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    Ok here is my trading list psi
    alley cat- big city window
    brown arabian- horse show victory photo
    bull frog- lord of the frog throne
    bulldog- fire hydrant fridge
    canary- songbird stero
    chickadee- treetop lamp
    elephant- big top go cart
    fox- fancy fox counter and cabinet
    golden retriever- retriever treadmill
    himalayan cat- yeti mountain window
    hummingbird-brilliant hidiscus chair
    koala- wacky eucalyptus TV
    oriole- canopy hammock
    pink glitter fish- glamorous glitter vanity
    pink poodle- pink convertible
    pug- puggy bark-o-lounger
    reindeer- far north sleigh
    silverback gorilla- mysterious pool


    yellow plasma ball
    persephone designer manikinz
    antique lamsafe and sound mini locker
    medieval trophy pedastal
    rocket ship lounger
    wild water ski
    bumper car
    mining cart
    antique fashion mirror
    swan boat car

    mad hatter tea table
    magic elixr table
    neo gothic flat screen

    Valued items

    blooming dandelion
    egyptian vase

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      HI Thanks for accepting my friend request. Are we still on to trade my Bengal tiger PSI for your canopy hammock and/or brilliant hibiscus chair? I would gladly add to the trade for the both PSIs. or you could visit my forum called New trade list so you could look for something specific you want me to add. PLMK ~Gaudi

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        I really want that bengal tiger so I’ll send you the hammock or whaterver else you wanted

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      I want the Blooming Dandelion and Neo Gothic Flatscreen.. What are you looking for?

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        I’m looking for the chi chi chiuahua, chow chow,the small signature fox, and small signature golden retriever psi. But if you would rather trade something else just ask.

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      Hiya! I’m interested in your mysterious pool psi- silver back gorilla will you take the cheeky bunny psi- flower trampoline that will go good in a garden and, I also have exclusive items plmk me if you are wanting to send me it for psi or exclusive item thanks!! :) or trade thanks :D

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        I’ll trade you for it but not the cheeky monkey psi my username on ww is 19Greta99 and if I’m on I will be in the blue zone

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          I only have kinzchat sorry no plus

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          ok then, I have a retired item, robot digital clock and other things please let me know thanks! toodles!

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            The robot clock sounds cool but I’m not sure if I can trade my pool for that… It’s my favorite item.

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      Hi i’m interested in your Canopy hammock and or Brilliant hibiscus chair. What items are you looking for in exchange for them? Thanks!

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        I’m looking for the chi chi chiuahua, chow chow,the small signature fox, and small signature golden retriever psi. But if you would rather trade something else just ask.

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          Hi I don’t have those items but i have the duck and bengal tiger psi. i also have rares, adventure park items and any exclusive. PLMK if youre interested in trading. Thanks1 ~Gaudi

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            I’ve been looking for the bengal tiger! I already have one but for some wierd reason i didn’t get the psi. my username on webkinz is 19Greta99 and if i’m on i’ll be in the blue zone.

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              Hi i just sent you a friend request. but i have a bit of a problem with the clubhouse in general. i find it easier to use kinzpost if thats ok. Looking forward to trading with you! ~gaudi

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      I’m interested in the blooming dandelion. Did you have anything you were looking for specifically?

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        nope just some more rare psi

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          I have rare items, but not PSI. Only PSI I have is for the Koala, Pink Pony, Blue Jay, Blue Trigger Fish, Tree Frog. I also have a Wardrobe Box. Let me know if one of these works for you. If not, good luck with your trading.

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            ok I’ll trade you for that

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              Which one did you want? I can’t get on WW due to PC issues until the weekend. Did you want to do TR or just send?

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              I’d rather trade

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