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    Hi! In honor of the very spectacular signature pets, I decided to create this forum. :D Just list your personality, favorite color/s, favorite foods, hobbies, and your favorite animal/s, and I will tell you which signature series pet I think you resemble the most as soon as possible. Your result may be a regular signature, small signature, or endangered species pet. In case you’re wondering, mine is the signature bernese mountain dog, because it’s personality is similar to mine. ;) Have fun!

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      aqua blue, sushi, macaroni, swimming (sport not play), I like wild signatures

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      Hi Steathstorm! :D The signature pet that matches you the closest is the signature cheetah! I have one myself, but I’m not adopting it because the signature pets are retiring. :( By the way I’m also known as pianoprincess23 on WKN. I have two ganzworld accounts because I have two webkinz accounts. :) Most times, I’m sweetcupcake16 on WKN, though. If you want to friend my other webkinz account, it’s VBS123 which is my first webkinz account( princessofpiano88 is my newer account). I use my old account more than my new one because I have more pets and stuff on it. :) Thanks for visiting my forum! :D

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      I love that you are doing it in honor of the pets. :D Personality: Kind, funny, sporty, laughable, smart Color: Blue Foods: Black Bean Soup and raspberries! Hobbies: Reading, sports, riding my horse, running, drawing, and hanging with friends! Animal: Horse and sharks! ~SS

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      Hi smsmo! :D Your personality matches the small signature pug! It loves to read, and is artistic: just like you!

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      Personality: Nice. Favorite Color: Blue. Favorite Food: Strawberries. Hobbies: Reading, Drawing. Favorite Animals: Cats, Zebras, Horses.

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      Snow, have you ever reached 99 lives? ;) Just curious…

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      Yes and then I lost 30 of them on world 8-1

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      That’s hard, but my dad and brothers always know how to do it in one board with only like 7 to start with. 8O 8O 8O (if that worked it’s 8 next to uppercase o ) 8-1 is pretty hard, have you beaten it yet? If not, good luck! If so congratulations, and good luck on the rest of the world, the final boss is pretty tricky.

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      That’s what happened to me in the final castle. 8O

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      I did. Nemo was helpful. Literally I started to cuddle nemo and I beat it. I mean really.

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      I like those emoticons. LOL 8O 8O 8O

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      Wow! :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D :D :D I love spending time with my Grandma too.

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      haha! Nemo does help! I’ll remember that next time I’m stuck on a board.

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      Question: Are you two talking about the fish, something else? I’m very confused.

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      Nemo best thing to try I guess

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      The fish. I get it it’s weird but a true story

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      With her comment, I was assuming she meant she has a plush version Of Nemo from Finding Nemo. That’s what you meant right Snow? I don’t have a Nemo, but I have a Mike, Sulley, Art, Squishy, another Sulley, Terri and Terry (MU) Rex, Buzz, Woody, Alien (Toy Story) and Pearl from Finding Nemo (the little pink octopus) Well, most of these are my brother’s or sister’s but Mike is mine. (then my other brothers have Mario and Luigi and another Mario and Luigi and Yellow Toad and another Mario and Yoshi and so on. Also my little brother has Bob and Larry (he even has ones with bunny ears for Easter I LOVE VeggieTales! ) So in there there must be some luck.

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      XD cuddle mario and it might bring lucky. XD It might be that nemo just made it easier………. Also sorry for not being on I just dn’t feel like being on the forums, but I am spending time on webkinz and other parts of WKN catch you when I do-Snow

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      I love Veggie Tales too!! They should make a vegtable room theme. then we can all make Vegetable Veggie Tales room themes. Good idea. I have a big cuddly Yoshi, got him from the Japenese Store in Epcot, Disney World, Florida. I also have Pink Yoshi, Blue Yoshi, Yellow Yoshi, Green Yoshi. As you can see I am a big Yoshi fan. Now if they made a webkinz Yoshi? I would be like Mom time to ORDER ON AMAZON! Ha Ha! TTYS-Atom

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      It’s not weird I love cuddling my animals. On my 12th birthday (last year) the things o the top of my wish list were a Mike Wazowski plush, and some Nancy drew PC games. (I LOVE my Mikey plush)

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      Looking for Yoshi’s New Island to come out! I am a big Yoshi fanatic.. I agree cuddling with a stuffed character or webkinz helps you win the games. I only finished the Mario Kart cames. I am good at those. and almost finished the Bowser Castle Challenge on Mario Party Island Tour. I am on level 24!!! TTYS-Atom

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      ha I will cuddle Mario, (literally we have like 6 Marios, but my brother has a favorite which he makes sound in a kinda high-pitched voice and makes it “Rawr” all the time :lol:) I understand what you mean by the way about not being motivated enough. Thanks for inviting me over to your house, I’d love to invite you over to come see my Frozen room, anytime we’re both on would work for me. (I tried yesterday but it said you were busy)

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      XD mamamia (mario style) Yoshi yoshi. XD well mario in a mario game. And yescuddling stuffed animals helps. XD Random tip to life.

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      If they made a yoshi webkinz I would scream, or freak out like i did with the swirly curl unicorn

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      lol I hope they will.

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      I am not going to be on much either, with the weather warming up I want to be outside playing, and working on my Caroline in wonderland SM. Catch you all later-Snow

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      I don’t have an account, but where are you all hanging out on WI so that I can keep up.

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      Atom, and JIML XD it’s hard to win a quick draw, I am guessing it was most likely in 2011. As for the dog design contest I won’t be entering, I don’t think. I wish you could draw wish you could draw free hand, if you don’t have a printer. Also Atom how is sweetcupcake doing. Tell her if she has time to say Hi. -Snow

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