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    Wouldn’t it be great for GANZ to create a Webkinz Draft Horse? Preferably Signature? I’d buy it in a heart-beat. Please comment if you think this is a good idea! This Webkinz would mean so much to me! The more replies the better!

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      They do already have a Clydesdale, but I would really love for them to make a Percheron, Shire and/or Belgian horses. Unfortunately, as others have said, Ganz has discontinued the Signature line of pets. ~MORHB~

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        Making those would be great momofredheadboys!!!!! Have they made the shetland pony? ☺

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      Thanks for posting everyone! (And I did just remember that Webkinz Signatures are supposedly leaving GANZ :( ) I’d love to hear your suggestions! :)

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      Check out my page. I have topics that are cool. I even have a valuable sandwhich table trade !

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      Hello!!! Well, it couldn’t be Signature anymore, but I do agree! :D I am like the ultimate horse lover, so this would be fantastic! ~MWR

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      I think that would be a great webkinz, I have 1 horse not logged in yet but I would get it.

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        Great idea! I have a clydesdale horse! You should suggest it!

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