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    Hi! In honor of the very spectacular signature pets, I decided to create this forum. :D Just list your personality, favorite color/s, favorite foods, hobbies, and your favorite animal/s, and I will tell you which signature series pet I think you resemble the most as soon as possible. Your result may be a regular signature, small signature, or endangered species pet. In case you’re wondering, mine is the signature bernese mountain dog, because it’s personality is similar to mine. ;) Have fun!

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      I posted a video on kinz tube called ”Snowy and Cornelia and the Ancient Pineapple of the Kinz”. To find it, go to YT, and in the search, type in Sweetziekinz, and it will come up. :)

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      Hi Snow! :D I got your invitation to the party on May 9th, and I’m so sorry, but I won’t be able to come. :( By the way, read the above tag! ;)

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      Hey atom, I noticed you have a room thread on WI still don’t have an account yet……………………….. also if you could figure out a way to make the rooms veiwable for those who don’t have an account that would be great

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        Hey Snow, I have no idea. Cupcake, I think is trying to figure out a way,. She is a lot better at technology than me.

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      Hey, so what I got for spring fest and from atom, and trading. 2 spring celebration ornaments 5 of the Spring umbrellas 2 tulip wreaths 1 pretty bow center piece 3 wacky gnomes 2 growing garden dresses 3 eggcelent onesies 1 ducky dress (quack) 1 bunny bow hat 3 easter basket hats 1 Sprinkle egg cookies 5 rainbow jelly eggs. 4 Fresh Air Chairs 1 Spring Celebration Place Setting I want to keep at least one from these all. So if it has one then It’s for keeps. And the growing garden dresses I want to keep, for the fact of it looks similar to the one it the music video “Mine” so yeah. So LMK if you want anything and if you have the third food item LMK. SYOWW -♥◄Snow◄♥

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        Hey Snow, I have the Jelly Bean Smoothie on my spare. I can send to you! As for the list, I have everything in good amounts sorry. Did any one get the new spring celebration hat?

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      funny, pink light blue yellow, ice cream donuts Popsicles steak,playing on ww doodling swimming, owls cats fennec foxes sea horse

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