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    Hey guys! so I am thinking about ganz making more online pets plush! which ones do you think would be easy? example: Gypsy vanner Which ones do you wish could be plush? example: Flora MAZIN’ hamster ( yes mazin hamsters count ) do you think they should make special sticker packs and codes to get estore items for free? Please let me know!

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      I think they should make all the Estore pets plush all the MAZIN’ hamsters plush all the Zums plush and all all ALLLLLL of the webkinz products REAL. I think sticker packs or any other code is AWESOME

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      i think none of the estore pets should be made plush since it would bring down the value of the pets… I mean seriously I would be so upset if a pet I spent months trading for points to get were to then come out as plush after I got it

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        sorry, but I get offended VERY easily and take things REALLY REALLY seriously. I am glad you are expressing your opinion and I teenie bit agree but I am just telling you, so Yeah…Plus most of them might be a little hard for them so Yeah…Thanks! ~SnowFluff’sChannel196~ P.S. usually online only pets will stay in the estore AND in plushie (Like they did with the fennec fox, bubblegumasaurus, and sabertooth tiger).I wouldn’t either but hey at least I could still get another thing that I wanted MORE (Like a mazin hamster, a sweet zum, an exclusive online-only item etc.).and what do you mean by “It would lower the value of the pets” do you mean like they will be less rare so people won’t wanna buy them anymore???Sorry :(I hope they don’t put this comment as “Too Long”

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      What about the Buttons Bear?! That would be so cute to be plush!

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      I think the SEQUIN FOX should be plush!! I loved how it looked plus I LOVE AND ADORE FOXES!!!!! I think the sticker packs idea is pretty cool too.~Wildpuppiessk8~Wildly Awesome

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        I think they should to! but it might be a little hard for them… oh well! I already sent them a request

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      The two rockerz pets on the e-store would be great. :)

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