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    Why is everyone freaking out about them? Did ganz say they were retiring? Which ones are going away, and when? Please explain this to me!

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      this is kinda weird cause they are still selling signatures in my local store. whats up with that ?

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        when they retire, they don’t take the webkinz out of the stores and put them away never to be used! they wait til the retired pet sells out. if they still sell sigs in your store, it means they havent sold out yet. hope i helped! >~pop~<

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      Webkinz Discontinued them once sold out its gone and they cost a lot of money too maybe you could order one from ebay or something amazon etc.

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      I have 12 signatures and looking for more I found all of mine at Tuesday morning but I am super glad I got the ones I have now because they might not be around much longer! I have the West Highland terrier, Endangered Red panda, Endangered couger . Cow, African Wild dog. Bengal cat, Bever, Raccoon, lion, Endangered brown bear, wild Bactrian camel, and endangered western lowland gorilla!!! so im sad they are retireing but maybe a new collection will come out soon but GANZ IF YOU SEE THIS KEEP SIGNATURES KEEP SIGNATURE PLEASE ALL OF US WANT YOU TO KEEP THEM WELL MOST OF US ANYWAY PLZZ BYE

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      I don’t even have a signature so I was shocked when they said they where discontinuing! ○_○ TinaKitty24 ღ

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      That’s really too bad…I rather liked the Signatures. :( Oh, well, good-bye, Signature pets…

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