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    Hey, Frog! That’s amazing, almost every Webkinz?

    Do you happen to have the…
    Rockerz Cow
    Rockerz Monkey
    Rockerz Papillion
    Candy Apple Camel

    If so, I’d like to know what you’d want for their PSFs! :D Thanks!

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      Eggplant do you need Rockerz cow PSF or did I already give it to u?

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      I love PSF. I collect them. I have, like, 60-some Webkinz. The only E-Store pets I have would be the Griffin and the Moon Fox, and the PSI are not for trade. I’d gladly trade some of my PSF for any PSF. Or W-Shop item, but I’d prefer PSF.
      SignatureBernese- Can I trade a Moon Fox (or Griffin) PSF for a Fire Songbird PSF?! I have lots of normal PSF too. And retired. What are you looking for?
      Aqua- I’d like a Silk Sparrow PSF. Could we work out a trade, you think?
      Revelation- I have some extra Kinzville Park ice cream, like Candy Cream and (I think) Chocolate. I also, as said above, have Moon Fox and Griffin. Thanks.
      Frog- I need gemstone, zodiac, Papillion and Rockerz Cow PSF, just so you know. Thanks!
      Christinekc- I need the mystical panda and the mohawk monkey and the pizzazzy puppy PSF, just so you know. I could send you regular food in exchange for it, or Ice Dragon PSF.
      Sarah- Can you trade me the Emperor Penguin, Sig Cheetah, Rockerz Cat, Grape Soda Puppy, Pinto Horse, Lil’ Kinz Purple Goldfish, Snowflake Puppy, Rainbow Zebra, Golden Dragon, Candy Alligater, Purple Floral Fox, Cheshire Cat, Dire Wolf, Polar Gummy and (your choice)/or Winter Fawn PSF in exchange for a fridge (or two)? Sorry it’s long, I haven’t gotten on Webkinz or gotten any for a loooooooooong time. :) Thanks.

      Wow, I guess this is what I get for loving the art of collecting PSF. Oh well.
      I’ll post the pets I have later.


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        Pinky28779 I can give u any of those but I need ur username to add u and u need sothing in return like fridges ok :)

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