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    I have them. They are one of the new prizes. I like signature psi, priceless clothing, and promo. If you have the swirling leaf tiara, cats meow garden (sig psi), or love puffin psi I might be willing to add an item. ANY offer is appreciated. Thank you.

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      Hi there cuddlyfur! Is there anything other than the wings that you would take for the piano? Thanks, AQUA

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      I have Blue Heart’s Retro Dress, Fall Cabbie Coat And The White Summer Dress. If You Like Any I’m Willing To Trade. ;)

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      I have a diamond piano and a magic w pond. These items i am trading.

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        Cuddlyfur, if its okay, I would love to trade you my app wings for your diamond piano, if that’s a fair trade for you. Of course, that’s only if your trade with CTT doesn’t work out! I’ll just be here as a backup, only if CTT doesn’t mind. Sorry if I’m intruding~hope you can forgive me! –Maddie :)

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      Ok, if you are talking about those white wings, i will trade you almost anything!! Please, i have swirling leaf tiara i can trade you just for the wings, if it isnt the white wings, i will still trade ya tiara for ‘em :) add me, my user is Flower99999 on webkinz. PLMK :)

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        Hi! I don’t have exactly what you need, but if you could take a look at my trade list on my forum, maybe you will see something you like. My newest forum is called “my (long overdue) updated trade and wish list” Thanks, LT

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        Omg, sorry but i was thinking of some thing else, dont send overe the wings, cause i do not acually have swirling leaf tiara. I thought i did but apperently it was some thing else. So nvm about it :p

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        Hi ninja, I would love to trade for your tiara, I am going to add you to me friend list and send it over!

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          Once again, i was logged on, on wrong account, but yes, what foxstar said (I am her brother so that is why i was on her account :p)

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          ok thanks anyways

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