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    Looking to trade PSF’s.
    Here is part of the list I am looking for. Will post the rest later along with the PSF’s I have to offer. Thanks for looking.
    Wild berry Sundae (sig. woodland raccoon)
    Frozen berrysicles (winter fawn)
    Cocktail cattails (white swan)
    Cursed cherry soda (vampire bat)
    Midnight macaroni (twilight dragon)
    Triple top hat cake (tuxedo cat)
    Bangers and monster mash (trick or treat troll)
    Tie dyed fly pie (tie dye frog)
    Monstrous milkshake (sweetheart monster)
    Lemon sundrops (sunflower lion)
    Tuna melt medley (sterling cheeky cat)
    Unburied bones (spooky pup)
    Toadstool fritter (skunk)
    Creamy carrot sherbet (sherbet bunny)
    Candy clovers (shamrock dragon)
    Herbivore smores (rainbow zebra)
    Colorful candy bouquet (rainbow armadillo)
    undersea omelet (purple goldfish)
    flowerbed flapjacks (purple floral fox)
    trickier treats (pumpkin puppy)
    bamboo bruschetta (pretty panda)
    prairie berry muffins (prairie dog)
    festive fruit cake (poinsettia lion)
    best in show brownies (American golden)
    doggie bone burger (sig. American cocker spaniel)
    frozen carrot pops (floppy eared bunny)
    grazed glazed greens (fancy sheep)
    wild egg omelet (fennec fox)
    watermelon punch (fancy flamingo)
    flower flapjack (earth fawn)
    boerenkoleslaw (sig. dutch bunny)
    buck potluck (deer)

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      I have now gotten these too: crunchy shoots and roots, exquisite eucalyptea, wild grain granola bar, trickier treats, herbivore smores, cursed cherry soda. Thanks everyone. ~mom~

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      I have: Frozen berrysicles, unburied bones, wild egg omlet, garden fresh veggies, miniature marshmallow plate, mangrove leaf manicotti, ginger bread paw prints, cherry blosson cheesecake, catnip chips ‘n dip, and winter snow crepes. All for free for you mom!! I sent three today. I’ll send more after we get the neogothic/aztec thing worked out. -Missy

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      Hi again, I have sent you a friend request and am ready to start sending :) I am glad you posted what you have received so far…that always helps! I can send you the following: Bangers and monster mash, boerenkoleslaw, Candy clovers, Crunchy shoots n roots, Cursed cherry soda, Double decker steak cake, Exquisite eucalyptea, Floating snail fondue, flowerbed flapjacks, Gingerbread paw prints, Gingersnap cookies, grazed glazed greens, Mangrove leaf manicotti, Monstrous milkshake, Musty mushrooms, Peanut butter and banana split, Valentine vittles.

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      Sorry, that didn’t make much sense. I’ve been in to Sherlock Holmes recently, the books and the BBC show. And I thought I posted this, but I also have the Sig Penguin, Ice Dragon,Cherry Blossem Bird, and Caterpiller PSIs . Δ bob Δ

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        No problem bob. I got them. Thanks for sending and clarifying. ~MORHB~

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      Thanks again to everyone who has sent. I have also gotten these now: gingersnap cookies, boerenkoleslaw, honeycomb custard, barkberry smoothie, peanut butter and banana split, triple top hat cake, bangers and monster mash, creamy carrot sherbet, candy clovers, undersea omelet, musty mushrooms, miniature marshmallow plate, double decker steak cake, and floating snail fondue. ~MORHB~

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