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    Hi! I know that drama has started because people disagree about the signatures! Some people say that they are really upset about the signatures being retired ( VERY UNDERSTANDABLE ) and some think its best that they retire. Well here is my point If Ganz wants to retire the signature then there is a good reason and we just have to live with that! Emailing and calling Ganz will not help it will just make things harder for them. We also have to remember that the signatures cost a lot of money and a lot of people can’t afford them. Thats most likely why they are retiring them. So why fight anymore? Its not doing anyone any good. LETS JUST SHAKE HANDS AND BE FRIENDS AGAIN!

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      I agree! Sometimes we just have to suck it up but others deserve a chance to express feelings. It’s a two-sided battle that no one will win. :( That’s life.

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        Congrats on your win of the Artic Polar Bear!!!! It is so cool seeing familiar names win. Enjoy it. I named mine Vanilla Ice.

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