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    I log in and all that appears is a green screen. Nothing else. It has been like this since last night. Has this been happening to anyone else?

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      Been experiencing this every day for about a month. Sometimes working in “in private” solves it, but sometimes not. Just have to try over and over, or give up and try again in a bit. I have noticed a pattern of certain ads on log in page, seem to make a difference; this may be a coincidence, but if so it is VERY coincidental! Also, and I know this sounds crazy, but I found I cannot get in if I “tab”, so have to click with mouse. Who knows?! I think mostly it is Webkinz and/or older systems, computers, and different browsers. Wish Webkinz supported Opera.

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      Try refeshing, it’s the F5 button.

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      It’s a glitch. Happens to me when my internet speed is one bar. I get this almost every other day. What I do is I click X and try again. If it doesn’t work before try 6, i log off and try again later. If you get internet through a toggle, you may have to adjust it around. Hope I helped-Atom

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