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    I’m going to list some pets, and if you like them, comment the names in your comments. I’ll see if I can find out which ones of these pets are the favorites. Okay, here is the list of pets: German Shepherd, Penguin, Dachshund, Chihuahua, Skunk, Guinea Pig, Turtle, Siamese Cat, Tabby Cat, , and a Panda. If you have another general pet, (aka no “sassy skunk” or “signature *fill in the blank*) that is your favorite, put a 12# and write the name of your pet. For example: “12# Bulldog.” I’ll put these in a Other Pet category.

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      I like Siamese cat! I love Siamese cats! they are soo cute in real life!

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      Out of the pets provided, I like the Siamese Cat (I have one, and his name is Scooter). I’m a bit confused by your usage of “general pet”. Do you mean general in that it doesn’t have any additional labels (ex. “Signature”, “Lil’ Kinz”, “EStore”, or otherwise “Limited Edition pets), or just generic species without any exotic streak (for example, an unaltered Rabbit as opposed to a Sherbet Bunny)? Going with the first option, I’m going to say that my absolute favorite (plush) pet is the Chinese Dragon (in reality, it’s a tie between this and the TInkerpup).

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      12# cotton candy puppy & brown puppy

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