothing recipe items. As for your maroon hoody outfit, IDK. :) Do you want fashionable outfits to put on your pet that use the maroon hoody? LMK. If you want, I can tell some outfits I use on two of my pets named Amadeus and Freddy( my harmony puppy and frog) since they’re boys. Have a sweet day!~SC

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        Awww :(, your not a full member? A pet dosent cost much some are 5.00 better ones are 15.00 or 20.00.

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      Hi True2MyWord1! Here are some casual outfits that don’t use deluxe clothes in case you’re not deluxe( IDK if you are or not ;) ), and are under 4500 KC as well. If you are deluxe, let me know, and I’ll give you outfit ideas that use deluxe clothes. Here are the outfits I just made up for your pet. :) Striped rugby jersey,boy’s varsity pants, trendy sneakers. Total is 483 kinzcash. Blue football jersey, cuffed jeans, black and white sneakers. Total is 170KC. Blue flannel shirt, distressed stretchy jeans, trendy sneakers. Total is 665 KC. green pocketed tee, Camo cargo pants, purple sneakers. Total is 225 KC. Boy’s plaid shirt, brown corduroy pants, and soft suede boots. Total is 217 KC. Have a sweet day!~SC

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        how about black vest, black jeans, dark shades & black & white sneakers.!

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