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    Hey so I wanted to thanks to some people. First is ChristenKC she was the person I first met on here and has been nice and a really good friend. Next I would like to say thanks to foxstar, she has been kind and we both have gotten over a little (disagreement) over the polka dot puppy. Now she and I talk about whatever we both like. Next is Sweetcupcake who is so much like me. She has been so kind and taught me some stuff that I didn’t know. We both love to talk about what we have in common (alot of stuff) thanks for being amazing. Next is Zebb5. She is so sweet and knows how to put a smile to your face no matter what. Next is Atomton who is sweet and knows how to make you feel good. She/He can see your point of veiw and tell theirs as well with staying friendly. She/He is sweet and makes you feel good. I will post more people later. – Snow XOXO

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      Next is: Dogfish, for giving me so much when I need it. I am always happy to hear from dogfish. Next is Lamb, who has been sweet and I appreciate the help from him. Next Is morhb, who is kind and gives to people. She has helped me out alot and I try to help out anyone who helps me out for the matter of fact. Next is WPL who is nice and fun to talk to. I love hearing from her she always brings a smile to my face. I am sorry if I forgot anyone I am trying to think. If I forgot you I am sorry but just note that no matter what you are awesome ♥. – Snow Also whoever wrote the tag that means alot to me.

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      I love SPQ!! I always read all her fourms!!!

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      Wait, thank you Snowflakepupqueen! Thanks so much for making me a Webkinz World Superstar. Just to be clear EVERYONE ON THIS SITE IS A WEBKINZ SUPERSTAR!!! I just didn’t think I was one. Wow snowflake you made my day! Everyone remember your worth more than GOLD! Don’t be afraid to wear your crown your a KING your a QUEEN inside an out! Everyone here is so friendly. Thank you EVERYONE!! BTW, Snow your post didn’t come through. The PSI I am trading one with Mark, I sent it already Love Pond for signature piece hopefully. If you want the artic window that is still available. Please check out the trade list in questions. Also if you didn’t finish halloween theme or the collection I have the grand prize and the couch. You are one of my best friends on this site SnowflakePupQueen. Let God bless you in everyway.-Atom

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      Thank you so much! Your very sweet and kind too. I’m glad were buddies =D

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      Hi thanks for thanking me. You are very sweet. Your post didn’t come through on my trade list. By the way I am a he so you can use that pronoun for me. Thanks I am glad I made you happy, you do too. I loved your house and think you are a great room designer. If you aren’t busy I would love to show you some of mine! I try to be friendly. I would like to thank these people. Snowflake for being so kind even when we sorta agreed sorta disagreed about signaures, sending supplies, being kind, and being a good friend in general. Next is DF and Lamb, you two have been way nice to me. You sent me items knowing I would have nothing that spectacular to send back. You were both the first people who ever came over to my house, helped me with rooms, and talked to me on a regular basis on my forums. I enjoy talking with you both. Oh and thanks for liking my thank you notes, I spent a lot of KC on notes so I appreciate you liking them. Thanks also to Gold and Jesusismylord. You two have been so kind and helpful to me. I enjoy talking to you both and trading, I haven’t seen you in a while Jesus. Please respond if you see this. Gold thanks for being the first person ever to befriend me and help me with deluxe. Also thanks for being such a good friend and ending each post with blessings. You are the one who inspired me to use Peace on most of my posts. Peace be with you and let God bless everyone on this website!-Atom

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