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    Hi! In honor of the very spectacular signature pets, I decided to create this forum. :D Just list your personality, favorite color/s, favorite foods, hobbies, and your favorite animal/s, and I will tell you which signature series pet I think you resemble the most as soon as possible. Your result may be a regular signature, small signature, or endangered species pet. In case you’re wondering, mine is the signature bernese mountain dog, because it’s personality is similar to mine. ;) Have fun!

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      Hi,I’m happy,heroic,brave,like policemen,and doglover.

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        Hi Melody_Dixon! :) You’re the Signature German Shepherd! Like you, it’s brave and heroic, and….it’s a police dog! :D Have a sweet day!~Sweetzie

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        Signature German Shepard.

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      meow everything is awesome.

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      Hi guys, I’m sorry I haven’t been on WI lately, I think I’d rather spend my time talking to you here, where the ads are mostly about Webkinz and not anything inappropriate. I may be on there just to check the rare items and prize giveaway, but I won’t be on there much more. (sorry to do this, I’m tired of seeing inappropriate ads and the only way to get rid of them is to pay, I odn’t really want to)

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        It’s alright! :) I’ll just keep you informed of events on there on here. Have a sweet day!~Sweetzie

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      have fun

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      Atom, tag

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