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    It would be so cool if they would make Star Trek outfits and room themes!!! *NOT* for Deluxe.

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      I have the Lego star wars trilogy game on Gameboy DS. I’m still working on beating it. It’s cool. you can even make your own Jedi. I made one that looks like obi wan Kenobi and he has a double sided light saber like the one Darth Maul has in Star Wars episode 1 Phantom Menace

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        Hi PEBBLES! :D Cool! What color is it? I would have either a blue or a green one. :mrgreen: Also, I finally found out about my green light saber. It’s called the Force Action Jedi Knight one( I wish it was more specific as to which one it belongs too…. :???: ) I don’t have a gameboy ds, but I have a wii. I made some miis on there that look just like the characters( found all of them online on YT, and decided to make them ). The miis I have so far are Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, C3PO, and I’m working on some of the others( such as Obi Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, Storm Trooper, etc mostly want the main characters. ) ~SC

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          Hi. I think it’s blue. sorry it took me a while to reply to your message. My uncle died a few days ago and I had to go to the funeral. Feeling heartbroken and really sad that I won’t see him anymore.

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      allwordstaken, IDK if you are still reading this forum topic, but I think another great idea besides a webkinz Star Trek theme is a Star Trek Lego theme! :D I would love a Lego USS Enterprise!

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        Oh, and the reason why I mentioned Lego is because I like Lego. My favorite themes are Architecture, City, Creator, Super Heroes( Marvel and DC ), Lego Movie, Mindstorms, Minifigures, Star Wars, and Hard To Find. I also think it would be so cute if webkinz made a Uni Kitty webkinz from the Lego Movie. :D I think webkinz should make more movie pets especially if they’re cute( like Uni Kitty :) )

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      Hi allwordstaken! I’m sorry to reply so late, but my parents saw Star Trek into Darkness( without me… :cry: I wish I saw it, and I’m over 13 ) and they really liked it. :) I want to see it…~SC

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        allwordstaken, sorry if this is getting off topic( LOL ), but do you have a favorite DC comics and/or Marvel super hero? My favorite DC comic one is The Flash( I think he’s DC, but I can’t remember if he’s Marvel or DC ), and my favorite Marvel one is Iron Man. :D

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          checkout the marvel avenger alliance game on Ipad. it’s fun. I have it and it is really cool

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      Hi!!!!!!! Totally! Love making the Vulcan salute!!! I can only do it with my right hand. (For now!!!) Which star trek movies/shows to you like??? Peace and long life………

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        Hi! :) I’m not sure which one…Hmmmmm…LOL…I haven’t picked one yet. Hey, do you also like Star Wars? I LOVE R2D2! :D Have a sweet, peaceful, and prosperous day!~SC

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          Star Wars is cool!!! (But I am obsessed with Star Trek!) I like R2D2 too! :) He is the real hero of the whole thing!! Have you seen Star Trek Into Darkness????

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          Yoda is my favorite. I also like R2D2, Jar Jar Binks, Princess Leia, C3PO and the Ewoks. My favorite star wars movie is Return Of The Jedi because Luke Skywalker finds out that Leia is his sister.

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            Hi PEBBLES! :) I have a question. I read your username on allwordstaken’s ”friend home” forum( I posted there ), and is the number in it from MI6? If not…*sorry* Have a sweet day!~Cupcake…Sweet Cupcake

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              BTW, if anyway who reads this has no idea what MI6 is, it has to do with JB.

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              Sweetcupcake16 is right. 007 has to do with James Bond.

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            That’s my favorite SW movie too! :mrgreen: Also, I have some hasbro light sabers from when I was about 9 or 10, and I still like playing with them. :lol: The ones I have are Darth Vader, Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and a green one that I’m not sure is Yoda’s or Luke Skywalker’s( I can’t remember :( ) My favorite one is the blue one. By the way, I sent you a friend request from one of my accounts. :D Have a sweet day!~SC

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              My favorite SW ship is the Millennium Falcon and my favorite ST ship is the USS Enterprise. :)

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              The millennium falcon is the fastest ship on star wars. those of you who like star wars and star trek will also like the movie Spaceballs. it makes fun of star wars and star trek. I like it a lot.

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            I like all the good characters. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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          Star Wars Episode 7, 8 & 9 will be coming out in theatres next year.

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        I like star trek voyager

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      Hi allwordstaken! YEAH!!!!!! That would be really cool! PLUS, *NOT*…..e-store either. Hey by the way, can you make the Vulcan salute? I can make it really well with my left hand, but I can’t make it with my right hand that much. I don’t why. Have a sweet day, and *salute* LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!!!~SC

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