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    Hello fellow players!!! I am cehgirl, but better known on the internet as Yatastar. I am here to help Webkinz players get to know each other better and fid your opinions on certain topics. I will send out one question a week that I would like your opinion on, and some that I find interesting will be shared on my websites and Facebook page. Thank you for participating, and may StarClan light your path. ~Yatastar~ (cehgirl)

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      Yes Dapple it is amazing what we have in common. why don’t we put up a list of likes and see if we have anything else in common?

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      hi im snowflakepupqueen better known as EmiliaGG so just call me EmiliaGG I love horses my favorite webkinz are the snowflake pup in real life am smart*blush* super shy until well known. i dont have pets but ilove to play and hi kc

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      im on webkinz everyday! if you add me i will answer every single request!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my user is 10230825

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      Hello peoples! Todays Question to comment on is the one that Bob suggested. If you’re too lazy to look at it, (Don’t worry; if I hadn’t started this I probabley would have been too lazy also) then here it is: How many Webkinz accounts do you have? How many are free and how many are full? May StarClan light your path(s)! ~YataStar~ (cehgirl) BTW- I will add anyone as a friend on Webkinz if you choose to post your user. If you don’t choose to, then add me. User: cehgirl

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        i have 2 accounts. i only really go on my one witch is foxstar2000 :) i love your starclan sign off. i have my own to…. **By the stary light of silverpelt, may Starclan be with and protect you**

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      Not fair Bob! :D I want it, could buy it with some b-day money I guess! I am reading Yellowfang’s Secret at the moment! ~*Hakuna Matata*~

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        im on the 2nd book! i read the manga in 4th grade but it took me 3 years to bother with the series. now im on book 2 :p **By the stary light of silverpelt, may Starclan be with and protect you**

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