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    Hey guys! I’m getting myself a Webkinz dalmatian for Christmas and I have no idea what to name it! Let me know if you think of any good names : ) P.S please no names like spot or dot or whatever LOL

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      Hey, I just stopped by to offer a name for your dalmatian. I think OREO would be very cute. I stopped eating OREO’S about almost a month ago, deciding to become a so salt, no sugar, no oil, vegan. However, they still sound wonderful, but fruit has taken on a new life. :) Although, I can’t think of a very good fruity name for you dalmatian. So, I still think OREO would work best!

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      Hi, I named mine Domino so there’s an idea………

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      Hi here are some names!!! Tilly, Macy, Bella, Sugar, Cody, Champ, Legolas, Frodo, Rose, Bloom, Heather, and Jayden! I can think of a ton more if needed! :)

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      LOL! ikr! everyone names like that! I suggest Queenie, Freckles, Orion, Domino, Cotton ball, Skipper, xD Twister, Snicker Doodle, or snicker, for short Checkers, inky, patches, marbles, sunspot, wow it is so much better to just tell you all my names instead of only naming one… Well i have more but i do not wanna overflow you xD I hope u like these names!

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      Well, since you said nothing like spot or dot. You probably won’t like these names, wizard or lucky. These names were in the 101 dalmatians movies! Or you could do something like Isabella, Rosalita or rescue because in 9/11 a lot of dogs helped save peoples lives!

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