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    Do any of you want to trade exclusive clothes with me? Tell me your username and I will add you. I would like to have fairy princess ball gown and sparkling tiara. Tell me if you have any

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      Guys I am available on this friday at 7:30 in the trading room so if you can, join me! I really want to trade with you dancer99 since you have things I want I am so excited! Can’t wait! I will be a husky named snowball wearing pink dress bye

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      Hey guys !! Thanks for answering back. So dancer99 when do you want to trade then? And what do you want to trade for? I will add you as a friend tomorrow hope you let me be your friend. I already have webkinz gown and blue ball gown. So I don’t think I would need another…… Sorry Are any of you guys deluxe member? I am! Well, please write back! Hope to see you!

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      I have a webkinz gown and a beautiful blue ball gown. also an amethyst tiara and a zodiac earth costume bottom…need any of those?

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      hey naver! my user is greyhound02. i would love to trade with you! i have both things you are looking for ;) ~dancer

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      i need poncho’s hat and shawl, wz, orange army, shuts, slips, spins, plumpy, charm and stuff like that.

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