Strength Class in the Kinzville academy is EASY!

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    Trust me when I say that the strength class in the Kinzville Academy is easy! It really is! I just now got the hang of it! Tomorrow I’ll be at level 3! I only got the hang of it over a month ago. If you read the instructions CAREFULLY you’ll understand it more! I also just unlocked the “Blow a Kiss” action too!

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      I am at level 5 -so far so good!! -ƬiƞaƘiттγ24

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      Chill! @eberry12 was merely telling you their OPINION. We know you all have one, so why don’t you write about it in your own forum.

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      LOL My account has TONS of rooms! Maybe that is why my account takes FOREVER to load!

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      Oh markg97 I was talking about Ailuropoda! Not you! Sorry.

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      Hi eberry12 and everyone. I too thought all the classes were easy until my old slow computer died and I replaced it ( 2 weeks ago) with a faster newer one! I am on levels 6-8, with most of my pets, and BOY! WAS DOING CLASS A SHOCK, with this new computer! Use to get perfect or near perfect scores each class, but now fail at strength and also agility. Grooming and intelligence are no joke either! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!! eberry12, when you acquire too many rooms, wrong size, or in wrong places, it becomes unwieldy and I don’t know about everyone else, but my account is hard to load and slow. I’d be willing to take a KC loss to be able to remove some. Moving them around would be better!

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