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    Hello fellow players!!! I am cehgirl, but better known on the internet as Yatastar. I am here to help Webkinz players get to know each other better and fid your opinions on certain topics. I will send out one question a week that I would like your opinion on, and some that I find interesting will be shared on my websites and Facebook page. Thank you for participating, and may StarClan light your path. ~Yatastar~ (cehgirl)

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      Gretamg: You sound like me! I’m shy quiet, but I’m fun once I get to know you. I know many values of trading as well.
      Stealthy: Not sure if you remember me, I’ve been gone for awhile, busy like a bee!
      Mosiac: I love your username! Lilacs are so awesome! In fact, I think mine are blooming in my backyard today.
      Cehgirl: I am very glad that you have created this page, as I have busy I have been on and off and it seems hard to communicate.
      ALL: I am christinekc, but you can call me KC or Christine, whichever one works best for you. I have a couple webkinz accounts christinekc (major), cupcakece (minor), christinekc2 (minor), and Easyaspie3point14159 . I have a cat named Orbit, and he’s quite the pipster. I dance and play soccer. That’s about all I got for now.
      >^-.-^< Meow!

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      Hey guys! This week’s question is: Many of us have had the pet of the month before. What are your preferences on the advantages? Could it be better, or is it to much already? Thanks for your time, and I am sorry if I do not respond right away to any questions, because it often is awaiting moderation for at least one day.

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        It’s not much different than regular webkinz, if you ask me. ( I’ve had it twice) You just get the extra stuff on the daily activities list

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      Hey y’all!!! I am Stealthstorm. :) You can call me Stealthy! Hmm, well I absolutely love horses! I do dressage. :) I LOVE HORSES! I collect Breyer horses!

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      Cool! I’m Gretamg. My username on webkinz is 19Greta99 ( if any one wants to friend me :) ) I’m kinda shy and quiet, but After I get to know you I’m super friendly! I LOVE to trade but don’t try to trick me cause I found this really cool site that has a list of all the exclusive items and psi.

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      awesome! Hi! i’m mozytothelilacsinfulbloom! but that takes to long… plz call me Mosiac. Uh…… a bit about myself; “quote” Hi! My favorite webkinz is the deer! people call me hyper/energetic/very peppy. I LOVE WEBKINZ! “unquote” lol. that’s all i got for now. TTYL!

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      Hey Bob! You should read The Heroes of Olympus! It’s the next series for the Percy Jackson and the Olympians! It’s really good! Look for The Lost Hero, The Son of Neptune, and The Mark of Athena. The next book is The House of Hades but it hasn’t come out yet and there’s another book after it but I don’t remember what it’s called.

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      I LOVE WARRIORS!!! I love Lionblaze! I own every single book :) And its awesome that your birthday is next week! Mine is tomorrow, turning 13! Haha, just a year behind you! ~*Hakuna Matata*~

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      I’m reading the first book in the Kane Chronicles, and its good. But I will look into those.

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